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WebPros at CloudFest 2022 - Walk the New Revenue Avenues of Server Management

  1. Walk the new Revenue Avenues of Server Management
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  3. Do It For Me Do It Yourself
  4. WE SCAN THE WEB 311.000.000 Domains analyzed by our crawler each month
  5. 5 % of websites using WordPress
  6. 6 % of websites using WordPress 40M+ WordPress Websites globally detected by our crawler excluding subdomains
  7. 7 Web Professionals Market Research 60% of websites are built by Agencies Agencies and Web Professionals are customers of cPanel & Plesk Partners 300+ Agencies and Web Professionals interviewed by us
  8. 8 N = 308 Most interviewed companies generate revenue from web development, maintenance, hosting and SEO What is the main source of revenue for your company? [multiple choice]
  9. 9 N = 330 Do you provide or resell hosting services to the clients? 83% of the respondents offer hosting to their clients
  10. 10 N: 225 Why do you or the company you work for provide or resell hosting services? [multiple choice] Full control over the website, recurring revenue are the most popular motivations.
  11. 11 Plesk & cPanel Backup WP Toolkit Sitejet WP Toolkit Imunify360 Smart Updates cPanel SEO 360 Monitoring N: 285 Automating or optimizing the most important tasks with one comprehensive platform is a unique chance. Providing such service to Builders directly will open a new opportunities for you as WebPros Partners. What is included in your website management service you offer?
  12. 12 Web Professionals Market Research 60% of websites are built by Agencies Agencies and Web Professionals are customers of cPanel & Plesk Partners 300+ Agencies and Web Professionals interviewed by us
  13. 13 Web Professionals Market Research 60% of websites are built by Agencies Agencies and Web Professionals are customers of cPanel & Plesk Partners 300+ Agencies and Web Professionals interviewed by us 11,000+ 360 Cloud Platform users surveyed and counting!
  14. Web Professionals Use case typical for Web Professionals Agencies Hosting Providers Business Use 14 84% of Plesk users are Web Professionals
  15. 15 Agency-focused offerings as a new revenue driver for service providers Collaboration with clients and team Managing Day-to-Day Business Inefficiencies & repetitive tasks 60% of websites are built by Agencies all of them deal with the same problems
  16. How do we help you to address those needs?
  17. 17 Create & Manage Websites Optimize & Grow Analyse & Scale WebPros Website Cycle for Builders Automate & Sell via
  18. 18 Sitejet is built for agencies who build websites for others. It combines a professional no- code/low-code website builder with a self-service customer portal and project management tools.
  19. 19 Sitejet makes it easier for agencies to scale profitably Project Management to automate workflows No-Code Professional Website Builder End Customer Portal for pain-free collaboration To-dos ᐧ Ticket System ᐧ Time Tracking Drag & Drop ᐧ Responsive ᐧ Templates File Manager ᐧ Feedback Tool ᐧ Simple CMS
  20. 20 Cutting-edge website builder.
  21. 21 Built-in project manager.
  22. 22 Pain-free collaboration.
  23. How to get my websites online?
  24. How to get my websites found online?
  25. 25 Improving search engine rankings Increase website traffic and optimize your website content using state of the art keyword, rank tracking, and competitor analysis tools. Created for SMBs & Agencies – easy-to-understand, simple onboarding and step-by-step SEO instructions We help you and your customers getting found online.
  26. 26 Step-by-step instructions in the Advisor All the features you need. Find traffic-driving Keywords Track your rankings and your SEO success Optimize your content with SEO in mind
  27. 27 SMB customers rated cPanel SEO with an NPS of 43 and an average rating of 8.25 out of ten. Succeeding with SEO without knowing SEO. SMBs Freelancers Agencies
  28. Is my website still online and performing?
  29. Track websites and servers performance to avoid downtime. multi-server & multi-site management panel-agnostic configurable dashboards
  30. What’s included in 360 Monitoring? Server Monitoring Website Monitoring Status Pages Alerting Engine
  31. 32 Plesk 2021 Review Improved UX for Website Management New Onboarding for faster Time to Website, revamped File Manager and improved DNS Configuration Helper Modern Stack cGroup Manager, ZSTD Support, new dedicated PHP-FPM Handlers and QCOW2 images Troubleshooting & Support Web-based SSH Terminal, MailLog inside Plesk and 360 Monitoring Integrations New OSes Almalinux, RockyLinux, Windows 2022, Ubuntu 20.04 on ARM architecture
  32. 33 Plesk - shortest time to first website! • Predefined Options • Trimmed the # of inputs required • Direct visual feedback • Temporary domains → Dramatically decreased the time to first website New Website Creation & Onboarding
  33. 34 Plesk in 2022 Developer Tools Improved NodeJS Support Laravel Website Management .NET Support on Linux Revised Git Integration Modern Stack High Availability Server Logs Flexible Backup Schedulers GEO IP Blocking Troubleshooting & Support Automated Diagnostic & Repair Performance out-of-the- box Renewed CloudFlare Integration New OSes Ubuntu 22.04 & Debian 11 In-place Conversion CentOS 7 -> AlmaLinux 8
  34. WP Toolkit
  35. 36 Best way to see what actions were performed by WP Toolkit on your site ● All actions are logged on a per-site basis ● Real-time logging available ● Log rotation settings ● Separate Smart Updates log WP Toolkit Action Logs Site Vulnerability Insights Improved WP Toolkit Stay up-to-date on whether your website is affected by known plugin, theme, or core vulnerabilities ● Hourly scans of WordPress core, plugins, and themes that look for known vulnerabilities ● Proactive in-product and email notifications about found vulnerabilities ● Intelligent calls to action: update or disable your vulnerable assets ● Powered by Patchstack
  36. 37 WP Toolkit - up next! 37 Virtual Patches ● On-the-fly patching of security vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins, and themes ● Very useful if updates for vulnerable asset aren’t available ● Requires plugin installation Smart PHP Updates ● Clones your site, switches it to a different PHP version, and checks for issues ● Works similar to Smart Updates ● Production site is unaffected ● Redesigned UX for better focus and transparency WP Toolkit API ● REST API for all WordPress Toolkit features
  37. 39 Introducing cPanel Sub Accounts Talking about cPanel Sub account s
  38. 40
  39. We help service providers to provide better products more seamlessly to their customers. Easily offer WP Toolkit on cPanel & Plesk or SaaS services like cPanel SEO. 8.4 8.5 8.5 8.5 What’s new in WHMCS WordPress Hosting with cPanel & Plesk cPanel SEO & MarketConnect Custom Buyflow Extensibility Product Recommendation 8.4 is available since January 2022 - 8.5 is available in April 2022
  40. Win-Win-Win
  41. Sitejet, cPanel SEO, 360 Monitoring = Innovation WebPros is your trusted partner! Plesk & cPanel = Foundation 1 2 3
  42. @jlsoft2 Jan Löffler CTO at Plesk Visit our Booth G33!
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  44. Walk the new Revenue Avenues of Server Management