The Anchor Store: Four Confluence Examples to Root Your Deployment


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A mall is only as successful as its anchor stores. Similarly, any Confluence deployment should be anchored by one or two critical business applications. This session explores four key Confluence applications from four different deployments.

Atlassian Speaker: Per Fragemann

Customer Speakers: Rick Mazzarella of Asyst Tech, Brian Gregory of CPO Consulting, Daniel Pohl of InDorse Tech

Key Takeaways:

* Key, business critical uses of Confluence
* Deployment best practices

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The Anchor Store: Four Confluence Examples to Root Your Deployment

  1. 1. Come for content - Stay for the conversation Make your wiki come alive! Per Fragemann, Confluence Team Lead, Atlassian
  2. 2. How we use Confluence inside Atlassian Overview: Our electronic watercooler Example A: Crowdsourcing specifications documents Example B: Discussing real time reporting
  3. 3. Sure, we write documentation too... Guidelines, process overviews, job descriptions, code conventions, meeting minutes, department goals, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, personal quarterly objectives, product feature explanation, customer information, hardware topology, etc. etc. But everyone does that. Not exactly exciting to go to your wiki to look up content
  4. 4. ... but Change matters! We blog: • Serious stuff: Product updates, future hiring plans, upcoming pricing changes, marketing campaigns results, feedback from customers, conference outcomes... • Fun stuff: Humor, sports and activities, book reviews, worst code ever, best coffee in town... No one needs to tell us to use the wiki - we just want to know the latest buzz.
  5. 5. Need RSS to keep up
  6. 6. Need RSS to keep up Social Engineering know-how News Humor
  7. 7. Discussions like Usenet was supposed to be You post, and someone will know how to improve things even further The better your initial proposal/observation/question, the better feedback. Virtuous cycle! At the same time self-regulating. No one will waffle everything, or just whinge. Their boss would notice. It is not Usenet after all
  8. 8. The blogging leaderboard
  9. 9. 88 comments. Not even counting pages... The blogging leaderboard
  10. 10. Example A: Crowd- sourcing May prepare a draft with a closed group of experts But at some point you “go public” on our intranet Get amazing feedback from people you never expected to care E.g. specifications, the domain of product management
  11. 11. Specification Public Feature Specification
  12. 12. Specification 39 comments so far from.... Public Feature Specification
  13. 13. Actual Feedback
  14. 14. Quality Engineer Actual Feedback
  15. 15. Quality Engineer Developer Actual Feedback
  16. 16. Quality Engineer Developer CEO Actual Feedback
  17. 17. Exhibit B: Discussing Real Time Reports Reports are is too valuable to be locked into warehouses or hidden on obscure web-servers We include reports right into our internal Confluence whenever possible Top 3: SQL macro, RSS feed macro, JIRA issues macro
  18. 18. Turning gibberish... {chart:type=line|dataOrientation=vertical|width=600|height=300|domainAxisUpperBound=125|title=Cumulative Sales by Hour|xLabel=Hours into promotion|yLabel=# Licenses|showShapes=false} {sql:datasource=wwwDS} select hours.hour, sum(case when po.created < timestamp '2009-04-20 00:00' + (hours.hour * interval '1 hour') then 1 else 0 end) as quot;Salesquot; from persistedorderitem poi, flat_orderable fo, persistedorder po, (select generate_series(0, 125, 5) as hour) as hours where poi.orderableitem_id = and poi.order_id = and fo.licensetype = 'starter' and poi.usdtotal > 0 and po.status = 'PAID' and po.processinvoice and timestamp '2009-04-19 23:00:00' + (hours.hour * interval '1 hour') < now() group by hours.hour, (timestamp '2009-04-20 00:00' + (hours.hour * interval '1 hour'))::text order by hours.hour {sql} {chart}
  19. 19. ... into Campaign Reporting
  20. 20. Regular SQL Macro ... into Campaign Reporting
  21. 21. Regular SQL Macro SQL in Chart macros ... into Campaign Reporting
  22. 22. And a discussion board too! ... and a discussion board too!
  23. 23. 122 comments within days! And a discussion board too! ... and a discussion board too!
  24. 24. 122 comments within days! And a discussion board too! Serious suggestions ... and a discussion board too!
  25. 25. 122 comments within days! And a discussion board too! Serious suggestions Fun comment turned reality... ... and a discussion board too!
  26. 26. Cost and benefit Keeping up with discussions takes time But everyone needs a break now and then anyway. Better read and discuss work on the company wiki than on Facebook or Twitter! Some comments may indeed not be useful Great transparency and knowledge transfer between departments
  27. 27. Thank you
  28. 28. Product Documentation
 Powered By Confluence Making InDorse Tech Manuals As Good as Atlassianʼs
  29. 29. Using Confluence for Documentation   Follow Atlassianʼs documentation organization o  Guides for different roles   Installation   Admin o  Separate guides for different products & versions o  Online and PDF   Using Confluence for collaboration   Accessible via Internet   Easy security o  Permissions o  Compliance o  DLP
  30. 30. Organizing InDorseʼs Documentation   Product & Version = Confluence space o Installation Guide o Administratorʼs Guide o Userʼs Guide o API Programmerʼs Guide
  31. 31. Accessing Confluence   Separate permissions per space o Groups o Named users o Anonymous users   Licensing o Additional named users cost money o Hybrid approach possible   Public IP address
  32. 32. Employee View Customer View
  33. 33. Include Macro: Reuse & Roles   “Frame” pages include “content” pages o  Hierarchy of “frame” pages easy to copy o  Reuse “content” pages o  Include (macro) from other spaces   Macros can include separate content based on user or role   Include confidential documentation from separate spaces to reuse Confluence roles
  34. 34. Process for New Versions   Follow Atlassian process for copying previous versionʼs space   Update hierarchy of “frame” pages to reflect added or removed product functionalities   Update “content” pages to reflect specific product updates o Example: updated screen shots   Give permissions when product launches
  35. 35. PDF Export   Post updated PDFs regularly   Enforcing parent-child relationships eases PDF export
  36. 36. Integrated Enterprise
 Security and Compliance   InDorse solution validates Confluence compliance o Enforces enterprise DLP rules o Protects both wiki and attachment content   Attachment uploads & downloads o Reported on (activity log) o Digitally tagged or password-protected based on content & policy
  37. 37. Example: Confluence Attachment 
 Upload & Download Activity Report
  38. 38. Example: Enforcing Enterprise DLP Rules
  39. 39. Example: Tagging & Password-Protecting Attachments Password‐protec-on

  40. 40. Questions & Feedback Daniel Pohl VP, Engineering InDorse Technologies
  41. 41. Atlassian Conference 2382 Faraday Ave, Suite 250-30, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Phone: (877) 696-5959
  42. 42. About CPO Consulting At CPO Consulting, we offer solutions to your IT problems. Our company provides configuration, customization, and development solutions by using analytics, collaboration tools, and process improvement. We use Six-Sigma techniques, which include: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control, along with the proven 4C's methodology: collect, consolidate, condense, and communicate. These verified techniques help us to optimize your company’s work flow and provide the vital information that enables executives and work groups to make informed decisions.
  43. 43. Examples of CPO Customers
  44. 44. Challenge to Responsiveness When new projects start or business changes, such as mergers, new products, or new business processes occur, an ever stretched IT organization is pressed to research and implement new applications that do not fit into the scheduled work load.
  45. 45. How to Fill the IT Resource Gap •  Inexpensive wiki business applications •  Rapid deployment •  Low learning curve for users •  Start doing business while IT concentrates on strategic long term solutions •  Short or long term solutions
  46. 46. Current Metrics Process •  Manual collation of metrics from different quality systems •  Not all sites on automated systems •  Time consuming merging of spreadsheets •  Email routing of large spreadsheets •  Metrics not real time and reports could be up to two weeks later
  47. 47. The Solution •  Implement quality metrics dashboard •  Integrate with complaints and quality systems •  Provide forms for manual data entry for sites without systems •  Provide global collation of metric data •  Present in easy to view format
  48. 48. Business Health at a Glance
  49. 49. Global Dashboard
  50. 50. Real Time Management Reporting
  51. 51. Merging Data from Desperate Systems
  52. 52. Compliance and Metrics
  53. 53. The Results •  Global real time view of quality status •  Reduced costs in collating Data and commenting. •  Management visibility to corporate metrics •  Department and site incentive for quality improvement real time feedback •  Departments use the wiki to track to targets and achieve greater compliance to targets o
  54. 54. Phase II Enhancement Tools Used •  Confluence •  Theme Builder •  Community Bubbles for discussion groups and communities •  Frevvo Forms •  Jasper Reports
  55. 55. Easy Data Entry Forms from Frevvo
  56. 56. Creating a Form is Simple
  57. 57. Wiki: Not Just a Pretty Facebook •  Wiki is not just a social tool for social networking •  Real business uses •  Corporate wide collaboration- the new way to do business
  58. 58. Future Applications •  Virtual consultations with attorneys and health care providers •  Electronic patient records •  Contract negotiations •  Community projects •  Special interest groups and lobbying •  Education class discussion forums
  59. 59. Killer JIRA & Confluence Examples to Root Your Deployment R.Mazzarella Killer JIRA Confluence Examples to Root Your Deployment
  60. 60. JIRA Confluence: Force Multipliers For Program Management •  Program Managers Can Exploit Collaboration Workspaces For: –  The Short Term, To Build Solutions And Satisfy Customers And –  The Long Term, Build “Process Assets” for Longer-Term Support Of Products And Customer •  Case Study Approach: –  Integrated JIRA and Confluence installations, where: •  JIRA tracks latest status of issues, tasks, and project management information •  Confluence provides webpage environment that persists beyond lifecycles of individual projects 2
  61. 61. Agenda •  Confluence: For Information Layering Collaboration •  JIRA: For Point Issue Tracking And Project Mgmt. •  Communications Planning With JIRA Confluence •  Information Transfer Challenges •  Tailoring JIRA Workflows •  Best Practice: Handling Long-Duration Issues •  Metrics •  Adoptions Steps And Recommendations 3
  62. 62. Confluence: For Information Layering Collaboration Confluence Collaboration Site For Group’s Structure, Caseloads, Critical Issues, … Pareto MTBF     WW  WIKIs allow websites to be MTBF quickly constructed maintained by end users for dashboard views, WW  Pareto Accept.s current metrics, org. info., … 4 WW 
  63. 63. Confluence: For Information Layering Collaboration Confluence - JIRA Synergy MTBF Product Install.s WW  Pareto WW  Confluence: •  Group Collaboration space •  Easy to layer, customize pages to individual projects JIRA: •  Tracks individual issues Web-based Issue Tracking Tool Issue 1001 Confluence – JIRA Integration: Desc. •  Enables rollup of macro trends Attach.s •  Enables drilling down to core issues E-Mails 5
  64. 64. Confluence: For Information Layering Collaboration Program Management Dashboard For Customer X Links: Main CPM Page JIRA open issues list 6
  65. 65. JIRA: For Point Issue Tracking And Project Mgmt. MS Project Task Tracking Create JIRA issues to track/collect status on critical project tasks 7
  66. 66. Information Transfer Challenges Information Transfer Challenges Before JIRA And Confluence Issue Workflow Broken Support Chains •  Deficiencies in escalation quot;Hand-offquot;: Field Issue ID’d –  Inability to recover past e-mails, analyses, data Service Hand-Off collection logs, etc. –  Uneven analyses standards (some diamonds, many Product Data Collection lumps of coal) Support Analysis •  Analyses Results Sequestered onto Hand-Off individual staff’s desktops and laptops Product Issue Management Prioritization Inadequate Foundation For Metrics Hand-Off •  Basic metrics on caseload, closure times, H/W, S/W Engineering Solution Development issue aging/process step unknown Informal Hand-offs Result in: •  Incomplete e-mail histories, missing/inaccurate attachments •  Incomplete routing of issues to proper owners, stakeholders 8
  67. 67. Information Transfer Challenges Resolving Information Transfer Challenges Using JIRA And Confluence Issue Workflow Issue Data logs, Root Cause Analysis Issue Record Tracking Sys. E-Mail To Subscribers Field Issue ID’d Service Hand-Off Data Collection Compiled Product Analysis Data, Status Support Hand-Off Product Issue Compiled Management Prioritization Data, Status Hand-Off H/W, S/W Solution Compiled Engineering Development Data, Status 9
  68. 68. Communications Planning With JIRA Confluence Program Management Managing Communications: Exploit WIKI Webpage Subscriptions! 10
  69. 69. Tailoring JIRA Workflows Customizing JIRA To Different Groups Of Users (Majority of setup effort = Customizing to your workflows) Group 1:Product Support Group 2: Product Engineering These definitions show up In JIRA as choices: What change(s) in status are allowed? 11
  70. 70. Best Practice: Handling Long-Duration Issues Best Practices: Handling Long Duration Issues •  Problem: Issues with long histories tend to over- Desc. burden JIRA with attachments, e-mails, comments, Attach.s etc. E-Mails Solution 1: Sub-Issue 1 Sub-Issue 2 Sub-Issue 3 Break-down Desc. Desc. Desc. issue into Attach.s Attach.s Attach.s “sub-issues” Solution 2: E-Mails E-Mails E-Mails Layer Issue Across WIKI Webpages Issue Post- Problem Data Cause Solution Effects Standardize mortem Problem Statement Root Cause Data Collection 12
  71. 71. Metrics Reporting Systems For Continuous Improvement 13
  72. 72. Adoptions Steps And Recommendations Installation Adoption Steps Evaluate Select Pilot Staff WIKI Platforms Engine Training Conduct General Training Conduct Collect WIKI Publish WIKI End User Metrics Policy Training 14
  73. 73. Adoptions Steps And Recommendations Adoption Issues Recommendations Assuming Roles Of: “Advocate” = Internal agents pushing for Confluence, JIRA “New Group” = New groups considering adopting Confluence, JIRA Topic Trade-Off Recommendation 1)  New group conducts their pilot with advocate’s server. Servers Shared or separate? 2)  If pilot is successful, new group purchases dedicated server. 1)  New group conducts their pilot with advocate’s sw licenses. Software Licenses Shared or separate? 2)  If pilot is successful, new group purchases dedicated software licenses. 1)  New group receives support from advocate’s resources Staff to support WIKI, during evaluation. JIRA setup and Shared or separate? 2)  If pilot is successful, joint operations resources for maintaining sites are put into plan. 15
  74. 74. Direct Results •  Decreased by 50% time-to-resolution rates for product support issues •  Received Intel’s “Preferred Quality Supplier” Award –  Back-to-back quarters of 90%+ scorecard ratings •  Improved Installation Warrantee Costs –  Reduced costs by 15% 16
  75. 75. Questions Answers 17
  76. 76. Backup Charts 18
  77. 77. Tailoring JIRA Workflows JIRA Default Workflow (for Tasks) 19
  78. 78. Issue Resolution Workflow 20
  79. 79. CUSTOMER: Customer Q [CPM Customer Dashboard] Links: Main CPM Page JIRA open issues list 21
  80. 80. Web-based Issue Tracking Tools – Sample Issue 1 5 2 1 = Status Info. 3 2 = Issue Subscribers 3 = Customizable workflow 4 = Capability to layer info. 6 5 = Effort tracking 7 6 = Fully customizable fields 7 = Tagging for ad-hoc search 8 = E-mail capture of updates 4 4 8 5 22