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How Bloggers, PR Pros and Brands Can Best Work Together


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How Bloggers, PR Pros and Brands Can Best Work Together. Lisa Hill (PR), Cheryl Sternman Rule (author/blogger), Carrie Welch (PR, Little Green Pickle), Lisa Golden Schroeder (photographer/stylist/blogger) and Heather Jones (Heather Jones Consulting) .
Partnerships between bloggers and PR pros can be a complicated dance. How can you as a blogger suss out suitable partnerships, and when (and how) should you say no? What do PR pros seek in blogging partners? This session will focus on the shifting dynamics in this space and will empower bloggers to choose their partners wisely.

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How Bloggers, PR Pros and Brands Can Best Work Together

  1. 1. How Bloggers, PR Pros and Brands Can Best Work Together IFBC Portland, August 24, 2012Cheryl Sternman Rulecherylsrule@gmail.com408-516-4011Author / freelance writer / bloggerRipe: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables (Running Press, 2012)( Second Rule ( 704-9492Twitter: @hjconsultFacebook: HillLisa Hill PROffice: 503-327-8328lisa@lisahillpr.comCarrie WelchURL (with blog) - www.littlegreenpickle.comcarrie@littlegreenpickle.comTwitter - carriePDX, littlegreenpickFacebook -, - 503-894-8695Lisa Golden SchroederFoodesigns Culinary Consulting (food styling, strategic recipe development, foodwriting/blogging) (with blog; The Tweezer Times) (currently being rebuilt, to return this fall)lisa@foodesigns.com651-653-4348Blogging for Just BARE® Chicken,
  2. 2. Database ResourcesCision ( ( Nexis ( illustrate what a blogger profile looks like in Cision, here’s a screenshot of Cheryl’s profile:.
  3. 3. Sample pitches (from Heather Jones)Below is an email pitch I received from a blogger recently – I think she did a nice job ofanticipating my questions in terms of her focus, audience and both qualitative and quantitativereach. I’m sure she’d be comfortable with me sharing her as an example of what to do…From: Melissa Lawler [] Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 5:16PM To: Subject: Review OpportunityMy name is Melissa and I am a blogger. I have a blog called The Kids are Grown, NowWhat? where I blog about a wide variety of things including gluten free cooking, fashion, family,life, fashion, product reviews, and giveaways. The blog is growing every day. Here are somecurrent numbers: 32000 average page views a month 6300 Unique Visitors 9000 Facebook Fans( ) 5800 Twitter Followers(!/MsMissy62 ) 2600 people added blog to Google+ Circles( ) 900 RSS Subscribers Google PR 2 There are quite a few ways we could work together to drawattention to your business. I would love to review products from your company. I am willing toreview anything you offer. I am currently reviewing food products, gluten free food products,household items, family items, cat items, family movies, and electronics. I would also love to offera giveaway to my readers, to help bring more traffic to your page. I would provide links andimages from your site in my review and giveaway. I also provide sidebar advertising in the formof buttons, banners or text links on my blog at a very reasonable price. Another option is to hireme to post sponsored posts to draw attention to your company. Are any of these thingssomething you might be interested in? Id love to hear your ideas! Thank you and have a greatday!Melissa Lawler Owner/Author, The Kids are Grown, Now What?Tel: below is one from the “no no” files, names removed but otherwise copied verbatim,spelling, punctuation and all:hi my name is {first last name}. i am a stay at home mom of 2 little girls ages 3 and4.i am also a blog owner.i think your nuts sounmd and look amazing.i know my girlswould love to have one. i was wondering if i could please do a review on my blog foryou?i want to thank you for reading my message i look forward to hearing fromyou. http://{URL} over 3800 weeklyvisitors over 1300friends{NAME} over 360 fansI think these are good examples, both from the mom/food blog world, but both made drasticallydifferent impressions!
  4. 4. Lisa Hill Public Relations clients who are interested in working with bloggers…Stone-Buhr Flour www.stone-buhr.comBetter Bean Company www.betterbeanco.comMontaccini Pasta (coming this Fall)Moonstruck Chocolate www.moonstruckchocolate.comROOTS Cookbook by Diane Morgan www.dianemorgancooks.comRuby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwiches www.rubyjewel.netTipus Chai www.tipuschai.comHeather Jones client interested in teaming up with bloggers…Santé Nuts,, @santenutsCarrie Welch clients (…The new YouTube channel HUNGRY Valley (check the Newsroom section for whats new and launching
  5. 5. Blog post sample from Just BARE® Chicken