Surveylab Case StudyIndustry: State, City and Parks – Asset managementikeGPS solution: ikeGPS205User: Engineering Departme...
Surveylab Case StudyKnezevic also said that although the GPS handheld units used at Plant City were of high positional acc...
Surveylab Case Studystraightforward to double-check the positional accuracy of engineering plans, capture new assets andve...
Surveylab Case StudyAT A GLANCEKey reasons Plant City selected the ikeGPS205 unit    • Fast data capture solution that cou...
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IkeGPS Plant City Case Study


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IkeGPS Plant City Case Study

  1. 1. Surveylab Case StudyIndustry: State, City and Parks – Asset managementikeGPS solution: ikeGPS205User: Engineering Department, City of Plant City, Florida, USAPlant City doubles the productivity of field staff with ikeGPSDaniel Bass, Engineering Inspector and Zlatko Knezevic, GIS Coordinator (right) capturing storm water outlets, roadway culverts and sewer locations from adistance with ikeGPS205.Located near the fast-growing west coast of Florida, the charming city of Plant City is planning forgrowth. In 2008, a complete inventory of city infrastructure including storm water outlets, roadwayculverts and sewers was required to manage and plan the extension of the city. ikeGPS205 was selectedto assist the Plant City Engineering Department complete their field work and asset data collection.By using ikeGPS205, Plant City has been able to double the productivity of its field inspectors, whilekeeping them safe at all times. ikeGPS is easy to operate, can capture data under heavy foliage andassist in gathering verifiable data. This has enabled Plant City to increase the completeness and accuracyof their asset databases and share information with other departments through ikeGPS compatibilitywith ESRI ArcGIS products. As a result of successful ikeGPS-based surveys, Plant City has transferredikeGPS field methodologies to other departments to assist their asset management usage and developemergency planning tools.Plant City needs to accomplish more with lessPlant City encompasses some 28 square miles (72.5 square km) with a population of 33,500 residents.The city owns and operates its water, wastewater and solid wastewater systems. Planning for growth isa time and labour intensive operation and, like many municipalities, the Plant City Engineering team isbeing tasked to do more with fewer resources.Zlatko Knezevic, GIS (Geographic Information System) Coordinator at Plant City Engineering Departmentwas initially left with using traditional surveying tools to complete a comprehensive survey of the towninfrastructure including storm water outlets, roadway culverts and sewers. “In addition to convertingas-built engineering drawings, we have been sending teams out into the field to double-check thepositional accuracy of the plans, capture new assets and verify and update the attributes,” says Knezevic.“Our survey-grade GPS units worked very well, but were slow to set up and use. It was taking too long.”ikeGPS website - CS Plant City Final Ex Comments 1|4 January 2011
  2. 2. Surveylab Case StudyKnezevic also said that although the GPS handheld units used at Plant City were of high positional accuracy,this feature wasn’t needed for the survey at hand. Additionally, these devices lost the GPS signal under thetrees. “So we were looking for a faster data capture solution that would satisfy our requirements withoutbreaking the bank”, acknowledged Knezevic. The new solution also had to be compatible with ESRI’sArcGIS products to facilitate the integration of field data in the Plant City GIS databases.At the 2008 ESRI user conference, City Engineer Brett Gocka P.E. and Knezevic discovered the ikeGPSproducts at the Surveylab booth. They were fascinated. “From what we saw,” continues Knezevic, “theikeGPS205 was in a class of its own. In fact we didn’t see any other GPS units with those capabilities atthe show... or since. We liked the size, the ease-of-use, features, knowledgeable staff and especially theintegration with ESRI’s ArcPad software. To us, there are conventional GPS [data] collectors and thenthere is ikeGPS.” The decision was easy to make and an ikeGSP205 unit was purchased immediatelyat the conference.Doubling the productivity with consistent data capture qualityWith Surveylab’s ikeGPS205 handheld data collection system, the Engineering Department of Plant Cityhas now doubled the productivity of field inspectors.“Only one inspector is needed to operate the ikeGPS205 unit in the field, whereas with the other toolsat our disposal at least two people were required”, proudly confirms Knezevic. “Now we have twice theproductivity without any decrease in the quality of data capture. In fact, because ikeGPS205 can be usedto capture multiple assets from a single location using the laser range finder, one single inspector canwork more than twice as fast than a two-man team with tripod-based GPS.”Plant City field surveys are completed faster while their database completeness and accuracyproportionally increased. All this with less material and human resources required for the work at hand.Safe and verifiable field data capture from a remote location“Not only does the ikeGPS help us capture more data in a shorter timeframe, but it is much safer forour team,” adds Knezevic. “With ikeGPS’s unique laser range finder, our field inspectors can stay by theroadside or in an open area and capture asset data without having to stand in a busy street, wade instorm water drainage ditches or climb steep banks”.In addition, Plant City contains extensive woodlands with heavy foliage that, in the past, have made GPSreception problematic. “But with the ikeGPS unit, we can stand in an open area, point the ikeGPS at anasset located under the trees and capture the attributes quickly and easily,” supports Knezevic.Easy to use integrated ikeGPS unitsKnezevic confirms that setting up the ikeGPS205 unit for required data collection was extremely easy.“We created a basic shapefile layer in ArcGIS and then loaded it into the ikeGPS205. We then createda basic form with ArcPad and sent our inspectors out into the field to collect data and fill out theform with some basic information and notes [on the assets targeted]. Once they were back at theoffice we downloaded the data directly into the workstation.” This methodology makes it simple andikeGPS website - CS Plant City Final Ex Comments 2|4 January 2011
  3. 3. Surveylab Case Studystraightforward to double-check the positional accuracy of engineering plans, capture new assets andverify and update the attributes stored in a main database.The unit set-up was so easy, in fact, that it took only a half-hour to show the inspectors how to use theikeGPS205. “Our inspectors are very knowledgeable about the assets in the field and the attributes thatwe were trying to capture,” continues Knezevic, “but they are not GIS people. So having very simple tooperate field units was a definite bonus”.Knezevic is also impressed with the ikeGPS205’s robustness. “We take it out in the wind and rain,and even drop it on occasion,” he says. “But through all that, it works without any issues whatsoever.When you send a unit out into the field, you want to be able to rely on it. The ikeGPS delivers.”Multi-divisional, data sharing and emergency management potentialAs of July 2010, the Plant City Engineering Department was nearing completion of their initial assetcapture exercise. “Right now we’re almost finished with the storm water outlets, roadway culverts andsewers,” says Knezevic, “and are trialling ikeGPS systems for creating inventories and re-establishingrecords for streetlights, signposts, traffic signals and intersection signage. The Traffic Department hasalso expressed an interest in using our ikeGPS205 to help them complete their inventories.”The data captured by the ikeGPS205 unit is being made available to taxpayers and property ownersin Plant City. “One of our initiatives,” concludes Knezevic, “is to open our datasets to the public viathe internet. This will help people see exactly where the assets are in their neighborhoods.”“We have also been using the data in our on-going negotiations with the Federal Emergency ManagementAgency (FEMA) to help develop more accurate flood plain maps. In this case, placing land parcels in thewrong flood plain designation can result in unnecessary flood insurance that can significantly lower landvalues, cost homeowners extra and, ultimately, reduce Plant City revenues. But with ikeGPS, we cancapture accurate and up-to-dateinformation quickly and feedit directly into our mappingsystems. ikeGPS is clearlyin a class by itself,”confirms Knezevic.Geo-positional information and photos ofa Plant City culvert (a), storm water drain(b) and bridge (c) are validating the state (a) (b)and condition of Plant City storm waterinfrastructures. The data is subsequentlyimported in the Plant City ArcGIS mappingsystem and shown in a city map along withother engineering data layers (d) for furtheranalysis and cataloguing. (c) (d)ikeGPS website - CS Plant City Final Ex Comments 3|4 January 2011
  4. 4. Surveylab Case StudyAT A GLANCEKey reasons Plant City selected the ikeGPS205 unit • Fast data capture solution that could capture data under foliage • Ease-of-use and integrated features into a single handheld rugged device • Laser rangefinder allowing data capture from a distance • Compatibility with ESRI’s ArcGIS and ArcPad • Knowledgeable staff and expert supportKey benefits for Plant City • Fast data collection system: at least doubles productivity for field inspection staff • Much safer and easier to operate in the field than traditional tripod-based GPS units • Verifiable data capture to quickly cross-check information, increase completeness and accuracy of their other mapping databases • Robust device that can be used under heavy foliage • Cross-functional and multi-divisional uses across Plant City departmentsTechnology used • ikeGPS205 series GPS data collection unit from Surveylab • ArcGIS 9.5 (or ArcGIS 10) • ArcPad Mobile GIS softwareCustomer quote:“Because the ike205 can be used to capture multiple assets from a single location using the laserrangefinder, one single inspector can work more than twice as fast as a two-man team with tri-podbased GPS.”. - Zlatko Knezevic GIS Coordinator for the Engineering Division at Plant CityFor more information please contact:Richard TaylorVice President - ikeGPS Americasrichard.taylor@ikegps.comoffice: (281) 681 0356fax: (281) 681 9252www.ikeGPS.comikeGPS website - CS Plant City Final Ex Comments 4|4 January 2011