Members’ LetterDear Member,Overleaf you will find our April 2013 schedule for Gateway. Opening Hours: Due to staff trainin...
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April 2013


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April 2013

  1. 1. Members’ LetterDear Member,Overleaf you will find our April 2013 schedule for Gateway. Opening Hours: Due to staff training drop in willopen from 2.30pm to 5.00pm on Thursday 4th April and Monday 8th April 2013. There will be no members’meeting in April; next Member’s Meeting will be the 2nd Monday of May.April Speaker: The Local Employment Service will speak in Gateway on Monday 15th April at 1.30pm – comeand find out about opportunities for you.Minutes of the Members Meeting of the Gateway Project 11th March 2013Chair: Mary Q Minutes Ali Members Present 8 Meeting Start: 1.35 Meeting Finished 2.35 1. Welcome: Mary Q chaired the meeting and welcomed all members. 2. Minutes: The minutes of the members meeting from 11th February were read and passed. Matters Arising – Nicholas reported that the cinema management decided that they could not offer a discount to members of Gateway. Tom reported that a member who had an issue with bullying behavior was satisfied with the situation now, but would speak to the group or a Project Worker if there were any more concerns. 3. Welcome to Tom Manning: Members extended a welcome to Tom who has volunteered as a project worker since September 2012. Tom has now started as an employee of Gateway. 4. Speaker for May: Members decided that they would like to invite Jackie Holland to speak to the group about supported employment. Members present said they would attend! 5. Taking Control Programme: Members decided they would like to have Shine come and give a Taking Control Programme; it includes modules on self-esteem, positivity and coping skills and might be run over two afternoons. 6. New Member Form: There was a discussion about what we should put on the form to explain what Gateway is to new members. Martha wrote all our ideas down and will bring the new form back to Members to proof. We read the rights and responsibilities of members and decided it would be OK to give these to new members. Martha explained Gateway’s confidentiality policy, in particular that there are three instances when we need to breach confidentiality, and we discussed how best to explain this to new members. We talked about the options available to new members who want to get more involved in Gateway; Martha wrote down everyone’s ideas. 7. Extra Day in Gateway: There is a possibility of opening the drop-in for a third day, but it would need to be run by volunteers. Martha said that members can volunteer as shadow Project Workers for two months before taking responsibility for a third day. There is a sheet up in the drop-in for members to put their names up if interested. 8. Member of the Month: Members thought it would be difficult to decide who deserved to be honoured as member of the month. It was suggested that nominations could be put in a box, but no decision was made. It was decided to discuss it at the next meeting. 9. Vision Boards: Rose had offered to do a session for members on Vision Boards. Sharon explained that a board would be made up of pictures representing things you want to achieve. None of the members present were interested, but it was decided that we would keep a list of anyone who expressed any interest and we could invite Rose to speak in the future. 10. Fishing Group: Four people were interested in participating; it was decided that we will invite Gerry to come and teach it the group on a non-drop-in day. Project Workers to speak to Gerry to arrange. 11. A.O.B. There was no AOB.Have a lovely long weekend. Kind Regards Gateway Project Team