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Why It Is Hard To Get Direct Clients In Portuguese Translation Industry ?


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Do you wonder why clients reach you by agencies and not by direct contact. This is because of several reasons. Read this blog post and discover all those reasons.

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Why It Is Hard To Get Direct Clients In Portuguese Translation Industry ?

  1. 1. If you have been translating, you might too be wondering why is it that most of your work comes from agencies, not from clients directly. Well, it is not only you, there are thousands of freelancers like you. The reasons vary, and this is why we thought we should break down the top reasons.
  2. 2. 1, Translators aren’t Marketers or Sales Executives According to a study, majority of the translators are introvert, whereas most of the sales people are extroverts or ambiverts. This is why it is not essential that everyone can sell. Majority of the marketing tips offered by certified Portuguese Translation Company in Mumbai revolve around and explain how to put you out in limelight. This can be a tedious task as translators know how to translate, but not to sell. Always look for opportunities such as Social media, and establish your relationships with companies. And if nothing suits you, you should find someone who can sell it for you. [ Must Read: Facebook All Geared Up For Improving Maori Translation ]
  3. 3. 2, Writers have Agents, Translators have agencies To be precise, translator needs an agent who can sell in their place. It is normal if you need to pay someone who can represent or either sell your service. It is just business and you need to do the same. Nearly all the businesses do it, and freelancer translation is too a small business. The main problem is that translators don’t usually have people to sell for them. They have agencies instead. Sports work in a same way, they represent their customers and in lieu take a small percentage of their earnings. The agent is supposed to represent the athlete, and if the things work out good, agent would try to secure more cash for athlete in the negotiation. In the conversation that takes places between translators and agencies, the performance
  4. 4. doesn’t affect the earnings. The translator itself is hidden and thereby interests are not aligned. Great companies are few and far between this is why they get good business for translations. But usually, the great relationships between translators and agency happen by grace of agency itself. 3, Customers and Clients perceive working with you as burden Alright, this is not always the case. It depends on individual and sector business. Let it be business turning over projects for tight deadlines or whatever might be the reason, customers who don’t have a IT department need some additional consulting and services as individual isn’t satisfying for the customers.
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