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  1. 1. If you are having a baby shower for a buddy, a relative or even yourself, select a baby shower diaper cake.www.ediapercakes.com
  2. 2. A diaper cake is a unique shower highlight that your company will love Aspecific table focal point, in this case is a Christmas Diaper Cake whichwill pull the decided upon focal point into the www.ediapercakes.comdecorations You can mirror the focal point with Christmas Baby ShowerInvitations, Thank You Cards, Christmas Baby Shower Favors and othertrimmings such as Christmas Baby Shower Banners
  3. 3. Practically, how many of these trimmings bought for the shower willideally be used once the event is done? Diaper Cakes, depending onwhich one you decide upon should provide the mother to be with tons ofdiapers to utilize with the new bundle as well as some keepsakes for themany trips down memory lane she will take as her child grows upChoose the Theme for Your December Baby Shower Diaper CakeConsidering you are reading this chances are you are organizing aDecember Baby Shower and are considering using a Christmas Theme
  4. 4. This is a wonderful moment to give the family expecting a new addition,since everyone is currently in a festive mood Perhaps the only negativeto being born during this time of year is that as the little one grows up heor she will probably be short-changed in the gift department
  5. 5. I know this since I know of six close friends as well as family with theirbirthdays at the end of December and the beginning of January! I did itright with a January 23rd Birthday ;-) Back to the topic at hand, choosingthe theme is more of a question of what idea of Christmas you wouldplace your focus on Several good thoughts would be to utilize thefamiliar figure of Christmas -- Santa Claus
  6. 6. You could consider the more traditional theme such as Gingerbread Men Whatever theme you decide upon, one thing is for sure, you will probablyuse reds, greens and white for your Christmas Baby Shower
  7. 7. A commonly asked question we are asked on the above topic is if aChristmas theme for a baby shower is gender specific and our statementon the case is No! If you feel differently on the gender question we supplyChristmas Diaper Cakes available in adorable crawling babies clothed inboth green and red outfits Several of our more popular December babyshower themes for a Christmas Diaper Cake are our: Christmas BabyTheme (Available in Caucasian and African American) Snowman BabyShower Theme (Gender Neutral) Christmas Clothes Line (GenderNeutral) Christmas Express Train Baby Shower Theme (Gender Neutraland my fave!!) Useful Ideas When Purchasing A Diaper Cake Once youare ready to purchase your diaper cake for your baby shower besides thethoughts above regarding the theme, it is also important to be certain youpurchase from a reputable company that has been in business for a longtime
  8. 8. Choose a business that uses top quality diapers such as Pampers orHuggies and assembles the Christmas Diaper Cake in a sanitaryenvironment since the idea is the newborn will be wearing the diapersand the newborn should be the first one to get them dirty!! Some otherthoughts we here at Candles & Favors feel is quite important whenpurchasing a diaper cake is: Personalization of all our Diaper Cakeswhich include two lines of text to give it that personal touch Various sizesavailable such a 1 tier or 2 tier diaper cake; Candles & Favors cakes goall the way to 4 tier so that we have a unique baby shower gift to suit
  9. 9. every budget
  10. 10. All of our diaper cakes leave on its way to your event within two days!Each are shrink-wrapped to ensure it stays sanitary and assembled atyour event Candles & Favors offer coordinately items for your shower
  11. 11. If you may be as busy as most people these days, you can totally savetime if you purchase from a company that provides multiple items withinthe same theme like baby shower invitations, thank you cards, diapercakes, personalized banners and favors
  12. 12. www.ediapercakes.com