How market research can get the most out of social media


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How market research can get the most out of social media: Listening to and engaging with consumers (by Niels Schillewaert). Presented at the Social Media Biz Summit in NY in May 2013.

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How market research can get the most out of social media

  1. 1. How Market Research Can Get The Most Out OfSocial MediaListening to and Engaging with ConsumersDr. Niels Schillewaert Social Media Biz Summit@niels_insites May 2013, Buffalo, NY.
  5. 5. Research has changedfrom asking questions to having a conversationEngagementResearch CommunitiesMulti-media Consumer-led EthnographyNethnographySocial media dashboard – monitoringSocial media auditSocial Media Listening@niels_insites
  6. 6. Social media nethnography@niels_insites≠SOCIAL CRM
  7. 7. limitations of interview based techniques@niels_insites
  8. 8. shorttaillongtailwhite noise@niels_insites
  9. 9. 39.812@niels_insites
  10. 10. Natural explanations seizure typesPETIT MALAlso called ‘absence’People just stand and stare vacantlyMy mind was wandering, blank, in a dazeWhen asked to speak, would talk then just goblank and lose my entire train of thought andhaving no idea what I had impliedMy eyes would blink rapidly and then I wouldgo blank as if I were daydreaming and mymind would be shot@niels_insites
  11. 11. Natural & medical languageabout seizures25%Learn what consumerstell each otherOptimize onlinemarketing strategyFind hidden patterns –blind spots@niels_insites
  12. 12. @niels_insites
  13. 13. NEGATIVE CONTROVERSYPOSITIVENEUTRALLuigianoLisaRoanHesterRachelWhateverRevN Ros20%25%30%35%40%50% 52% 54% 56% 58% 60%JamalProfiling of Candidates% POSITIVELY LOADED CONVERSATIONS%NEGATIVELYLOADEDCONVERSATIONS@niels_insites
  14. 14. Answers to questions you did not askAnswers without asking questions@niels_insites
  15. 15. Lessons learned & limitations Social Media Nethnography is not a shortcutAnalyse and audit, then trackTime investment for client and agency required through iterative process It is still not perfectSamplingLanguage & dictionariesLimited profile informationUpfront feasibility check for critical mass We still need to ask questionsOnly the question follows the answers – a bit like JeopardyComplementary to interview based research@niels_insites
  16. 16. @niels_insites
  17. 17. @niels_insites7x
  18. 18. @niels_insites
  19. 19. @niels_insites
  20. 20. @niels_insites
  21. 21. @niels_insites
  22. 22. 20% to 40% unique insights from the crowdCROWD-INTERPRETATION@niels_insites
  23. 23. @niels_insites
  24. 24. Consumerinsights inspirethe nightlifeexperience oftomorrowHow to create the club of tomorrow?
  25. 25. Making the final selection on Pecha Kucha nightsin Milan, New York, Sao Paulo & TokyoCrowdsourcing emerging designersvia social media
  26. 26. Online Research Community
  27. 27. Join forces with a multidisciplinary group of designersFacilitate co-creation among the design teamConnect with clubbers and understand their journeyReport the findings to the designers & select the ideasHow to create the club of tomorrow?
  28. 28. The layout takes a cue fromthe nightlife journey of clubbersThe RESULT?
  29. 29. It is so frustratingnot to be noticedby the bartender!I’m clearly trying toget his attention,however others arebeing served beforeme.
  30. 30. The bar is interactive and allows you to order a beer,it even keeps track of who is next in line.
  31. 31. Leave your drink on the numbered shelfand go crazy on the dance floor.
  32. 32. RESULTSOpen Design Exploration has become the 4thGlobal Activation Platform for Heineken
  33. 33. H® BUILDS CREDIBILTY IN DESIGN WORLD13.000 + V I S I T O R S3 MILLION + V I E W S O N V I C E T V ; 2 1 . 0 0 0 + V I E W S O F O D E M O V I E S- C O O L H U N T I N G + 250.000 VIEWS- W A L L P A P E R + 70.000 VIEWS + 600.000 print533 C O V E R A G E P I E C E S O N T H E C L U B + 1 4 I N D E P T H I N T E R V I E W S“ I thought Heinekens Milan concept club project was a real highlight of the Milan furniture fair.Ambitious in scope and extremely well executed,it really moved the brand forwardand positioned it as a defining forcewithin the design world.I was particularly impressed by the brands approach to mentoring and nurturing new design talent.“Sunday Times: Style
  35. 35. @niels_insites
  36. 36. What you DO to people isequally important aswhat you ASK@niels_insites
  37. 37. It is about HUMANS, not technology or panels@niels_insitesSOCIAL MEDIA FOR RESEARCHIS ABOUT …Knowledge LeverageTouchpoint LeverageInternal LeverageThey do not pay attention to BORING things.We need to ENGAGE, and relate with our audiencesAlso CROSS-CULTURALLYAnd create IMPACT within
  38. 38.
  39. 39. York I London I Ghent I RotterdamManaging Partner