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Membership Qualifications...


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Jordan Association of Certified Public Accountants
January , 21, 2017

Published in: Business
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Membership Qualifications...

  1. 1. January , 21, 2017 Jordan Association of Certified Public Accountants Membership Qualifications...
  2. 2. Overview Founded in 1987, the Jordan Association of Certified Public Accountants(“JACPA” or “Association”) enjoys a corporate body as well as financial and administrative independence that enables JACPA to perform all legal acts required to achieve the Association’s both long and short term objectives • JACPA is represented by a Board of directors which is consist of chairman and 8 members, who act as a liaison between the Association and official authorities both regionally and globally • In addition to JACPA’s president, the general assembly consisting of 619 members, is responsible for: • Approving the Association’s annual report; • Accrediting annual budgets and financial statements; • Appointing a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to audit the Association’s accounts; and • Election of the Board of Directors.
  3. 3. Board of Directors’ Roles & Responsibilities • Manage the financial and administrative affairs of the Association • Firmly establish the roles of professional behavior and coordinate with the Supreme Commission to adopt audit and accounting standards • Form committees from the Board of Directors and manage the cooperation, health insurance and retirement fund pertaining to the Association
  4. 4. Time line of the Profession • Prior 1961 there was no regulating law for the profession. • profession Regulator law (10/61) was issued in the year 1961. • Profession Regulator law (32) for the year 1985 was then issued and set the profession exam. • JACPA was founded in the year 1987. • An amended profession regulator Law was issued in the year 2003.
  5. 5. JACPA is member of:
  6. 6. SMO’s & Action Plan • (JACPA) issued its first action plan in October 2011 • We have updated it 2013 & 2014 • Now we update on a biannual since 2014 • Last update was on December 2016
  7. 7. International Education Standards (IESs) Pre-Qualification Entry Requirements for Professional Accounting Education Program(IES 1) Content of Professional Accounting Education (IESs 2,3,4) Practical Experience (IES 5) Assessment (IES 6) Post-Qualification Continuing Professional Development (IES 7) Specialization/auditing (IES 8)
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