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Chicken lollipop recipe


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Chicken lollipop recipe

  1. 1. Chicken lollipop recipe Chicken lollipop recipe
  2. 2. Ingredients Chicken Wings
  3. 3. Onion,garlic,g inger, spring onions
  4. 4. Red Chilly Paste, tomato sauce and oil
  5. 5. Salt and white pepper
  6. 6. Corn starch and all purpose flour
  7. 7. Chopped Celery
  8. 8. Hold and pressed upwards
  9. 9. Two bones come out
  10. 10. Remove the thin bone and cut wings tips
  11. 11. Repeat with all wings
  12. 12. Make a batter mixing all ingredients
  13. 13. Marinate wings in batter
  14. 14. Deep fry in oil till crisp golden
  15. 15. Serve hot with schezwan sauce
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