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Building contextual experiences with the Office Graph (SPSMUC 15)


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Delve helps you stay in the know with what is going on within your organization. But what if you could have the Office Graph also help you get your work done?

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Building contextual experiences with the Office Graph (SPSMUC 15)

  1. 1. Building contextual experiences with the Office Graph Waldek Mastykarz – SharePoint MVP #SPSMUC03, October 10th, 2015
  2. 2. Manager Direct report Works with Shared with me Viewed by me Trending around me Presented to me Liked by me What is The Office Graph? Works with Modified by Jenny Gottfried Trending around Jenny Gottfried Modified by Jenny Gottfried Liked by Jim Geist Emailed to me Emailed to me Works with Modified by Jim Geist Modified by Alan Brewer Commented on Commented on Trending around Nancy Anderson
  3. 3. SharePoint Search'*'& Properties='GraphQuery:actor(me,action:1021)'&RankingModelId='0 c77ded8-c3ef-466d-929d-905670ea1d72'&ClientType='spevent001' Unified API Querying the Office Graph
  4. 4. Connecting to the Office Graph Easy to work with Available for the most popular platforms Could be different across platforms Might be behind the latest capabilities Abstracted Some effort needed Available for all platforms Works the same on all platforms Instant access to the latest capabilities Transparent SDK REST
  5. 5. 1. Get O365 dev tenant @ 2. Learn Office Graph API @ 3. Learn Office API @ 4. Start coding 5. Bonus: Get Yo Office @ Next steps
  6. 6. Thank you!