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Battiste lecture poster


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Battiste lecture poster

  1. 1. OISE Ontario Institute for Studies in EducationBringing AboriginalEducation into ConventionalEducation: Nourishing theLearning SpiritA public lecture by Marie BattisteWednesday, May 30, 2012 • 6:00 p.m.George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College,University of Toronto, 15 Devonshire Place, Toronto Marie Battiste Marie Battiste is Professor in the College of Education and Director of the Aboriginal Education Research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan Marie is a Mi’kmaw educator from Potlo’tek First Nations of Cape Breton (Unama’kik), Nova Scotia. She has worked actively with First Nations schools as a teacher, administrator, classroom consultant, and curriculum developer, advancing Aboriginal epistemology, languages, pedagogy, and research. Her research interests are in initiating institutional change in the decoloniza- tion of education, language and social justice policy and pow- er, and postcolonial educational approaches that recognize and affirm the political and cultural diversity of Canada and the ethicalprotection and advancement of Indigenous knowledge. Marie’s research was instrumental in shaping theAccord on Indigenous Education, a policy document developed by the Association of Canadian Deans ofEducation (ACDE) in June 2010, designed to create a respectful and inclusive education curriculum thatreflects the needs of Aboriginal people, to which OISE is a signatory. Admission is free. RSVP to: Seating is limited.