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Impact Interactions - 10 Years Helping Clients Succeed


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Details about the support Impact Interactions has provided multiple clients across the globe since 2003.

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Impact Interactions - 10 Years Helping Clients Succeed

  1. 1. Our Qualifications & Approach to Delivering Value Through Social Media and Communities Mike Rowland President©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved. 1
  2. 2. Our Projects Bring Business Value to Clients, Not Just Traffic From the recent Value Framework project with Impact Interactions: “Active members using our community to interact and engage with us controlled hundreds of millions of dollars in sales revenue over a 6 month period. Active partners of NetApp engaging in the community delivered over half a billion dollars in partner owned sales revenue over the same time period.” - Navneet Grewal, Director Digital Marketing 2©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Projects with Results Recent Projects Demonstrate Our Social Media and Community Experience Drives Business Results for Our Clients Cisco Support Community Hall of NetApp Social Media Audit & Fame & VIP Program builds resulting strategy work uncovers, increased loyalty among top then builds stronger social content members while providing incentive strategy to drive executive for newer members to contribute decision maker engagement thereby reducing costs (Global) (Global) SAP’s Partner University & Best ACS’ Member Network spurs Performance Programs increase collaboration, peer recognition, training and go to market skills and engagement while increasing that result in faster revenue goal member retention rates (U.S.) achievement (EMEA) 3©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Our Experience Our Clients include: Global Experience: Our Project Map 4©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Our Depth of Experience is Second to None 2010 to 2011 o Partner University for SAP EMEA o Social Media Audit & Strategy for NetApp o Social Moderation for Disney Parks & Resorts 2009 – launch Cisco’s marketing o Social Media Listening & 2003 - Impact 2007 – launch 18 local communities, build & Blog dashboards for Cisco Interactions language communities manage SAP’s around the globe for partner enablement o Launch Japan community, Founded SAP, launch Cisco’s social media manage Twitter accounts, 2005 – launch influencer NetPro Poland, provide strategy, create loyalty program for Intel, multiple training SAP’s demand internal communities, and train SAP’s demand sessions to companies generation generation centers on on using new social marketing community for media tools to expand dashboard, build use of new “social NetApp’s interactive Cisco media” tools, community networks online, consult 2002 – create with AARP to launch strategy & online o SAP Demand Generation roundtable expands to industry’s first ROI 20 members including new member social community tactics, case studies for WebMD, Cisco, Intel, network social media newsletters Cisco, ATT, SAP, Consumer Reports, listening for Cisco, Mercury Interactive, Sony, SAP, HP, Sun, social media o Launch & Moderate and others. Launch and others dashboards for for SAP first executive Cisco & NetApp 2000 – launch level blogs, create NEFE first online first online community communities for roundtable for o SAP Partner & VAR SAP, Cisco, ATT, companies in both B2C and B2B Enablement “Best AARP, MSN, Mercury w/ Performance” program Interactive, and including all Social Media others w/ (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog) o Moderate 5©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Our Consulting Services Social Media & Online Community Consulting Services – Maximize online results through proven strategies using interactive features like communities, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and events to meet specific business objectives – Bring the best practices and real world user experience into the planning process in order to accelerate results while avoiding the common mistakes most organizations make using social media and communities Project Management Consulting Services – Support from developing Business Requirements documentation to management processes and activities – Technology selection to find the platform(s) that will best fit your plans and provide measureable results Measurement Strategy Services – Clear concise reporting on how Social Media is performing against your organization’s key performance indicators (KPI) to deliver results and insight – ROI framework and analysis to provide executives with the value of your project 6©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Recent Consulting Engagements 7©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Social Media & Community Training Workshops We deliver global workshops to help our clients’ teams understand the best practices in using social media effectively – In person – Online Meeting Rooms©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Our Outsourced Management Services Social Media & Community Management Services – Day to day management of social media sites and communities to increase interactions, drive traffic, and increase results for social media programs, online communities, and events • Professionally trained staff to ensure social media and community is working towards organizational goals, not just random chatter – Content Curation with Social Support to build audiences and provide opportunities for engagement Social Media Listening Services – Expand the network of information sources beyond your project to gain additional insight and opportunities for your brand and project – Understand when to engage with critics and when to wait on the sidelines while identifying the enthusiasts for your brand – Drive quality interactions to your project through effective use of third party sites while being seen as a thought leader Social Media & Online Community Interactive Dashboards – Data visualization and tracking of Key Performance Indicators 9©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Recent Management Engagements 10©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. Customized SAP Crystal© Interactive Dashboard Reporting Why Present a Static PowerPoint Deck When You Can Provide a Self Service Dashboard & Analysis?Dashboards Customized to Report on Multiple Data Sets & Sources 11 ©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. About Impact Interactions References 12©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. What Our Clients Say: “Impact Interactions’ work helped us crystalize & articulate key concepts for driving our use of online mediums forward “I have worked with Impact Interactions for the past four strategically and tactically. They were on time, highly years developing the NetApp Community strategy. They are collaborative, insightful on how to promote a vision and very an invaluable resource to our team. Their in-depth and long reasonably priced. Excellent value for the money.” – John history in Social Media and Community has helped us to Stienert, VP Global Marketing develop a vibrant and engaging community. Impact “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Impact Interactions for Interactions’ willingness to step in with new innovative ideas more than eight years. They are energetic, strategic thinkers and processed makes their team an amazing asset to any who are able to define issues and build and help implement community team. I look forward to continuing the strategies to solve them. Their knowledge and practice with professional relationship and growth of Communities.” – John social media, online communities, metrics, and online Summers, Community Architect marketing gives them the experience needed to help organizations to make an impact in their people ecosystem interactions and achieve significant results.” – Raimund Mollenhauer, Head of EMEA Partner Enablement “Ive worked with Mike and his company Impact Interactions on several projects for Cisco over the past four years ranging from community management to social listening to measurement and dashboards. Mike is a strategic thinker in the online community “We engaged Impact Interactions to streamline and help us and social media space who delivers real results that benefit understand how to use social media to meet our members’ both Cisco and our members online. With a focus on information needs more effectively. The Impact Interactions measurement and member needs, he brings strong project and team knows the space and how to reach your audience using process management to help us succeed with our online social media while delivering tangible business results to your marketing efforts in a cost effective manner. Plus, hes a really organization.”– Mark Carpenter, Sr. Director of Web nice guy whos willing to go the extra mile to get things done Strategy & Operations and to do them right! =)” LaSandra Brill, Sr. Manager, Global Social Media 13©2012 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. All Rights Reserved.