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Neil Griffiths, ABC: What is Gold Quill

Slide deck from the IABC EMENA Region board webinar held on December 8. Past Regional Chair Neil Griffiths, ABC presented some practical tips.

Just imagine what winning an international acclaimed award would mean for you, for your team, for your career? Even the process of entering has many significant benefits, as it takes you through the steps of your communications effort.

Call for entries:

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Neil Griffiths, ABC: What is Gold Quill

  1. 1. What is Gold Quill? Neil Griffiths, ABC EMENA Blue Ribbon Panel Chair
  2. 2. What is Gold Quill? • The IABC’s flagship awards programme • The world’s ONLY truly international awards of excellence in professional communication • An indication that your work stands amongst the best in the world • You can find out all you need to know by visiting 2
  3. 3. Does it matter? • Entering work into an awards programme is always a personal decision • Gold Quill is not well-known in EMENA, but it could mean more to people who practice global comms or who want to be evaluated in an international programme • The entry and evaluation process are rigorous and will be a professional development opportunity • Winning a Gold Quill is not easy; this can mean more to clients/employers and to those who win! 3
  4. 4. Some practical details • Entry deadline: January 13, 2016 • Fees vary depending on your entry date • Four divisions; 28 categories (find the right one!) • Online submission • Work completed Jan 2013 – submission date is eligible • You may re-submit entries that did not win before • Client consent may be required • All entries evaluated individually, not against each other • Winners will be celebrated at World Conference! 4
  5. 5. Top tips for your entry • Read the materials! • Give the evaluators what they need to be able to score • Make sure objectives are clear and measurement is strong • Evaluators will see reverse-engineering! • Provide everything the entry needs; if you can’t explain why and provide an alternative • Don’t think it’s just big budgets that win; often the smaller projects are more creative! • ENJOY THE PROCESS! 5