PixelSpoke Lunch + Learn: Creating and Testing Marketing Messages


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PixelSpoke Lunch + Learn: Creating and Testing Marketing Messages

  1. 1. Copywriting
  2. 2. Copywriting IsSalesmanship In Print
  3. 3. The Slippery “Slide”
  4. 4. How To Tell WhenYou’ve Done It RightThe Super Bowl Example
  5. 5. Do YourHomework First!
  6. 6. Marketing Strategy: * What to say * Who to say it to * How to say it – copywriting
  7. 7. Marketing Tactics: * Where to say it (media) * How Often (frequency) * Strategy before tactics
  8. 8. Define Your Target Market• Who are they?• What are their pains?• What keeps them up at night?• When do they start thinking about buying what you sell?
  9. 9. Before You Write Anything, Know:• What are their emotional hot buttons?• What is important to them about what you sell?• What do they need to know to know to make a good buying decision?• How are you going to teach them this – and then prove it?
  10. 10. The 4 Step Formula1. Interrupt - headline1. Engage - subhead1. Educate - body copy1. Offer & Call to action
  11. 11. Your Headline• The ad for the ad• What is the purpose of a headline?• What is the purpose of a subhead?• How it applies to print, audio & video• Test• Professional copywriters write at least 100 and spend 80% of their time on headlines
  12. 12. Your Headline• Attracts attention – “interrupts”• Communicates the strongest benefit• Appeals to prospects self-interest• Sets the tone for the rest of the ad• Selects the right audience
  13. 13. How To Write It• Say it in plain English• Use headline “starters”• Model from the “headline bank” (100+ successful headlines)• Target a specific emotion
  14. 14. Headline “Starters”• “How To”• Comparison• Testimonial• Inflammatory• News
  15. 15. “How To”“How To Eliminate The Six Month LagTime, The Non Refundable Fees And The 34% Chance Of Rejection On Your Next Small Business Loan”
  16. 16. Comparison“Most Fences Only Last Three Years Due To Poor Quality Materials And Shoddy Workmanship, Our Fences Are GUARANTEED To Last At Least 12 Years And Many Last For 20”
  17. 17. Testimonial“I Used To Get Only 2 Referrals From Each 10 Jobs, But Now That I’m Using The Referral Card Marketing System, I get 8 Or 9 Consistently”
  18. 18. Inflammatory“How To Keep Your Fence From Falling Over And Squashing Your Kids”
  19. 19. NewsUse words like: “new”, “finally”, “introducing”,“at last”, “announcing” “Finally, The Magic Vitamin Company Introduces It’s New, FDA Approved, Diet Pill That Lets You Lose Weight While Eating Anything You Want!”
  20. 20. The 7 Basic Emotions1. Fear2. Greed3. Guilt4. Anger5. Exclusivity6. Salvation7. Flattery
  21. 21. Example – “Fear”“How To Protect Yourself From Losing All Your Personal Assets In a lawsuit or Judgment”
  22. 22. Example – “Greed”“How I Earned $37,857Online In Only 6 Hours!”
  23. 23. Example – “Guilt” “Don’t Spend Any More Sleepless Night WorryingAbout Your Family’s Security”
  24. 24. Example – “Anger”“Wage Your Own Personal Tax Revolt!”
  25. 25. Example – “Exclusivity” “So Rare Only 11 Were Made In 1917”
  26. 26. Example – “Salvation”“Every Time You Reach Out To Help Another Human BeingYou Will Be Rewarded Forever”
  27. 27. Example – “Flattery”“Your Friend (name) HasRecommended You As aPerson Qualified For This Amazing Opportunity”
  28. 28. Body Copy• Write bullets – mini headlines• Benefit focused, action verbs• If mention feature also include the benefit to you from it• Provide proof for every claim• Answer every objection in advance• Provide the information needed to make a decision
  29. 29. Writing Tips• Write like you talk – read it all out loud and fix it if sounds awkward – consider speaking your copy and then transcribing• Short sentences are better• If you can use a smaller word over a longer one, go for smaller• Write so a 6th grader can understand• Keep paragraphs short – no more than 5 lines – one word paragraphs are OK
  30. 30. Writing Tips• Use transitional phrases for flow between paragraphs or as paragraphs themselves (but that’s not all, and that’s just the beginning, and I’m not done yet, and here’s the kicker, and here’s even more proof)• If multiple pages, never end a sentence at the bottom of the page – if you end in the middle of the sentence it’s obvious there’s more
  31. 31. Platitude Evaluations• Well, I would hope so (we take MC/ VISA, free estimates)• Who else can say that? (best service, top quality, reliability)• Cross out/write in (would your ad or marketing piece still be accurate if you replaced your name with a competitor’s?)• So what, who cares? (family owned business, in business 50 years)
  32. 32. Your Offer• Tell the reader, listener, viewer exactly what to do• If you don’t have room to make the sale, at least capture their name/email with a free offer (landing page, classified ad)• Offers of information about how to buy what you sell are good• The “Godfather” offer – you may want to make your headline if good enough
  33. 33. For Help Contact me at: Joe McVoyjoemcvoy@gmail.com 720-890-8760