Tracking Linens & Uniforms with RFID


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Learn how Foundation Logic Systems’ solutions, powered by Impinj RFID, are helping hospitality operators, such as Universal Studios Hollywood, Vail Ski Resorts, The Setai Fifth Avenue – an ultra luxury hotel and Meritex Laundry – a Hilton subsidiary, take hospitality asset management to the next level!

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  • Monza 4 tag chips add up the power gained from the two independent antennas and this results in a boost in the read range. when you illuminate the two independent antennas with a circularly polarized RF wave, the Monza 4 chip harvests power from both polarizations, improving sensitivity by up to 2.5dB. Also, using a symmetric antenna design with the two independent antennas, Monza 4 chips can eliminate blind spots, making the read range independent of the orientation of the tag. Transition script - “ Laundry/Linen RFID is a tough application, and Impinj has the high-performance products to enable it to work well…but it’s only part of the answer. Foundation Logic Systems brings the whole solution together for you with access to Impinj RFID products, custom system design and software solutions. We are so happy to have them as an Impinj partner and we can’t wait for you to see what they can deliver. So now, Gerry will share the Foundation Logic Systems approach to Laundry/Linen RFID. Gerry?”
  • Tracking Linens & Uniforms with RFID

    1. 1. Linen - Uniform - Asset Tracking using Passive RFID We will begin today’s webinar shortly! Sponsored byNovember 13, 2012
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters & Agenda Impinj RFID • Introduction to Impinj • Challenges • Technology that Works Peter Horton Global Channel Marketing Manager Impinj, Inc. Foundation Logic Systems • Introduction to Foundation Logic Systems • FLS Evolution of Asset Tracking • The RFID Scanning Process Marv Tulman • Management Reporting CEO/Founder Foundation Logic Systems • Return on Investment Questions & Answer Session Neal Jordan VP Operations Foundation Logic Systems November 13, 2012
    3. 3. About Impinj, Inc.Leading provider of UHF RFID solutionsfor identifying, locating, andauthenticating itemsInnovative product portfolio Tag chips Reader chips Readers & AntennasEnabling many industries Retail Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Food and beverage Consumer electronics Manufacturing/Logistics
    4. 4. Ensuring RFID Success The challenge with Linen/Uniform RFID: Random BuriedDurability Comfort Orientation TagsNovember 13, 2012
    5. 5. Ensuring RFID Success Impinj RFID products have the performance needed to meet these challenges Performance Margin RFID really works!Highly sensitive Low TCO 520Interference rejection year MTBF at 25 C Energy harvesting PoE (IEEE 802.3af)Responsive Worldwide certifications Tag Focus Reduces interferenceAny orientation Autopilot 2 independent antennas Market leaderDurable-inlay ready Programming toolkits Speedway Connect Speedway Antenna Hub November 13, 2012
    6. 6.  Software Development - for over Eighteen (18) Years Systems: The Uniform Manager - The Linen Manager - The Asset Manager - The Pool Towel Manager Offices: Los Angeles - Miami - New York - Australia Experience: Hotels - Casinos - Laundries - Theme Parks -Hospitals - Ambulance Companies RFID Installations for Eight Years Global Presence - Distributors: Middle East - Australia & Canada
    7. 7. FLS Evolution in Asset TrackingIt started with barcode technology that enabled Individual tracking Then, RFID Tags enabled Tracking for Garments & Linens Now, Foundation LogicSystems is the first to offer UHF RFID tags for Tracking Every Asset which can be read from 20 Feet away
    8. 8. UHF RFID Tags The tags can survive harsh industrial laundry process RFID tags can be washed 200 times & are reusable Thin and flexible RFID Linen tag with a 4 - 6 ft read range The tags perform at a 99.9% accuracy rate
    9. 9. FINALLY ! - Linen & Terry can be Tracked
    10. 10. Linen TrackingRFID tag is Placed in a Label and Sewn on Terry , Linen & Garments
    11. 11. Uniforms - RFID tag is placed in a Pouch which is Sewn onto the GarmentPouch with tag sewn on Shirt Pouch with tag sewn on Pant
    12. 12. Uniform Distribution Conveyor When employee ID is swiped or entered –the conveyor brings the employee’s storage slot to access door.
    13. 13. At the beginning of the shift the Storage Bag containing employee’s uniforms is removed and the Uniform in the Bag is Automatically Read and designated“With Employee”. Returned Soiled garments are designated “In Cleaner Bin”.
    14. 14. Setting up the System Each Asset has its own unique profile and is Identified byVendor, Item number, Description, Cost and Depreciation Method
    15. 15. Receiving Assets Antennas send the info the reader800 Linens The reader converts the signal The computer reads the data. The antenna captures the RFID tag numbers sewn on the linens Up to 800 items can be read at once with 99.9 % accuracy
    16. 16. Counter Reading StationReader and Antennas Under the Counter Define Assets to the System At Once
    17. 17. Report ModuleWhen Linens Arrive on Property an Immediate Inventory is Available.
    18. 18. Soiled Linens LaundryAll Soiled Linens are Scanned at One Time When Sent to the Laundry
    19. 19. Hamper Reading StationAntennas can be Placed in Doorways or Hallways
    20. 20. When Linen, Terry & Garments are Sent to Laundry – Quantities are Verified
    21. 21. Cleaned Linens The HotelAll Items in the Hamper are Scanned at Once and Produce an Outstanding Report
    22. 22. Outstanding ReportIdentify the Quantity and Exact Items not returned from the Cleaner
    23. 23. Stocking Linen ClosetsLinen Closet Stocking Report Linen Closet Reports Provide Stocking Requirements for Every Floor
    24. 24. Laundry Billing ReportLaundry Billing Reports are Produced as Items are Received at the Hotel
    25. 25. Real-Time InventoryA Hand-held Scanner Can Take Inventory in a Linen Closet in Minutes and in Real-Time
    26. 26. Inventory ModuleHundreds of Items can be Read at Once - Counting and Labor-Intensive Monthly Inventories are Eliminated
    27. 27. Establish Loss ControlThreshold Antennas can be Placed at Employee Exits to Monitor Assets Leaving the Property
    28. 28. Purchasing ModuleA Purchase Requisition can be Automatically Created Based on Required Purchases
    29. 29. All Hotel Assets can be Tracked Rooms HousekeepingEquipment Furniture
    30. 30. Room Asset Tracking
    31. 31. Management ReportsWith over 50 Standard Reports and numerous filters, Management is able to get information Quickly & Efficiently to Perform Operational Tasks
    32. 32. Return On Investment Operating Conditions Number of Rooms  400    Number of Linens (Estimated # Linens & Terry ) 18,000    Linen Par Level 4    Average Linen Cost $ 20.00    Total Inventory Value 360,000   Savings and Cost Breakdown  Reduction of Lost Items (Unaccounted losses 15%) $ 45,000    Vendor Accountability (Reduction of Billing Errors 2% ) $ 6,000   (Eliminate Manual Inventories &  Labor Savings Reduce Staff Levels ) $ 10,000  Total Annual Savings: $ 61,000
    33. 33. Representative Client List
    34. 34. Questions & Answers Peter Horton Global Channel Marketing Manager Marv Tulman CEO/Founder Neal Jordan VP Operations njordan@foundlogic.comNovember 13, 2012