Ryan morreale cv 2013


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This is a PowerPoint presentation that explores some of my work over the years. Please do connect with me via email if you have any questions. Look forward to connect with you!

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Ryan morreale cv 2013

  1. 1. if Ryan Morreale 1903 Bayview Ave. Unit #403 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 3E4 (905) 745-1507ryanmlutz@gmail.com, rl03jk@brocku.ca http://ca.linkedin.com/in/ryanmlutz
  2. 2. MASTER OF EDUCATION Social and Cultural Contexts of Education, Brock University 2011-2014, St. Catharines, Ontario, CanadaConcentrated in grounded theory of adult learning in regards to the socialand cultural perspectives of the learner, the learning environment andlearner collaboration. Gazing through various theories that include yet arenot complete are : transgress educational boundaries art-based learning using multi-literacies literature as narrative academic story telling reflective educational practices the inclusive other transformative intersectionality narratives feminist ethnographic theories
  3. 3. BACHELOR OF EDUCATION, Adult Education Brock University 2009-2011, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and on-lineWork examined included adult theories, practices and contexts, the past,current and future foundations of adult learning pedagogies, reflecting onpast and current adult education experiences. Made connections to varied contexts of education and training at various levels through constructed dialogue, experiential activities, learning objectives, critical analysis andreflection. Practiced the selection, application and evaluation of facilitation methods corresponding with learner-centered philosophy of practice and understood the organizational context which adults learn. Created curriculum development models, designed and evaluated curriculum including adult education pedagogy, educational practices and personal philosophy of teaching. Investigated work and learning communities including practices of: leadership, power, conflict, change, diversity, organizational culture and learning, personal and workplace barriers and motivators, team work collaboration and the role of the adult educator within an organizational context. Synthesized my key insights within the program of study, conducted an examination of contemporary issues in adult education and completed an applied academic research project.
  4. 4. BACHELOR OF ARTS, Human Geography Brock University, 2003-2008, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada My research, writing and course based learning were in the fields of;• Transportation Planning• Economic Geography• Social Geographies in Urban Space• Gender Geographies• Urban and Rural Planning• Community Development• Cultural and Historical Geographies• Social Planning• and Political Geography, just to mention a small glance.
  5. 5. ExperienceWORKPLACE TRAINERPurolator, Mount Hope, Ontario –US/INTL Gateway Workplace Trainer (2011-2011) The facilitation of computer software training and workplace training with new and current employees. Training includes yet not limited to: •computer program assistance •team work collaboration •employee conflict management •auditing custom documentation •processing US and International Dangerous Goods freight •and planning and sorting to practice efficiency in our department.
  6. 6. PROFESSOREducational Assistant Program, Mohawk College, Hamilton & Brantford, Ontario Professor (2011)- Supporting the English Language Learner •Designed and delivered a critical-thought based course around the English Language Learner and technology to two classes of 30-70 second year students (aged 17-50+) •Facilitated learners in developing strategies to meet the needs of English Language Learners •Created engaging assignments •Created an environment to support a culture of inclusion and reviewed current ministry documentation •Analyzed the critical role of literacy and communication skills •marked tests and assignment
  7. 7. Educational Assistant Program, Mohawk College, Hamilton & Brantford, OntarioColleagues of mine and I created a collaborative work book project engaging Educational Assistant Students and English as a Second Language Students to work together to create multimedia dual language story books. The experience, obtained goals and objectives were outstanding from our perspectives as well as from our learners perspectives. It was a rewarding and engaging experience like no other.
  8. 8. INSTRUCTOR English Literacy, St. Charles Adult Education Centers, Hamilton, Ontario Instructor (2011-2012)- ESL and Linc Instructor •Design and deliver critical-thought based classes using multi-literacies and community based learning •Facilitate reading, writing, speaking, and listening to develop strategies to learn self-directed learning as an English Language Learner •Create many engaging assignments, exercises and group work •Create an environment to support a culture of inclusion •mark tests and assignments
  9. 9. • An ethnographic personal narrative of my own social idenity through the critical lens of intersectionality.• A narrative story that includes a mythical character who is on a journey. This story is about the everyday gaze depicted by the mythical character. What the everyday ‘things’ are, are the things I see in relation to the social and cultural contexts of education.• A written research paper discussing Dr. Jim Cummins’; contribution to knowledge production, boundaries he has pushed, issues he advocates and views he represents, the impact on the field of education, specifically the field of social and cultural contexts of education, and the influence he has had on my own thinking about social, cultural and political contexts of education.• Life History Research, Personal Narrative Studies, Masculinities within Education, The Gay Male Educator – thesis
  10. 10. USING ETHNOGRAPHIC INTERSECTIONALITY, EXPLORING SOCIAL IDENTITY, Brock University, Faculty of Education, 2012, St. Catharines, Ontario.This presentation explored my gay male social identity through the feminist theory of intersectionality. It discussed previous studies that relate to me in the field of education – specifically personal narratives. It also included deficiencies in my study, the significance of the study and the reasoning and purpose of my exploration.
  11. 11. WHITE HIS-STORY NARRATIVE, RYAN’S MY NAME, Brock University, Faculty of Education, 2012, St. Catharines, Ontario.This presentation’s focus was imbedded in the feminist theory of intersectionality and my social identity as a male. It discussed issues of understanding social identity through gender and the complications of the intersections of other social identities. Through collaboration we explored the reasoning of why the male’s perspective should either be included in feminist theory or excluded in feminist theory.
  12. 12. ALTERNATIVE CURRICULUM MODEL, Brock University, Faculty of Education, 2012, St. Catharines, Ontario.Negotiating our space during this workshop, we created our own transformative learner-centered curriculum by sharing personal life experiences. During this process there was struggle however through holistic art-based learning pedagogy we conceptualized and communicated our own concerns. There was a discussion about an alternative program named Pathways as an example. Reflection on what we practiced through participation of the presentation concluded the workshop.
  13. 13. MONSTERS ARE MADE NOT BORN, bell hooks, Brock University, Faculty of Education, 2012, St. Catharines, Ontario.A collaborative and gaze-interpretative pedagogical seminar that looked at engaged pedagogy, teaching as healing, transgressive education, multicultural change, community, chaos, notions of change and what you see as political.
  14. 14. THEORIES OF DR. JIM CUMMINS, Brock University, Faculty of Education, 2011, St. Catharines, OntarioA collaborative seminar that proposed a collaborative educational framework including negotiating identities, multi-literacies, transformative pedagogy and new technologies to promote language acquisition and literacy to ignite learners’ curiosity, imagination and social commitment where students felt empowered to use their voices to become active participants in our democratic society. Reviewed and worked with dual language learning, self-directed learning, and personal narrative stories.
  15. 15. Wearing more than one hat to transform your learners, Hamilton TESL Conference, 2011, Hamilton Place, Hamilton, OntarioA collaborative workshop for professional development that discussed the roles of a leader and facilitator. Analyzed the domains of learning in relation to English Language Learners. It was a theoretical yet practical workshop that enhanced educators’ environments
  16. 16. What are Multi-literacies, Hamilton TESL Conference, 2012, Hamilton Place, Hamilton, OntarioA collaborative workshop for professional development that explored the creation of the Multi-literate classroom, discussed Dr. Cummins’ theories, practiced using multi- literacy, discussed the use of technology, the use of creative writing, collaborated and had fun while learning!
  17. 17. • CAECO – Program Advisory Committee, Brock University, Faculty of Education, 2010- 2012, St. Catharines, Ontario• TESL Ontario –Teachers of English as a Second Language of Ontario, 2011-present• OSSTF –The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, 2011-present
  18. 18. SERVICE• Brock University, Program Advisory Committee, 2010-2012, St. Catharines, Ontario• TESL Hamilton-Wentworth, Teachers of English as a Secondary Language, 2011-2012, Hamilton, Ontario
  19. 19. • Available Upon Request