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Presentation Skills: How to Create Compelling Content


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Business presentations require content that is compelling, to the point and moves the audience to action. This presentation lists the mistakes to avoid, proven ways to create an outline,how to gather content that supports your argument, and presentation tips.

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Presentation Skills: How to Create Compelling Content

  1. 1. Presentation Skills Training Ian Griffin Executive Communications March 16, 2014 Ian Griffin Executive Communications
  2. 2. “…speak plain and to the purpose.” William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing “…speak plain and to the purpose.” William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing
  3. 3. Mistakes to Avoid »Focus on your own or your company history »vs. offering solutions to client problems »Talking about what you do »vs. telling stories of satisfied clients »Too abstract and technical »vs. concrete client-centered
  4. 4. MESSAGE OUTLINE © 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation..5
  5. 5. The Power of Three • Left, Right and Center • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly • Father, Son and Holy Ghost • Three Little Pigs
  6. 6. What’s your intention? »What’s the point of origin? The destination? »Where do you want to take the audience? »How will they act and feel differently? »What newspaper headline would you like?
  7. 7. Structure of a Persuasive Speech * »Grab their attention »State the need or problem you will solve »Present the solution »Share examples of success, help the audience to visualize »Close with a call to action * Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
  8. 8. Speech Outline Plan Putting it all together »Your intention »Audience destination »Message in three main points »Call to action
  9. 9. Delivering a compelling speech »Show empathy with the audience »Align your personal interests with theirs »Eliminate fluff »Deliver with passion and focus
  10. 10. Adult Learning Styles: VAK »Visual » Graphs, charts, illustrations »Auditory » Interactive dialog »Kinesthetic » Concrete examples
  11. 11. Your Style »Urge »Demand »Assure »Persuade »Recommend »Illustrate »Inform
  12. 12. CONTENT DETAILS © 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation..13
  13. 13. Power Opening »Instead of a ‘gentle introduction’ »Grab their attention »Boldly state your intention »Credible and relevant, even controversial
  14. 14. Evidence »In support of your argument »Examples, statistics »Quotations, facts »Comparisons, details
  15. 15. Case studies »Deal with a real problem, dilemma »Outline a challenge »List the options »Explain how the decision was made
  16. 16. Stories »Engage and motivate »Describe a journey »Overcome an obstacle »Make a point
  17. 17. Analogies & Metaphors Taken from experiences everyone shares »Relate one thing to another »Explain in everyday terms »Raising kids »Travel »Health »Money, food, sex
  18. 18. Statistics Context relevant to the audience »Add credibility »Acknowledge the source »Context relevant to the audience
  19. 19. Closing »Include a call to action »Summarize, recap »“As I told you” »Leave with a rhetorical question
  20. 20. PRESENTION TIPS © 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation..21
  21. 21. Effective Design Good BestBetter »The presentation is NOT the slides »Aim for clarity in design »Minimal text »No clip art
  22. 22. Write Slide Titles as Headlines Use active verbs »Direct Headlines »Indirect Headlines »News Headlines »Question Headline »Command Headline »Reason Why Headline »Testimonial Headline
  23. 23. Presentation Skills »Pause often »Memorize opening and closing »Stance »Gestures »Breathing exercises »Warm-up vocal exercises
  24. 24. Vocal Variety » Power (vary the volume, contrast loud/soft) » Pitch (vary the range) » Pace (vary the cadence and speed) » Pauses (vary before and after key points) » Duration (vary length of sounds)
  25. 25. Resources » Toastmasters » National Speakers Association »
  26. 26. Ian Griffin 510-962-4721 Ian Griffin 510-962-4721