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Service NSW upgrades to Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device connected government


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Microsoft Services Case Study Infographic

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Service NSW upgrades to Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device connected government

  1. 1. • Migration to cloud productivity including email through Office 365 deployment at head office • Build and delivery of 160 Surface Pro devices • Risk assessments on new infrastructure rollout for 14 service centres • Continuous improvement plan in line with regulatory and NSW compliance regulations • Staff training on new devices • New public service portal/kiosk so that customers can come in and get things done quickly Service NSW upgrades to ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY DEVICE connected government ...but wanted a single entity with integrated in-person, internet, and phone options To accomplish this they partnered with As a result of new cloud and mobile accessibility, customer satisfaction scores jumped to Service NSW has cut its support budget by had 300shop fronts, 500 websites, and 8000 phone numbers to provide citizen services... Find out how Microsoft Services can help you provide more collaboration and flexibility in your office Microsoft Enterprise Services The government of New South Wales 4.8 out of 5 90% 6 weeks Microsoft Services helped Service NSW complete the following: “The drivers were around collaboration, productivity, and having email and other office applications available on mobile devices. We wanted to maximize the flexibility of the office.” - Jacqui McPherson CIO, Service NSW