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Video LinkedIn Challenge Roadmap: How to Create a Social Media Video for LinkedIn


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The Video LinkedIn Challenge is a 10 day training where you will learn in easy peasy steps, how to create a professional social media video for LinkedIn.

Whether you participated in the challenge or not, these easy peasy videos will walk you through the whole process of creating a video for LinkedIn. So challenge yourself with this 10 day program to learn the steps to make a professional looking video for LinkedIn. The program was designed for business professionals who are complete video newbies.

If you'd like access to the training resources referenced in the videos, send us an email at:

NOTE: The Video LinkedIn Challenge was a live training event held March 30, 2020. The Facebook group to support the challenge is no longer active.

While the challenge is now closed, you can access all the videos and PDF training materials for just $19.


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Video LinkedIn Challenge Roadmap: How to Create a Social Media Video for LinkedIn

  2. 2. DAY 1: VIDEO STRATEGY Create a video strategy using our template
  3. 3. DAY 2: COOL VIDEO TOOL Setup Loom account and program tour
  4. 4. DAY 3: VIDEO RECORDING Record webcam video using Loom
  5. 5. DAY 4: VIDEO EDITING Edit video using Loom
  6. 6. DAY 5: CAPTION VIDEO SRT File Setup Subly account & create an SRT file
  7. 7. DAY 6 & 7: WEEKEND OFF Catch up or take a break!
  8. 8. DAY 8: POLISH VIDEO Setup Kapwing account & polish video
  9. 9. DAY 9: POSTING ON LINKEDIN Create post & upload video to LinkedIn
  10. 10. DAY 10: WRAP UP & ANALYTICS LinkedIn video analytics & final tips
  11. 11. VIDEO LINKEDIN CHALLENGE The Video LinkedIn Challenge has now ended. But, you can access the whole 10 days via our VIDEO ON DEMAND course.