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Most Common Infant Skin Problems


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Baby’s skins are very sensitive. One day your baby skin seems clear, bright and free of infection. But, on the next day there you see some mystery rash, acne, Eczema, hives and many more swelling or discharge. Don’t worry we are here to give you some smart ways to get out from your problem very efficiently. View our slideshow to know the most common childhood rashes skin conditions, symptoms and learn how to treat them.

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  • Really skin problems are very common in toddlers. Thanks for coming with its reasons and the way to take care of it. Great presentation!
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Most Common Infant Skin Problems

  1. 1. Most Common Infant Skin Problems…
  2. 2. Babies generally develop some sort of rashes and spots during the first few months of life.
  3. 3. Which are caused by ???
  4. 4. Hormonal changes Immature pores Inflammation Infection
  5. 5. But here’s a good news... It has solutions too…
  6. 6. Let’s here discuss the common problems & what to do about them ???
  7. 7. Heat Rash
  8. 8. Too much sweating Hot, humid weather Too much layers of clothing
  9. 9. Tiny red bumps on your baby’s chest, neck, stomach and buttocks
  10. 10.  Cool your baby off  Remove her clothing  Apply cool wet washcloths to her skin  Avoid using special rash ointments
  11. 11. Baby Acne
  12. 12. It is also called neonatal & it is caused by maternal hormones. Mainly appears on the cheeks, forehead & chin
  13. 13. Can be hormonal Due to medication Reaction due to skin care products
  14. 14.  It usually clears up without treatment  Don’t scrub your baby’s face  Use gentle soaps designed for babies  Don’t put lotion on your child’s skin
  15. 15. Baby Eczema
  16. 16. Dry skin Irritants Heat & sweat Allergens
  17. 17. Scaly red patches on cheeks, scalp and forehead It is very itchy
  18. 18.  Don’t let the skin to get dry  Use moisturizing soap  Apply moisturizer after bath  Use fabrics or cotton clothes
  19. 19. Nappy Rash
  20. 20. Wearing a wet nappy for so long Urine infection Material of the nappy
  21. 21. Nappy area will look red and irritated The skin may get warm & swollen
  22. 22.  Don’t use nappy all the time  Check if the nappy is getting allergic to your baby’s skin  Apply nappy rash cream
  23. 23. Hives
  24. 24. Insect bites Viral infections Medication reactions Food sensitivities
  25. 25. Little red circles on the skin
  26. 26.  Rinse the affected area  Apply a cool compress  Use calamine lotion to reduce itchiness
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