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Modern site and teams provisioning across a Bot, SPFx, Azure Function and Microsoft Flow


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Imagine the scenario where a user is able through a Team site, Communication site, Teams, Skype, Cortana and so on, requests to a Bot the creation of a SharePoint site or a new Microsoft Team.
In this session will analyze how to build a Bot, Azure functions, and Microsoft Flow in order to create and automate the provisioning process and we'll go deeper in the solution architecture.

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Modern site and teams provisioning across a Bot, SPFx, Azure Function and Microsoft Flow

  1. 1. @giuleon Modern site and Teams provisioning across a Bot, SPFx, Azure Function and Microsoft Flow Giuliano De Luca #SPSSTHLM, Sept 1st, 2018
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  3. 3. @giuleon Software Engineer Technical Architect @giuleon Microsoft MVP for Office Development
  4. 4. @giuleon • Solution Business Use Case • Solution Architecture • Demo on Microsoft Teams • Bot • SharePoint Framework • Microsoft Flow • Azure Function • Azure Key Vault • Demo on a SharePoint online site
  5. 5. @giuleon
  6. 6. @giuleon SharePoint Online The user requests a new SharePoint team site, communication or teams across a Bot 1 The Bot saves the user's request in a SharePoint list 2 The admin approves the request which triggers a Microsoft Flow 3 Flow for every request with status “Approved” will call an Azure Function to perform the provisioning 4 Flow notifies to the user that the process is ended 5 Azure Key Vault Solution Architecture
  7. 7. @giuleon Define Good Governance
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  9. 9. @giuleon • A bot is an app that users interact with in a conversational way using text, graphics (cards), or speech. • Web API Service • Build your Bot with the language that you prefer C# or Node.js. • Implement AI across Microsoft Cognitive Services. • Bot Framework Emulator • Make use of a native UI with Adaptive Cards • Enable the conversation with Channels
  10. 10. @giuleon • Modern client-side development • Lightweight web and mobile • Powers our own experiences • Backward compatible • Supports open source tools and JavaScript web frameworks • Client Side Web Parts • SPFx Extension • Application Customizer • Field Customizer • Command Sets
  11. 11. @giuleon Tooling • Node.js • Yeoman • Gulp • TypeScript • Visual Studio (Code) Frameworks – Choose yours • React • Angular.js • Knockout • Etc.
  12. 12. @giuleon • Office 365 • Microsoft Graph API • Custom API • Microsoft Account Free or Office 365 or Dynamics 365 or PowerApps
  13. 13. @giuleon • 0,17 € per one million requests • App Service Plan • C#, Node.js (Javascript), F#, Python, PHP, Powershell, Java • Triggers • Blob storage • Azure Cosmos DB • Timer • Generic webhook • Github webhook • Queue storage
  14. 14. @giuleon • Azure CLI • Powershell • Azure Portal • Price 0,026 € per 10,000 operations
  15. 15. @giuleon • Azure Active Directory • Office 365 services: SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook/Exchange, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Planner, and Excel • Enterprise Mobility and Security services: Identity Manager, Intune, Advanced Threat Analytics, and Advanced Threat Protection. • Windows 10 services: activities and devices • Education
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