Advertising effectiveness for cross screen models


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Join representatives from Jumptap and Operative to learn about how their approach to advertisers has changed, shifting the focus of the conversation from channel/screen specific models to a user-centric advertising model. They will discuss this topic from a marketer/sell-side perspective and will also address the technical and business challenges they’ve identified using these models. Ultimately, the goal is to understand how a cross-platform / cross-screen approach starting with the right audience can effectively deliver targeted content.

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Advertising effectiveness for cross screen models

  1. 1. Advertising Effectiveness for Cross Screen ModelsThank You for joining, we will begin momentarily. February 28, 2013 Join the conversation on Twitter - #iabxscreens
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome & Housekeeping ● Nicole Horsford, Member Services, IAB Speakers ● Matt Tengler, Senior Director of Product, Jumptap General Overview on Cross Screens & Challenges Faced by Advertisers Today ● Matt Gay, GM Media Optimization, Operative Discussion on how companies are solving these challenges as it relates to Cross Screen Advertising Q&A Join the conversation on Twitter - #iabxscreens1
  3. 3. Questions? Attendees should ask questions using the GoToWebinar user interface. Please type questions into the Question box on the GoToWebinar user interface at any time during the presentations. ● We will create a queue and answer as many questions as possible following the presentations. ● Additional questions should be directed to Nicole Horsford, Join the conversation on Twitter - #iabxscreens 2
  4. 4. A Quick ExplanationWhen I say Screens and Channels I mean: Screens Channels Owned Search Display Social Video3
  5. 5. Why Cross Screen / Channel Matters4
  6. 6. Why Cross Screen / Channel Matters5
  7. 7. Why Cross Screen / Channel Matters6
  8. 8. Why Cross Screen / Channel Matters 33% of traffic is from mobile and tablet “Customers don’t view mobile, tablets, Web and stores separately,” Ms. Marcus [Director of Mobile and Digital Store Marketing] said. “They are ways for consumers to shop when and where they want.” Source:
  9. 9. Why Cross Screen / Channel Matters It is how consumers behave It is how consumers expect us to behave8
  10. 10. But Advertising Is Still Sold Like This… AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Buying: Cross screen9
  11. 11. And This… Facebook Exchange (FBX) Users: Owned  Social10
  12. 12. And This. Jumptap Cross Screen Audience+ Users: Mobile  PC11
  13. 13. Consumers Expect This12
  14. 14. But They Are Getting This13
  15. 15. And It’s a Hard Problem To Solve Walled gardens Funnel specialization Fragmented data Different standards across screens User ‘re-association’14
  16. 16. How Are The Walled-Gardens Fairing?The large platform plays are trying to bring more people into their gardens  Search  Social  Video / Display  Login  Email  Email  Login, Social, TV  Search  OS / App Eco  OS / App Eco  Social  Search  Display  Login  Email  TV  Email  Display, Social, TV  Search15
  17. 17. Will One Garden Ever Be Big Enough?16
  18. 18. Networks Will Have to Evolve Advertising User networks Walled gardens Buy across channels Specialization Optimize the entire funnel Fragmented data Centralize interactions / learnings Different standards across screens Simplify buying User ‘re-association’ Connect user experiences17
  19. 19. Who Will Benefit? Consumers will get a more connected and cohesive message Advertisers will get better insights, attribution and efficiency Platforms that can connect and optimize across screens and channels will get the advertising dollars18
  20. 20. Q&APlease type questions into the question feature This webinar will be made available on Please contact with questions.