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Jacob Morgan The Future of Work


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Published in: Business, Technology

Jacob Morgan The Future of Work

  1. 1. The Future of Work Jacob Morgan Principal of Chess Media Group Author, The Collaborative Organization JacobM
  2. 2. Slides, Case Studies, and Strategy Resources • • • • Around a dozen in-depth case studies Future of work report Unique strategy resources to help you with collaboration efforts Updated Regularly! JacobM
  3. 3. Author, The Collaborative Organization Endorsed by CIO of USA, CEO Unisys, CMO Dell, Chair Sloan MIT Management Review Principal, Chess Media Group. Strategy Consulting and Advisory on Future of Work and Collaboration Blogger, Strategy, culture, and technology Columnist, The Future of Work and Collaboration Columnist, Redefining Success and Work JacobM
  4. 4. Synonyms Around Work Work= Drudgery, struggle, daily grind Company= Club, crew, gang Manager= Slave-driver, boss, zookeeper Employee= Cog, servant, slave JacobM
  5. 5. Chess and Rice JacobM
  6. 6. JacobM
  7. 7. Future: • Employee • Manager • Company • Technology JacobM
  8. 8. Employees of the Past Climbing the ladder A cog Disengaged Feels stuck Not connected JacobM
  9. 9. Easy to find information Join/create communities Learn and grow You control technology Live a more public life YOU Engage with others Use multiple devices Connect with people Easy to learn and teach others JacobM
  10. 10. • • • • • • • Employees of the future Cultivate passions Engage with communities Find and share information Learn and grow at will Always connected A teacher and a student Maybe not a manager but a leader Are you ready for him?... JacobM
  11. 11. Managers of the past • • • • • • • Lead by fear Command and control Semi-annual reviews Not open and transparent Managers make the decisions Knowledge is power, keep it to yourself Run companies like an army JacobM
  12. 12. Managers of the future • Listen to the voice of the employee (and the customer) • Distributed decision making and employee feedback • Reliance on collective intelligence • Real-time (or fast) feedback • Break conformity JacobM
  13. 13. Companies of the past • • • • Individual contributions and recognition Hierarchical Promote highest earners • • • • Focus on inputs (time in office) Fragmented Email and intranet centric Pushes messaging
  14. 14. Companies of the past
  15. 15. Companies of the future • • • • Reward collaborators Transparent and distributed A connected and engaged workforce Focus on outcomes (work where you want) • Allow employees to take their own paths • Intra/Entrepreneurial • Look at the employee experience JacobM
  16. 16. Technology of the past • Not social or collaborative • Do not focus on the network and connections • Built around legacy capabilities • Is not a platform to build on • Lack of depth and breadth • Controls the users • Rigid and not adaptable • Individual oriented
  17. 17. Technology of the future • • • • • • • “Smart” platforms Controlled by the users Network and group oriented Heavily reliant on mobile/virtual Integrated geo-location Focus on the cloud Danger of the “invisible hand”
  18. 18. JacobM
  19. 19. The new “foreign” way to work
  20. 20. How can organizations adapt to the changes in behavior and technology?
  21. 21. The only thing businesses can be certain of is uncertainty. In that type of environment companies that connect and engage their employees and information will win.
  22. 22. Things to Think About 1 How will you adapt to new technology? 2 How will you adapt to new people? 3 How will you adapt to new behaviors?
  23. 23. Questions? Jacob Morgan Principal, Chess Media Group Author, The Collaborative Organization @JacobM “…Jacob's book guides leaders on how to develop strategies to build this type of a 'Collaborative Organization.‘ Vivek Kundra, Former Chief Information Officer of the United States of America “…Jacob’s book is a valuable strategic guide to help leaders deploy emerging collaboration technologies and strategies to "get there.“ Jonathan Becher, CMO, SAP "A valuable strategic guide for organizations looking to tap the power of new social and collaborative tools to create more connected, engaged, and successful organizations." Ed Coleman, Chairman and CEO, Unisys Corporation JacobM