FITT Toolbox: Network of Technology Transfer Contacts


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In order to facilitate the continuous watch of the labs activities and make up for the geographical distance with some research teams, a French technology transfer office has appointed local ‘technology transfer’ reference persons in some labs. Close to the teams, these contact persons act as intermediaries between researchers and technology transfer officers. To find out more about this way of structuring the information flow, with great impact on awareness raising and early detection of projects with transfer potential, the following documents will provide additional information and feedbacks about its implementation.

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FITT Toolbox: Network of Technology Transfer Contacts

  1. 1. Network of Technology Transfer Contacts FITT – Fostering Interregional Exchange in ICT Technology Transfer – Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  2. 2. Network of Technology Transfer Contacts : the concept• In a research organisation → identify and train a contact person in each laboratory, to be the reference for technology transfer matters (“correspondants valo”)• Promote technology transfer among the research community through internal organisation & communication• Initiative of the technology transfer office of Paris-Sud 11 university Partner Logo2 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  3. 3. Objective • Set up a network of transfer contacts in the labs to support the action of the technology transfer office on a daily basis. Technology transfer office (SAIC) Technology transfer manager, Business developper, Technology transfer assistant, IP lawyer Laboratory Laboratory Research teams, Research teams, 1 technology transfer contact 1 technology transfer contact Partner Logo3 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  4. 4. Who?1) The Technology Transfer contact persons:• Researchers or engineers, interested and/or experienced in technology transfer.• In addition of regular research activities, the TT contact person will improve technology transfer by facilitating the communication flow between researchers and TT officers and by their willingness to answer questions about technology transfer.• Best situation: internal person, hired to be a TT contact with already experience in the laboratory concerned (knowledge of the teams facilitates the mission) Partner Logo 4 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  5. 5. Who?2) Other stakeholders are also involved :• The technology transfer officers of the university Paris Sud XI: • Train the TT contacts via the internal training sessions on intellectual property (4 days, internal & external speakers) + specific trainings offered to the university staff • Introduce the Technology Transfer contacts to the activity of the technology transfer office • Coordination with each technology transfer contact (monthly meeting)• The management of the laboratories • support necessary for real success • Promotion/ communication of this new position internally (newsletter, lab info days, website…)• And the researchers ! Partner Logo 5 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  6. 6. Rationale• The goal is to help laboratories to improve the transfer of their technologies by:  Finding faster the most relevant researchers to answer a external private company demand  Enhanced identification of the needs for specific training for researchers  Being closer to the labs in order to define the most appropriate actions  Diffusion of a technology transfer culture informally• Specific context of university : central technology transfer office & numerous research teams located in different premises Partner Logo6 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  7. 7. When?• 2 technology transfer contacts (2 laboratories) since 2005.• Since May 2009, TTO and TT contacts meet during monthly meetings. Partner Logo 7 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  8. 8. Pros & Cons PROs CONs • Helps build a network of TT specialists • not an action with immediate impact: raising awareness takes time and the • Continuous awareness-raising on TT TT contacts need to position • Organisation of meetings between lab themselves as the reference person in and companies is smoother, with a a “natural” way collaborator within the lab • With regards to career evaluation & • Enhanced detection of transfer evolution, transfer-related activities are opportunities not evaluated on the same level as research, which may hinders the number of researchers applying for the position Partner Logo8 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  9. 9. Outcome• Lack of indicators: difficult to measure the impact.• Some concrete achievements :  successful lab/company meetings organised by TT contacts,  communication documents & information database about technology transfer,  training session about intellectual property set up in the labs• Will to extend the network with other contact persons. Real impact to be measured in a few years, since organisational changes require time to sink in. Partner Logo 9 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  10. 10. Lessons Learned• Framework is most efficient when TT contact persons are already well integrated in the lab and know the projects of all the different teams• TT contact persons need to be trained to have a real impact• “Peer effect”: researchers are enclined to speak to TT contacts as they sometimes feel their projects is not mature enough to go to the TT office of the university. The TT contact person will oriente the researcher to the TTO depending on the nature/ technicality of the query. Partner Logo 10 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts
  11. 11. Suggested Readings Links to code book Awareness, communication, detection, training Link to related websites Technology Transfer Office of Paris-Sud 11 University : Partner Logo 11 | March 2011 Name / Event Network of Technology Transfer Contacts