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Chesley Rach - City hall The Hague -TheHagueTechCity - 14 june - globaltechc-ity


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(( Think Global, Act Local & Think Local, Act Global ))
...matching trending tech solutions with societal challenges around the world...
GlobalTech.City is founded in 2017 and is the global platform connecting AmsterdamTech.City and the other tech cities around the world. AmsterdamTech.City started in 2016 with successful monthly "Tech & The City" events in Amsterdam. The vision of GlobalTech.City is to combine city events, tech topics, societal challenges, tech solutions, and speakers for the city, communities, and citizens around the world. The mission of GlobalTech.City is to facilitate the city, communities, and citizens in the engagement and transformation. The target groups are public and private; governmental and non-governmental; educational institutions; corporates, scale ups and start ups; investors and programs, inventors and experts; visitors and citizens... The technology trends are Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ambient Intelligence (AmI), Robotics, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Realty...

2016 Stats
2016 | 1 City | 5 Tech Topics | 5 City Events | 20+ City Challenges | 80+ Tech Solutions | 100+ Speakers | 750+ Tickets | Award December 2016 @AmsTechCity nr 26 GovTech Top 100 influencers & brands!

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Chesley Rach - City hall The Hague -TheHagueTechCity - 14 june - globaltechc-ity

  1. 1. Neighborhood Development Corporations Bundling of The Hague's Power! 15 juni 2017 Versie
  2. 2. 15 juni 2017 Versie2 Time for a new style Neighborhood approach! If you do what you did, you get what you got. Only by long-term and far-reaching cooperation between the municipality, housing corporations, care partners, educational institutions and employers a change can be made for the people in these districts. (Rabin Baldewsingh, Binnenlands Bestuur, Jan 16, 2015).
  3. 3. 15 juni 2017 Versie3 Wijk(en)ondernemin gen Bundeling van Haagse kracht!Wijk(en)ondernemingen Bundeling van Haagse kracht! Neighborhood Development Corporations Neighborhood Development Companies can bundle the forces in the neighborhood that often work separate from each other and collaborate with strong partners outside the neighborhood and focus on a jointly chosen goal. Platform Gemeente, woningcorporaties, zorgpartners, onderwijsinstellingen en werkgevers Wijkenondernemingen bewoners, ondernemers, maatschappelijke organisaties, onderwijsinstellingen, leerwerkbedrijven Producten Diensten Gekwalificeerd personeel Sociaal profiel Opdrachten Financiering (aandeel) Banen en stageplekken Expertise en buddy’s Afname producten
  4. 4. 15 juni 2017 Versie4 NDC Residents and Entrepreneurs Educational institutions Social Institutions Enterprises Funding Institutions Outreach, coaching Subsidies Volunteer work and Internships Investment and subsidies Acquisition assignments Delivery Products Outreach and Coaching Education Municipality Organisation of the Co-operation between partners
  5. 5. 15 juni 2017 Versie5 Example Partners NDC in creating jobs in the Building sector (voorbeeld)
  6. 6. 15 juni 2017 Versie6 How do we forge partnerships ? from concept to execution Step by step approach 1. We select potential partners by sector. 2. We start conversations with potential partners with a clear but flexibel proposal. 3. If we have agreement a business model with preconditions is drawn up. 4. If the businessmodel and arrangement is agreed upon we set up contracts for a pilot project. 5. If the pilot succeeds a NDC can formally be established. Meanwhile, 2 pilot projects have started (Security Services and Catering Services) one is in preparation phase (Construction) and for one (Care) a business model is now being evaluated.
  7. 7. Need for Information and Expertise 1. Matching profiles of jobseekers to job opportunities. 2. Finding employers interested in taking on (partly) unskilled candidates. 3. Funding opportunities in the city for education through work. 4. Good examples to be found in other cities. 5. Funds and funding available and their Investment strategy. 6. Examples of possible partnerships. 7. What type of roadmaps are available. 8. What kind of business models are possible. 15 juni 2017 Versie7