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Choosing the Best UHF RFID Tag Chip for Your Application


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Find out which Monza UHF RFID tag chips are best suited for your application.

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Choosing the Best UHF RFID Tag Chip for Your Application

  1. 1. August 2013 Choosing the Best UHF RFID Tag Chip for Your Application
  2. 2. August 2013 Today’s Presenter & Agenda Nikhil Deulkar Monza Sr. Product Line Manager, Impinj Inc. • Overview of Monza tag chips • UHF RFID Applications • Challenges and Solutions • Questions & Answers
  3. 3. August 2013 About Impinj, Inc. • Leading provider of UHF RFID technology • Innovative product portfolio – Tag chips – Reader chips – Readers & Antennas • Enabling numerous industries – Retail – Pharmaceutical – Food and beverage – Consumer electronics
  4. 4. August 2013 Monza Tag Chips Basic Specialty Extended 128-bit EPC Monza Self-Serialization Top Encoding Speed Industry Standard – Over 1.5 Billion chips consumed 128-bit EPC 32-bit User Memory Orientation Insensitivity with True3D™ 496-bit Extended EPC 128-bit User Memory Orientation Insensitivity with True3D™ 128-bit EPC 512-bit User Memory Orientation Insensitivity with True3D™ QT™ Privacy 128-bit EPC 2176-bit User Memory I2C serial interface BAP mode 128-bit EPC 8192-bit User Memory I2C serial interface BAP mode Monza 4QT and Monza 4E are also available in 8-pin UDFN package
  5. 5. August 2013 Monza tags are available in a variety of form-factors from various manufacturers
  6. 6. August 2013 Top UHF RFID Applications today Retail / Apparel Asset Management Supply Chain / Tracking Authentication Electronics People Tracking And many more …
  7. 7. August 2013 Retail / Apparel: Inventory Accuracy Delivers Business Results Hundreds of tags, many hard to read can result in inaccuracies
  8. 8. August 2013 TagFocus™ Gets the Hard-to-Read Tags TagFocus OFF TagFocus ON Reduce multiple reads by over 60% Many tags are read twice during inventory TagFocus is available in Monza 4 and Monza 5
  9. 9. August 2013 0.0 200.0 400.0 600.0 800.0 1000.0 1200.0 1400.0 1600.0 Jan/09 Sep/09 May/10 Jan/11 Sep/11 May/12 Jan/13 Sep/13 May/14 Jan/15 Sep/15 May/16 Jan/17 Sep/17 May/18 Jan/19 Sep/19 May/20 Jan/21 Sep/21 MonthlyTagConsumption(M) Meeting Industry Throughput Demands Service bureaus and label converters need to meet growing demand – Fast turnaround time, short runs – Optimized cost structures – Low impact on operations RFID encoding speed can be a barrier to meeting demand
  10. 10. August 2013 STP 2.x – Source Tagging Platform • Built with Impinj readers, firmware and software optimized for high- performance encoding • Leverages industry leading performance and capabilities of Monza 5 • Enables encoding machines up to 100 m/min (300K uph) • Kirk-Rudy, Mühlbauer and others deploying STP-enabled machines STP 2.x + Monza 5 = Fastest encoding solution
  11. 11. August 2013 Supply Chain: Tracking items in difficult RF environments Little control over tag orientation makes these applications difficult
  12. 12. August 2013 2m 6m 10m 90º 270º 180º 0º True3D™ Enhances Read Reliability Long range, but orientation sensitive Monza 4 Single Antenna Tag Monza 4 True3D Tag Orientation insensitive and long range True3D™ makes Monza 4D, 4E and 4QT ideal for difficult applications
  13. 13. August 2013 Authentication: Using Tag Identifier (TID) as a Serial Number Database lookup of the EPC and TID combination can be used for: • Brand Authentication / Anti-counterfeiting • Authentication of IDs and Documents The TID in Monza chips includes a 48-bit Serial Number
  14. 14. August 2013 FastID™ = Faster access to TID and EPC Query RN16 ACK EPC Handle Read TID Anybody out there? Yes, here’s my RN16 Give me your EPC Here is my EPC Yes, here’s my handle Give me your TID Regular Gen2 Inventory: Req RN TID Here is my TID Access Reader Tag OK, here they are Select Monza Query RN16 ACK Select all Monza’s Anybody out there? Yes, here’s my RN16 Give me EPC and TID Quicker, Gen2-compliant Impinj Way: EPC + TID Saved time with every read MTP throughput  220% DRM throughput  35% FastID™ in Monza 4 and Monza 5 enables high-speed authentication
  15. 15. August 2013 Asset Management: Accessing and Updating Counters, Keys and IDs for assets Monza 4QT and Monza 4E provide User Memory to eliminate the need and costs of database access Monza 4E supports up to 496-bit EPC for assets that require Extended EPC
  16. 16. August 2013 Electronics: Intelligent RFID RFID Data Bus Microprocessor What if microprocessors inside electronics start communicating with RFID chips?
  17. 17. August 2013 Data transfer even when the device is powered off BAP / Sensors Tags Embedded Data Loggers Device Configuration and Returns Management CAN Device Monza X tag I2C Bus Monza X-2K Dura and Monza X-8K Dura chips enable intelligent RFID with Electronics
  18. 18. August 2013 People Tracking: Challenging environments need top RFID system performance Impinj Readers, Reader Chips, Antennas and Software are optimized for Monza tag chips to maximize performance of RFID systems
  19. 19. August 2013 Summary Item-level Serialization: Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Cosmetics Authentication: Luxury brands, Liquor Difficult applications where readability is challenging : Tires, Batteries, Metals, People, Vehicles, Supply Chain Extended EPC / Serial Numbers: Government assets, Auto and Electronics components Asset Management: Laundry, Returnable Transit Items, Tools Authentication: IDs/Documents, Pharmaceuticals Electronics: Device configuration, Returns/Warranty management, Data Logging BAP/Sensor tags: Cold Chain, Pressure and Humidity monitors
  20. 20. August 2013 Questions & Answers Additional Resources • Impinj Global Partner Network: • Monza Brochure: • Monza Datasheets: Nikhil Deulkar Monza Sr. Product Line Manager, Impinj Inc.