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Bart Geerts - Scyfer - New technologies will change healthcare fundamentally - HealthTech & The City - AmsterdamTechCity - 21 JUNE 2018


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GlobalTech.City is founded in 2017 and is the global platform connecting AmsterdamTech.City and the other tech cities around the world.

The vision of AmsterdamTech.City is to combine city events, tech topics, societal challenges, tech solutions, and speakers for the city, communities, and citizens of Amsterdam. The mission of AmsterdamTech.City is to facilitate the city, communities, and citizens in the engagement and transformation.

The target groups are public and private; governmental and non-governmental; educational institutions, teachers and students; corporates, scale ups and start ups; investors and programs, inventors and experts; visitors and citizens. The speakers are presenting challenges and solutions. They are government officials, civil servants, citizens, visitors, students, teachers, experts, inventors, investors, start ups, scale ups, corporates.

The latest technology trends are the topics of the events and solutions. In 2016 the tech trends were Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Big Data. In 2017 more tech trends will follow. The events are called “Tech & The city” where tech is replaced by the tech topic. The challenges are city or civic problems and issues. Examples are Education, Health, Mobility / Transportation, Connectivity, Sustainability, and many more. The solutions are tech solutions for the city or civic problems and issues. The tech solutions are based on the latest tech trends.

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Bart Geerts - Scyfer - New technologies will change healthcare fundamentally - HealthTech & The City - AmsterdamTechCity - 21 JUNE 2018

  1. 1. Bart Geerts MD PhD MSc Health care & deep learning
  2. 2. My background ▪ Haven’t gone far …. ▪ Married and two boys ▪ Education: ▪ MD, PhD, MSc Biomedical sciences, MBA ▪ Anaesthetist, ICU physician, & clin. pharmacologist ▪ Work: ▪ Previously @ LUMC, Rijnland, UCL, WHO ▪ Cardiac-anaesthetist @ AMC ▪ Academic @ AMC & other places ▪ Advisor @ NLC Health Incubator & Philips ▪ Medical lead @ Scyfer
  3. 3. My mission: To rid health care of some of its legacy issues
  4. 4. While cost increased …. %GDP
  5. 5. Let’s develop new things to improve care.. ▪ Academic research ▪ PhDs ▪ Scientific communication; ▪ 29,000 journals ▪ > 60,000,000 articles ▪ 5% growth/ year ▪ Everyone on his/her own; impact factors, H-factor, grants
  6. 6. Research: still an option?
  7. 7. Data use today ▪ Orders, reports and communication ▪ Health care continuity ▪ Legal reseasons ▪ Billing
  8. 8. Time for something new We want a computer to do something for us. How do we go about? It is easier when a computer learns through examples, just like a child would do it! Data Decision Learning or Algo Error
  9. 9. Why is ML relevant now? Source: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Source: Ray Kurzweil (main futurist @ Google), DATA COMPUTING POWER
  10. 10. My vision ▪ Use data smarter; ▪ Prevent ▪ Diagnose ▪ Personalize ▪ More quality, reduce cost and connect
  11. 11. Bone segmentation in CT scans Deep Learning prestaties bij analyse van CT scans
  12. 12. Prediction of Alzheimer in MRI
  13. 13. Prediction and diagnosis in retina scans Input Output: highlight areas of interest Damage indication + Classification: 35,8% chance stage 0 54,8% chance stage 1 9,40% chance stage 2 < 1% change stage 3 < 1% change stage 4
  14. 14. Predicting waiting times or disease events
  15. 15. Case of perioperative infections ▪ 234,000,000 surgical procedures / year ▪ 40% budget health care ▪ 1 in 4 patients get a complication ▪ Cost up 11.626 USD & HLOS up 114-150% Weiser Lancet 2008, Eapen JAMA 2013, Dimick AM J Coll Surg 2003, Gawande Surgery 1999
  16. 16. Results: Predictive value Source:
  17. 17. Digital pathology
  18. 18. Wat is dit? All data classificatie dokter gebruikt analyse zoekt naar onzekere resultaten Stelt vragen Geeft feedback algoritme Active learning
  19. 19. “I am afraid the doctor didn’t make it”
  20. 20. ML will change health care ▪ Health and health care ▪ Prevent, diagnose, personalise ▪ Less hospital ▪ Enhance quality, and outcomes ▪ BUT ALWAYS IN COOPERATION
  21. 21. Scyfer B.V. Science Park 400 1098 XH Amsterdam I am looking for; -  Health CHALLENGES -  DATA -  Above all: Motivated and skilled PEOPLE