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10 Innovative Online Marketing Examples


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ROI bringing online marketing examples all marketers should learn from.

Feel free to copy relevant info to your PPT or present to your colleagues.

P.S.: Details on the campaigns provided at notes. If you liked the content, more can be found on

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  • saw the examples. Very creative ideas. The only question whether such ideas can adapt to small businesses? In most cases, small businesses are faced with small budgets make it difficult for them to reach great idea.
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10 Innovative Online Marketing Examples

  1. 10 innovative online marketing examples Created by:
  2. Take 10 minutes to open the examples. You’ll learn A LOT how to stand out online. Created by:
  3. <ul><li>ORANGE: Spot the Bull </li></ul><ul><li>What : site connected to… a bull! </li></ul><ul><li>Results : buzz on blogs, press, TV </li></ul>See it:
  4. 2. ABSOLUT: Absolut Machines What : two wonderful robots (orchestral machine &robotic choir) you can interact via site Results : great buzz, 380,000+ views on Youtube See it:
  5. 3. SONY BRAVIA: Color Tokyo! What : site to change the lighting of Sony building Results : traffic sky-rocketed, nearly causing site to be shut down. Buzz on blogs/TV/press. See it:
  6. 4. FRANKFURT TAXI: Piss Screen What : video game controlled by piss, ending in &quot;Too pissed to drive? Take a Taxi instead!” Results : was on Pro7 TV/newspapers/blogs See it:
  7. 5. ORANGE: Balloonacy What : balloon race round... the Internet Results : 42,000 players + 2,000 host sites See it:
  8. 6. AXE: Wake-up Service What : online/mobile wake-up call Results : exceeded expectations See it:
  9. 6. SIXT.DE: Ascii text ads What : Google ads Results : 47% more clicks than usual See it: http://
  10. 6. SKITTLES: Siteless Site What : site content aggregated from social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc) Results : great PR. More tweets than on Google or stock market. See it:
  11. 9. NEW ZEALAND BOOK COUNCIL What : classic literature in PPTs to read at your office Results : great buzz, no complaints from employers  See it:
  12. 10. BURGER KING: Whopper Sacrifice What : Facebook app Results : 230 000+ friends sacrificed in 6 days See it:
  13. For more: Created for: Gaumina’s seminar at Digital Media Conference (Dublin)