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  1. 1. ISSN: 2278 – 1323 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012 “AUTO MONITORING OF APPLIANCES BY INTERNET” Vivek N. Katare, Pradeep B. Dahikar 1, S.J. Dhoble2 K.R. Pandav Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur 440009 1 Kamla Nehru College, Nagpur 440009 (M.S.) India 2 Dept. of Physics, RTMNU, Nagpur. Email: - viveknkatare@gmail.com ABSTRACT Under the heading it is abbreviated as ―Networked home appliance system using Bluetooth technology integrating appliance control/monitoring with Internet service‖ Here the monitoring and controlling of home appliances can be done from anywhere with internet facility of service provider via mobile phone or desktop computer and high quality trans receivers and Bluetooth or Zig Bee technology and other wireless technologies. There will be the need of hardware and software components which could be properly composed at the source point and destination for better results by which it establishes atomized scenario. Keywords: Bluetooth; trancreceiverce; embedded system; protocol; hardware; software; Zig Bee.INTRODUCTION: exhibit. The monitored and controlled system could become accessible from almost anywhere. Wireless technologies are becoming The process parameters data display, remotemore and more popular around the world. control, system testing and systemConsumers appreciate the wireless lifestyle, reconfiguration could be done using standardrelieving them of the well known ―cable chaos‖ browsers on workstation computers. That allowsthat tend to grow under their desk. Nowadays, us to use large screens, menus, buttons, and on-the world would virtually stop if wireless line helps, instead of simple alphanumericcommunication suddenly became unavailable. displays usually connected to such embeddedBoth our way of life and the global economy are devices. The bridge between distributed sensorshighly dependent on the flow of information on one side and other side could be embeddedthrough wireless mediums like television and web servers. They are low cost devices whichradio. Cell phones have become highly available allow us to use standards network protocols likeduring the last decade. [1] TCP/IP and HTTP [3] New wireless technologies areintroduced at an increasing rate. During the last STRUCTURE OF CONCEPT:few years the IEEE 802.11 [2] technologies have According to the structure provided instarted to spread rapidly, enabling consumers to this paper, a person can handle (i.e. monitoringset up their own wireless networks. This and controlling) of the home appliances by usingconstitutes an important change in how wireless the facility of internet. The source commandcommunications are made available to provider can give the command to control theconsumers. Wireless networks are no longer appliances at destination. Trough the internetprovided by big corporations alone, they can just service then get transfer from source toas well be implemented by individuals. Our destination via. Internet service provider andsociety is becoming more and more dependent WAN.on wireless communications as new areas of use After accepting the command orare introduced. instruction, a Bluetooth device connected to the Today, advances in sensors, and machine at destination will work as a transmittermicroprocessors technology, both on hardware of the signal and due to this the Bluetooth deviceand software level, have enabled distributed fixed at the appliance control section will workimplementation of sensor and control actions as receiver simultaneouslyover sensor/actuators networks. If we connect Monitoring and control system based onsuch local sensors, private networks to global simple 1- wire sensor local private network andnetwork (internet) additional features could be embedded web servers are presented, detail 182 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCET
  2. 2. ISSN: 2278 – 1323 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012description of monitoring and control of the part of a LAN, but will not have internetappliances. access. Note the Configure Connection SharingDIAGRAM: button: itll open the configuration screens weve visited before. But some Bluetooth software will not have this button; hence I guided you through the other route. 9) Now, on your Pocket PC... Tap the Bluetooth icon the status bar and select Bluetooth Manager. 10) Youll see your notebook or desktop here, and if its out of range a question mark. Tap the icon corresponding to your computer or notebook. If the computer does not show here, the devices are not paired! Go back and pair then. 11) Tap the Actions menu option. 12) Tap the "Connect to Network Access"STEPS FOR CONNECTION OF option.BLUETOOTH WITH INTERNET: 13) If all is ok, youll see the message "Connected for Network Access".1) First, lets open My Network Places by 14) Just start using your favorite programs... right-clicking in the icon and selecting ICQ, Pocket Outlook, MSN Messenger, Properties. Pocket Internet Explorer.2) We want to change the properties for our 15) If you tap the Bluetooth icon in the status connection to the internet. This is the bar again... adapter we want to share "from". Just right- 16) Youll see the computer or notebook is click in the corresponding icon and select connected. Properties. 17) To disconnect, simply tap the connection The Bluetooth Network adapter was icon in the status bar, and tap the Disconnect automatically created during the Bluetooth button. installation. 18) To check your connection from the desktop3) Theres a bug in Windows 2000 before SP3 or notebook, double-click My Bluetooth where changing the sharing option may Places, and open My Device. change IP configurations in this adapter. To 19) The icon in green show which Bluetooth make sure youre safe, we will note the profile is in use right now. Right-click My current configuration. Network Access and select Properties to see In the General tab select the Internet its current status. Protocol components and click Properties.4) Write down all the information from the BLUETOOTH: next dialog, and click Cancel. The Bluetooth wireless technology is5) Back in the Adapter properties, select the also spreading rapidly. The number of Bluetooth "Sharing" tab and tick "Enable Internet chipset shipped per year has doubled from 2002 Connection Sharing for this connection". to a total of 69 million chipset in 2003 [4].6) Now, to configure the Bluetooth USB, right- Bluetooth applications become available, many click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray consumers will already have Bluetooth devices and selects Advanced Configuration. and be ready to start using Bluetooth PANs7) Change to the Local Services tab and double (Personal Area Networks) where all their click "Network Access". Bluetooth devices communicate with one8) Change the type of service to "Allow other another [5]. devices to access the Internet/LAN via this Bluetooth is an open standard for short computer". range, low power, and low cost digital radio The alternative to this option will allow wireless communication [6]. The Bluetooth your device to connect to your computer as 183 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCET
  3. 3. ISSN: 2278 – 1323 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012receiver use unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequency they allow different applications to be loadedband, with a nominal bandwidth of 1MHz for and peripherals to be connected.each channel. It offers an effective range of 10meters (32 feet). Bluetooth can indeed be used in EMBEDDED WEB SERVERSwireless sensors network for short rangeapplications. SYSTEM DESIGN: Bluetooth communication occurs Embedded system requires web serverbetween a master radio and a slave radio. software that enhances their networkingBluetooth radios are symmetric in that the same functionality without taking up vital systemdevice may operate as a master and also the resources. Web enabling of devices is possibleslave. Each radio has a 48-bit unique device by adding web server software to existingaddress (BD_ADDR) that is fixed. embedded system. Requirements for embedded Two or more radio devices together web servers are:form ad-hoc networks called piconets. All units  Small memory footprint: server must use verywithin a piconet share the same channel. Each little memory and it must not fragment memory.piconet has one master device and one or more Many embedded devices use simple memoryslaves. There may be up to seven active slaves at allocators that cannot manage memorya time within a piconet. Thus, each active device effectively. This problem is usually solved bywithin a piconet is identifiable by a 3-bit active using statically allocate or preallocated memorydevice address. Inactive slaves in unconnected blocks.modes may continue to reside within the  Dynamic age generation: since the content of thepiconet. pages served will be status information and Bluetooth reading part or all of the web pagesZIG BEE will have to be generated on the fly. Zigbee is a relatively new, wireless  Reducing embedded web server capabilities topersonal are network technology based on IEEE minimal set of necessary functions makes802.15.4, with a transmission range of 100+ hardware requirements as well as energymeters [7]. ZigBee based communication consumption very small. Therefore dimensionsdevices consume very little power and hence the and the price of the device are miniaturesbattery life of 1000+ days is common. ZigBee compared to the desktop PC with fullhas enormous advantages compared to Bluetooth functionality preserved at the same time.when used in wireless sensor networks. The a) Protocols:reason includes more coverage area, less power Although TCP/IP (Transmission Controlconsumption, and secure networking. ZigBee Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the mainoperates in the industrial, scientific and medical communication protocol that enables connectionradio bands – 868 MHz in Europe, 915 MHz in of different devices in networks, it is notthe USA and 2.4 GHz in most other countries in implemented in full. Only the necessary partsthe rest of the world. are used and parts that are not needed for this sort of communication are excluded.EMBEDDED SYSTEMS: Furthermore, TCP/IP protocol is basis for upper level network protocols which will be used in An embedded system is a special- embedded systems. If the system uses RS-232Cpurpose computer system designed to perform or modem link then point to point (PPP) or serialone or a few dedicated functions, often with line internet protocol (SLIP) is needed. Filereal-time computing constraints. It is usually transfer protocol (FTP) is used for uploadingembedded as part of a complete device including new files and programs to the system. Oppositehardware and mechanical parts. to the receiver driven information go through In general, "embedded system" is not an web browser, information flow could deviceexactly defined term, as many systems have driven. Using simple mail transfer protocolsome element of programmability. For example, (SMTP) application can periodically sendHandheld computers share some elements with information via email.embedded systems — such as the operating b) Software:systems and microprocessors which power them A minimal set of software for embedded— but are not truly embedded systems, because internet system includes an operating system and 184 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCET
  4. 4. ISSN: 2278 – 1323 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2012application software, an http server, a TCP/IP Results:stack, and drivers for communication hardware. The connectivity between two internetThe use of internet allows the embedded system terminals has been made by using the networkto offer substantial online capabilities without service provided by the internet service provider.using system resources. With HTML pages The compatibility between devices connected topointing to other network locations, the system both i.e. destination computer system andcan offer more online documentation and richer control circuit of appliances, has been madegraphics than the system hardware could effective by using JAVA computer softwareotherwise support. In addition, supplying the languageraw data to more powerful ―partner‖ on the Conclusion:network and presenting the results of ―partner‖ After connectivity, the home appliancescalculations can virtually increase the system can be easily monitored by using Bluetooth andprocessing power. As we can see with clever high quality trancreceiverce embedded system.programming and the use of internet, systems But in future it can be further modified andcapabilities can be virtually increased to a higher make faster by using Zig Bee technology.level. The presence of embedd3d web servermust not obstruct the systems primary real time REFFERENCES:operation in any way and therefore system [1]:Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay, Anuroupresponse, must be compromised to main Gaddam and Gourab S. Gupta, ―Wirelessfunction. sensors for Home Monitoring‖, College of The internet software should not be the Science, Massey University, Palmerstonlimiting factor for the speed of data flow North, New Zeland, Recent Patents onbetween the server and the browser. The HTML Electrical Engineering 2008, 1.pages should not be burdened with extensive [2]: M.S. Gast, 802.11 Wireless Networks, Firstgraphics. The presence too many graphical Edition, O’Reilly, 2002.elements consume much more memory than text [3]: Darko Stipanieev, Member IEEE, Maja Eiacand therefore take much more time to download and Jadrenka Marasoviae, Member IEEE.to browser. The page down load time should be ―Networked Embedded Greenhouseacceptable for the user, not longer than couple of Monitoring and Control‖.seconds. [8] [4]:See http://www.mobilemag.com/content/100/10c) Hardware: 4/C2783. Hardware requirement result from the [5]:D.Gratton, Bluetooth Profiles, The Definitivegiven selection of requirements and set of Guide, First Edition, Prentice Hall, 2003.software to resolve those requirements. The [6]: http://www.bluetooth.com/bluetooth/minimal set up for network enabling of [7]: See: www.Zigbee.comembedded systems includes 8 bit [8]: R.A. Quinnell: ―Web servers in embeddedmicroprocessor, Ethernet and/or serial interface system enhance user interaction‖, EDNand enough memory to store and run Magazine, April 10, 1997.applications. No I/O devices are needed since allthese operations are managed through internet. Further system improvements depend ondesired system price and capabilities. These 8 bitdevices can address up to 16 MB memory andoften include hardware accelerated interpretersfor high level language, which make themadequate for this purpose. Memory storagedevice such as hard disk device are defiantlyoptional and most of these devices will runsoftware directly out of ROM or flash instated ofloading it into RAM memory. This enables thesystem to boot in just a second or two asopposed to the minutes that a desktop Windowssystem can take. 185 All Rights Reserved © 2012 IJARCET