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Kurinji Bloom in Munnar 2018


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Kurinji Bloom,this is the most beautiful scene in nature happens once in the span of 12 years and location is Munnar, Kerala.

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Kurinji Bloom in Munnar 2018

  1. 1. This Happens once in the span of 12 Years. When this flower blooms it seems that the region is covered under a violet carpet…
  2. 2. The species name of Neela Kurinji is Kunthiana has been derived from the River Kunthi, the plant has been first described from the locality of this river…
  3. 3. The picturesque hill station Munnar of Kerala is home to large expanse of Neelakurinji flowers
  4. 4. Kurinji has around 300 species, out of which at least 46 of them are found in India. Other than the Western Ghats, the flower can also be found in Eastern Ghats.
  5. 5. Kurinjimala Sanctuary holds the endangered species of Neelakurinji and is situated in Kottakamboor and Vattavada villages in Devakulam Taluk, Idukki district of Kerala State in South India.
  6. 6. In Munnar, the largest flowering of Neelakurinji flower was at the Eravikulam national Park. The biodiversity of this sanctuary includes other endangered species of animals and plants also…
  7. 7. The area was declared as a sanctuary in the year 2006, by the then Kerala Forest Minister, Benoy Visvam, during the Neelakurinji Fest in Munnar.
  8. 8. Now, after a span of 12 years, The Next Bloom which is in 2018, September and October these will be once again going to turn Violet… Don’t Miss your chance to visit here.
  9. 9. Check This Link for More Information Thankyou… Welcome to God’s Own Kerala…