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Using Chat Automation - ChatOps


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Chat automation has been a persistent buzz in the industry, in this session we will go through setting up Chat automation using PowerShell, how to hit the ground running and what steps to take to convert your existing code base and make it work from Chat. From there on we will dive into how we can securely deploy, manage and administer this as a platform. Expect a session filled with demos and real-world insights of bringing this live in a production environment.

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Using Chat Automation - ChatOps

  1. 1. Build an immutable application infrastructure with Nano Server, PowerShell DSC, and the release pipeline Ravikanth Chaganti 2017 Using Chat Automation - ChatOps Jaap Brasser 2018 @jaap_brasser
  2. 2. Agenda • What are we talking about today? • Chat Automation? • Working with webhooks • PoshBot integration with Slack
  3. 3. Why are we here
  4. 4. What is Chat Automation
  5. 5. Advantages of Chat
  6. 6. Example of ChatOps
  7. 7. Webhooks? • URL • Json payload • Integrates directly into your chat platform • One-way traffic • Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post
  8. 8. Demo Web Hooks
  9. 9. Demo Summary • Configure Web Hooks • Send message to Slack/Teams • Use PSSlack to simplify commands
  10. 10. Hello #PSConfEU PS> $SlackMessage = @{ Uri = '…' Text = 'Hello #PSConfEU !!!' } Send-SlackMessage @SlackMessage
  11. 11. Demo ChatOps on Slack
  12. 12. Demo Summary • Created Slack API Token • Installed PoshBot • Configured PoshBot • Showed basic functionality • Install additional modules • Create reporting interaction
  13. 13. Summary • Chat Automation can be used to replace GUI elements • Chat can be used for logging and learning • Does not require scripting knowledge • Can use existing Chat Infrastructure
  14. 14. • Now: 15 min break • Grab a coffee • Stay here to enjoy next presentation • Change track and switch to another room • Ask me questions or meet me in a breakout session room afterwards Next Steps
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. about_Author @jaap_brasser• Speaker / Blogger / Tech Enthusiast • PowerShell Conference EU/Asia • Dutch PowerShell User Group • PowerShell Gallery • TechNet / MSTechCommunity