The 2010 Governance Risk & Compliance Summit


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Develop an Integrated Approach to Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Governance. September 29th - October 1st, 2009.

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The 2010 Governance Risk & Compliance Summit

  1. 1. Governance, Re gu The 2009 gi st Au Sa st 14 er t risk manaGemenT ve by h $4 compliance summiT 00 and Develop an Integrated Approach to Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Governance sepTember 29, 30 & ocTober 1, 2009 John hancock hoTel & conference cenTer bosTon, ma This comprehensive Governance, risk and compliance (Grc) evenT will demonsTraTe how To: • Identify a methodology to link process and technology, effectively bridging together internal audit, risk management, information security, operations and compliance functions. • Utilize GRC to effectively execute corporate strategy in tough economic times • Grow GRC capabilities and transform a reactive and technologically focused approach, into a proactive and risk based approach Presented by: Sponsors:
  2. 2. Enable Your Organization to Anticipate and Manage Business Risk while More Effectively Delivering Value Dear GRC Executive, Today’s organization is a complex multiplicity of global processes and business relationships. Organizations are struggling to identify, manage, and control Governance, Risk Management, and Corporate Compliance (GRC) across business relationships. At the 2009 Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Conference you will learn to effectively enable your organization to anticipate and manage business risk while more effectively delivering value for the organization. PREPARING FOR AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE ADOPT AN INTEGRATED APPROACH Ignoring or misunderstanding financial risks played a GRC is often positioned as a single business activity, when it substantial role in creating the world financial crisis in 2008. actually includes multiple overlapping and related activities The financial crisis has essentially undone the last decade of within an organization including internal audit, compliance deregulation, and corporate leaders and legal teams will bear programs like SOX, enterprise risk management (ERM), the responsibility of rebuilding whole industries from the operational risk, and incident management among others. ground up. Business leaders everywhere should be asking Within the GRC realm, if the first element –Governance--is themselves what could have been done differently and what not in place, the second two elements -Risk Management and can be done in the future to avoid crisis of this proportion. Compliance- become irrelevant and cannot be meaningfully A large portion of the answer lies in the area of governance achieved. Likewise, if second element --Risk Management-- itself. Businesses need sound, ethical and well-planned is not in place then achieving Compliance becomes irrelevant building blocks on which to found their governance and generally cannot be meaningfully achieved. principles, regardless of future regulations. Implementing It is necessary to improve each of the elements of your internal controls, breaking down communication barriers organization’s GRC initiative as well as increase overall between departments and centralizing information are vital performance by breaking down communication barriers to proper corporate governance. between finance, IT (Information Technology) and Legal According to a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, departments. Organizations must evaluate their financial “Companies are beginning to realize that the full value activities to ensure the correct operation of all financial of [governance] depends in large part on the policies and processes, as well as compliance with any finance-related procedures that govern and control its use, access, analysis, mandates. Learn how to strike an appropriate balance retention and protection.” In a poll conducted by the EIU: between business reward and risk. Ensure that the IT organization supports the current and future needs of the “… 77% of respondents expect … governance to be … business, and complies with all IT-related mandates. Finally, very important to their company’s success over the next three tie all three components together through your organization's years. As a result, many firms have begun building the legal department and Chief Compliance Officer. foundation for … governance policies. A majority (65%) have defined policies around how information is to be stored Join GSMI on September 29th, 30th and October 1st in John and shared among employees and stakeholders. Furthermore, Hancock Hotel & Conference Center - Boston for the 2009 some organizations are forming formal governance bodies GRC Conference to learn strategies to join the movement to create strategies, policies and procedures surrounding the from managing risk as a transaction or compliance activity distribution of information inside and outside the firm. This to adding business value by improving operational decision is a good start, but considering that 68% of respondents also making and strategic planning. Register today by calling expect that the complexity of their company’s information 888.409.4418 or visit us at I hope to governance issues will grow over the next three years, there is see you this September! little time to waste.” Regards, Luke Vinci President, GSMI 2 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  3. 3. Adopt an Integrated Approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance WHO SHOULd ATTEnd? Managers and executives involved in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance: • Governance, risk, compliance • Manager, Enterprise Risk Management (gRC) staff • Risk analysts • CFO • Chief Risk Officers • ARM • ARM-P venue: • Chief Legal Counsel • IT governance directors/managers the 2009 GRC Conference will be held at John • Chief Compliance Officer •I T risk directors/managers hancock hotel & Conference Center, Boston, • VPs of Risk Management Ma • IT compliance directors/managers • VP of Finance • IT Audit directors/managers accommodations: • Treasurers • Information security directors/ a limited number of rooms have been reserved • Controllers managers at the John hancock hotel (located at the John hancock Conference Center) at a discount • Director, Internal audit • IT directors/ consultants rate of $189 per night (contact the hotel by • Director, Operational Risk september 10, 2009 to receive the discounted rate). also, please make sure to ask for the GsMi involved in the followinG aReas: conference rate when you call for reservations. to make reservations, call, 617 933 7700. • Audit • Legal • Compliance • Governmental affairs • Governance • IT • Risk management • Accounting • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) • Finance • Ethics • Reliability • Regulatory • Quality assurance Mitigate Risks and Prevent Future Compliance Issues 3 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  4. 4. Agenda at a Glance day One - September 29, 2009 8:30 Continental Breakfast and Workshop Registration 12:00 Luncheon Breakout sessions Breakout sessions 9:00 workshop a: workshop B: 1:15 workshop C: workshop d: Leveraging Your Compliance Aligning ERM to Strategy Practical Application of Lead- ERM Process Improvement Program Toward Corporate through the Balanced ing Practices in Regulatory governance Scorecard (BSC) Compliance 4:15 Adjourn day Two - September 30, 2009 8:00 Continental Breakfast and Registration Breakout sessions 8:45 Keynote: Stakeholder Reputation Risk: The Real Driver Behind it GRC: eRM: Coordinated GRC Policies 2:15 developing Metrics and Case Study: Putting the “R” 9:40 Integrated GRC: Assurance Integration with Real ROI Measures for information in gRC, an enterprise Risk governance Management (ERM) Perspective 10:35 Break and Refreshments 10:50 Best Practices to Achieve Results with Governance Risk and 3:15 Break and Refreshments Compliance Breakout sessions 11:35 Choosing the Right GRC Software it GRC: eRM: 3:30 12:15 Networking Luncheon GAIT for Business and IT Risk Learn How Your ERM Strategy Can Enhance Your Company’s Value and Credit Rating Breakout sessions 4:30 it GRC: eRM: 1:15 it GRC: eRM: Security By Compliance - A iso 31000 and eRM governance, Risk, Compliance Utilizing ERM to Rebuild our discussion of information Risk - and Mobility Economy Management’s Greatest Challenge 5:30 Adjourn day Three - October 1, 2009 8:00 Continental Breakfast 12:00 Networking Luncheon 8:30 A Measure of Success:Tools to Evaluate GRC Program Design 1:15 Protect and Grow Shareholder Value with Best Practices and and operation effective tool Breakout sessions 1:45 Panel Discussion - Establishing GRC Goals and Performance 9:15 Metrics financial GRC legal GRC: Case Study: Beyond Bridging the Gap between 2:15 Break and Refreshments Compliance: A SOX Perspective Legal and GRC 2:30 Building an Effective Whistle-blower Program - “Best mechanism to 10:15 Break and Refreshments surface fraud and wrongdoing” Breakout sessions 3: 30 Bringing it all Together: Evaluating the Results of Your GRC Program 10:30 financial GRC: legal GRC: 4:30 Conference Adjourn Mastering Financial Governance How the financial crisis will – Bridging the Gap Between affect governance for corporate SOX, Internal Audit, and Risk legal departments Management Processes 4 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  5. 5. 5 5 Reasons to Attend 2009 GRC Conference 1. integrate Learn from leaders in risk management, governance and compliance how to achieve compliance and insure ethical conduct while meeting general business objectives. Take lessons learned back home to your organization’s GRC silo leaders and facilitate integration among your entire company. 2. Connect Network with your peers from organizations throughout the country and around the world. Learn how others are implementing and improving GRC initiatives and programs for today’s economy. There will be ample opportunity for networking during our receptions, meals, breaks and informative sessions. 3. focus Four interactive break out tracks. Identify case studies and lessons learned to manage, measure, improve and integrate your GRC functions across all silos – IT, Financial and Legal. 4. evolve Information security is quickly evolving into information risk management. The enterprise of today can no longer rely on technology alone to protect information and information infrastructure, and requires a business approach to information risk management, governance, and compliance to be successful. Gain insight and guidance on key issues faced by enterprises today, as they mature their capabilities and transform a reactive and technologically focused approach to information security, into a proactive and risk based one. 5. save Simplify GRC and reduce costs by managing multiple regulatory requirements with one enterprise GRC platform.. 5 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  6. 6. feaTured speakers Michael Rasmussen, patricia Florissi, Chris Boswell, President, Risk & Distinguished Engineer, Director Risk and Compliance Advisor, Strategic Initiative Leader, Compliance Services, CORpORATE Governance, Risk and CA, InC InTEGRITy, LLC Compliance, EMC, InC Mark Smith, Geoffrey Buswick, Johannes Swanepoel, CEO & EVP Research, Managing Director, Director Enterprise VEnTAnA Boston Head Office, Risk Management, RESEARCH STAndARd & pOORS CURA SOFTWARE CORpORATE And GOVERnMEnT RATInGS nick Bako, CMA, Ranga Bodla, Chief Risk Officer, Director, Solution Marketing, OnTARIO LOTTERy EpM And GRC. And GAMInG SAp, InC. oTher speakers include: • Jason Mefford, • Irving Kagan, • Steven Saporito, VP of Business Process Assurance, Kagan Consultants Managing Director, Enterprise Ventura Foods and Risk Finance Practice, • Brad Vorhies, • Tony Tarantino, Phd, Author willis re Manager of Financial Controls Compliance, and Adjunct Professor of Finance at energy Future Holdings santa Clara uniVersity • Dr. Prodyot Samanta, Managing Director, • Carole L. Basri, tHrideye risKinsigHts • Dave Ingram, Senior VP, University of Penn Law School, willis re Corporate lawyering group llC 6 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  7. 7. Best Practices and Strategies from Leaders in GRC! aGenda and speakinG faculTy daY one: Pre-Conference workshops: september 29, 2009 8:30 Continental Breakfast 12:00 Luncheon and Registration 9:00 workshop a: 9:00 workshop B: 1:15 workshop C: 1:15 workshop d: leveraging Your Compliance aligning eRM to strategy through Practical application of leading eRM Process improvement Program toward Corporate the Balanced scorecard (BsC) Practices in Learn to benchmark your Governance The COSO Framework describes Regulatory Compliance organizations enterprise risk gain an understanding of various eRM as a process that guides the Today companies face the challenge management (eRM) structure, paradigms around corporate achievement of strategic objectives. of establishing a consistent set of process, and practices with COSOs governance, risk management, and Because of the integral role ERM processes, practices and systems that ERM Integrated Framework. This compliance (gRC). discuss the plays in strategy execution, it support external compliance and workshop will identify opportunities many challenges involved in aligning must be understood throughout internal self-assessment. Join us for this for improving your organizations GRC within an organization. the entire organization. the workshop to identify leading practices ERM process by sharing and Join us for this practical workshop Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a that are being used by companies to comparing practices with other and identify: performance measurement system create proactive programs that are eRM practitioners. attendees in that communicates organizational sustainable and adaptable in the face of this workshop will: • How one company is working progress in executing strategy countless regulatory expectations and • Participate in a series of through challenges of aligning across four perspectives (financial, requirements across the physical and discussions on eRM challenges gRC; customer, internal processes, financial markets. and strategies for sustaining the • Resources available to help learning and growth). At the core Workshop attendees will gain an eRM process. your company work through of the BSC is a strategy map that compliance challenges; and understanding of the key components • Validate the ERM approach and shows the strategic linkage between of a compliance program as well as identify any blind spots. • Various approaches for organizational objectives.Through gain valuable insight regarding the leveraging your existing integrating objectives related to regulatory compliance capability compliance and risk addressing specific risks into the maturity of their own organizations. management programs to strategy map, organizations can Some specific leading practices improve corporate governance create initiatives that make eRM an discussed include: integral part of strategy execution. • Risk Assessment Processes In this comprehensive workshop, • Organizational Structure you will experience a hands-on approach to incorporating eRM • Underlying Policies and into organizational strategy through Procedures using the BSC and the strategy map • Control and Monitoring that supports it. Mechanisms • IT Systems and Information Management Effectively Manage and Track GRC Activities Across an Enterprise 7 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  8. 8. aGenda and speakinG faculTy (conTinued) daY two: september 30, 2009 8:00 Continental Breakfast 9:40 integrated GRC: assurance ries to assess your current vendors integration with Real Roi and technologies and examine new 8:45 Keynote: stakeholder Reputation Integrated GRC in the Virtual, Hyper- ones. Unfortunately the majority of Risk: the Real driver Behind Coor- Extended Business: Integration of organizations lack the technology dinated GRC Policies GRC silos for Real ROI. Find out know-how for making improvements A key component in the emerging from monitoring to automation and why integration is the key to success regime of coordinated governance, risk, control to the specific analytics and and why it is often the major cause and compliance (gRC) management is metrics required to successful with of corporate governance failures ensuring that the company’s business GRC. This session will provide clarity as organizations transition to new is conducted in a manner that serves on the scope of GRC and the software business models in the virtual world. its various stakeholders in an effective, that can best meet an organization Discover new approaches for compliant, and untainted fashion. a needs while leveraging existing invest- leveraging performance management true indicator of the success or failure ments and provide the tools for every and infrastructure monitoring systems of this internal company effort is participant to make the best decision to harvest empirical evidence for gRC. the company’s imputed goodwill or for their organization. Learn how to reduce the cost and reputation, arguably the most valuable, complexity of your company’s silo’d yet fragile, attribute a company gRC initiatives and gain insight into possesses. 12:15 Networking Luncheon new strategies, tactics and approaches This keynote presentation will explore to optimize your infrastructure to how the imposition of recent — and create real return on investment. BReaKout sessions the strengthening of longstanding — compliance obligations have 10:35 Break and Refreshments Choose: it GRC or eRM compounded the responsibilities of 10:50 Best Practices to achieve Results it GRC: professionals charged with enforcing with Governance Risk and governance, risk, compliance, audit and Compliance 1:15 developing Metrics and Measures ethics roles. It will examine compliance for information Governance This session will cover the evolution of measures and their practical impact on Information Governance has become governance, risk and compliance (gRC) companies, due to: a critical issue within organizations, and management and discuss how it is being • The expansive reach of the shaped by key stakeholders including a key success factor for businesses. requirements consultants, regulators and end-users. In order to effectively maintain the • The lack of precedents Identify various approaches to GRC and stewardship, integrity and security highlight the strengths and weaknesses of of an organization’s information • The emphasis on self-disclosure each approach to cut through the hype infrastructure effective metrics • The uncertainty over due process and measures must be developed, rights in enforcement and identify areas where true value can be derived today. Attendees will also learn implemented, and monitored. this It will further examine how these session will cover the concept of tips and tricks to help streamline risk, elements expose the company’s enterprise metrics and measures in the compliance and audit processes. reputation to immediate risk, and how context of Information Governance to structure a GRC culture within 11:35 Choosing the Right GRC software maturity as well as the issues that the organization to address these Assess Your Needs and Establish Evalu- must be considered when developing, exposures in a manner ensuring that ation Criteria for Finance, Operations implementing and monitoring them. compliance issues are disseminated and it Attendees will participate in an effectively through the organization interactive session to: the challenges for organizations in and implemented enterprise-wide. addressing the spectrum of governance, • Identify current and target States on Further, identify a coherent integrated risk and compliance (gRC) is having an Information Governance Maturity GRC effort developed by senior clarity in the requirements for ad- Model management in collaboration with the dressing the specific process needs • Discuss challenges and strategies in governance, risk, compliance, audit, legal across business and IT. GRC has specific implementing roadmaps, metrics and and ethics team to drive the entire needs for finance, operations and IT reporting organization to foster and protect a areas where the specific competencies company’s stakeholder reputation. • Learn about technologies that across people, processes, information accelerate movement up information and technology need to be reviewed Management maturity curves for determining the right steps for improvement.To do this successfully is to understand the evaluation catego- 8 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  9. 9. aGenda and speakinG faculTy (conTinued) daY two: september 30, 2009 (Continued) BReaKout sessions - Choose: it GRC or eRM eRM: eRM: it GRC: 1:15 utilizing eRM to Rebuild our 2:15 Case study: Putting the “R” in GRC, 4:30 security By Compliance - a discus- economy an enterprise Risk Management sion of information Risk Manage- What role, if any, did ERM play in (eRM) Perspective ment's Greatest Challenge the collapse of the financial markets? As compliance issues have become When most organizations today enterprise Risk Management can increasingly important and the magnitude think about information protection, be the tool to rebuild our economy. of their consequences has escalated, compliance is at the top of that list. This session will evaluate how ERM the interface between governance This new level of consciousness has is shaping business and how to use risk and compliance has moved up in become both a tremendous benefit it your advantage. You’ll hear the prominence not just among regulators, to information security professionals perspectives from rating agencies, but among stakeholders, shareholders, as well as their greatest fear. The updates on the latest S&P initiatives, and management. This session will leadership of many companies are tools you can use to implement describe how these GRC elements are now falling into the trap of feeling ERM going forward, how financial integrated with a focus on the role of secure merely because they are institutions’ failures reflect on their enterprise risk management in strategic compliant; however simply meeting eRM practices, and other current issues and operational planning. legal and regulatory compliance of relevance. requirements, does not necessarily 3:15 Break and Refreshments mean that companies have fulfilled it GRC: it GRC: their requirements for information 2:15 developing Metrics and Measures risk management and protection. 3:30 Gait for Business and it Risk for information Governance Learn how to take advantage of the Discover why leading-edge chief audit benefits created by new compliance Information Governance has become executives and audit practitioners say requirements, while also overcoming a critical issue within organizations, and there is no such thing as information the challenge of this new operating a key success factor for businesses. technology (IT) risk. Discuss the procedure. In order to effectively maintain the relationship between business risk and stewardship, integrity and security IT risk. Review the methodology in eRM: of an organization’s information the guide to the assessment of it Risk 4:30 iso 31000 and eRM infrastructure effective metrics (GAIT) publication GAIT for Business and measures must be developed, the international risk management and IT Risk and how it is used to implemented, and monitored. this framework is scheduled to be ensure efficient auditing of IT. Develop session will cover the concept of published in 2009. Most risk a solid understanding of the gait for enterprise metrics and measures in the professionals recognize the importance Business and IT Risk methodology as context of Information Governance of a formalized framework to ensure well as the ability to apply it. maturity as well as the issues that the successful implementation of must be considered when developing, eRM: enterprise risk management (eRM). implementing and monitoring them. Starting with the ISO 31000 risk 3:30 learn how Your eRM strategy Can management process schedule, Attendees will participate in an enhance Your Company's value and learn how to tailor ERM to the interactive session to: Credit Rating individual needs of any organization, • Identify current and target States on Reviewing the quality of enterprise align risk management objectives to an Information Governance Maturity risk management (eRM) programs is organizational strategic goals and Model no easy task. Learn directly about the missions and graft eRM culture onto • Discuss challenges and strategies in review process, major findings and existing corporate culture. implementing roadmaps, metrics and lessons-learned, and how to integrate reporting the review into ratings determination. Discover how others have improved 5:30 Adjourn • Learn about technologies that the quality of their decision making by accelerate movement up information incorporating risk information directly Management maturity curves into business and strategic planning, and link your ERM programs to driving value and improving business resiliency. 9 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  10. 10. aGenda and speakinG faculTy (conTinued) daY thRee: october 1, 2009 8:00 Continental Breakfast 8:30 a Measure of success: tools to evaluate GRC Program design and operation • Learn how to evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) systems • Hear about the new procedures and criteria for GRC program design evaluation and certification • Expand your understanding of metrics that can be used to help GRC systems contribute to business objectives MoRninG BReaKout sessions - Choose: financial GRC or legal GRC financial GRC: companies weather the coming The convergence of financial regulatory storm. Identify how to governance disciplines provides the 9:15 Case study: Beyond Compliance: a utilize general counsel to help lead the opportunity to streamline processes, sox Perspective way as far as implementing processes improve risk management, and create Learn how to embed reliable control and ensuring compliance. Key points of greater transparency and visibility to self-assessment into your organization focus of this session include: financial processes, risks and controls. in order to provide ongoing assurance • How legal will overlap but not • Discuss the basics and best practices that goes far beyond Sarbanes-Oxley duplicate work being done by of financial governance Section 404 (SOx) compliance records information management • Provide examples of how to in order to achieve operational (RIM) and information technology improve and converge the efforts of objectives and quality control over (it) and corporate compliance internal audit, risk management and internal control. You will learn how officers compliance to leverage your existing investment to achieve an embedded process that • How corporate legal departments • Offer a pragmatic approach to will greatly reduce costly direct testing can influence legislative decision better implement risk management and the non-value-add burden of SOX makers to minimize the negative discipline across your finance compliance. Moreover, this process impacts on my company and business processes can be used to provide ongoing industry legal GRC: assurance regarding the achievement • How to build support across the of all company control objectives. organization for an expanded general 10:30 how the financial Crisis has and will counsel role continue to affect Governance for legal GRC: Corporate legal departments 10:15 Break and Refreshments 9:15 Bridging the Gap between legal and We can be absolutely sure that the GRC consequences of the financial crisis too often, corporate legal departments will reach far and wide, in the form financial GRC: have neglected to take an active role of a fresh round of regulation and in governance decisions and oversight, 10:30 Mastering financial Governance – oversight that is likely to spill over into resulting in avoidable consequences. Bridging the Gap Between sox, many jurisdictions, with important Mitigating risks and preventing future internal audit, and Risk Management implications for governance and compliance issues are both dependent Processes corporate legal departments. While on setting up defensible governance With ever increasing regulations, legal’s role in governance is but one policies now, before regulations force the maturity of SOX processes, and facet in a corporation, it is an essential the issue. Legal departments must the growing need for enhanced risk one. It is likely that the aftershocks of ensure accountability, defensibility and management disciplines, enabling a the Wall Street meltdown will have transparency in a company’s processes, sound financial governance strategy lasting effects with new rules coming systems, protocols, structures, has become very complex. Most around governance and transparency. operations and controls. the legal finance departments currently Identify ways in which you and your scope is growing to fulfill new roles in manage these processes in disparate company’s legal department can be the realm of corporate governance. silos and systems that fail to provide prepared for the future changes. General counsel is ideally positioned an integrated view of audit, risk within corporations to lead important management and financial control decision-making processes and help compliance. Network, Learn and Transform Your Organization! 10 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  11. 11. aGenda and speakinG faculTy (conTinued) daY thRee: october 1, 2009 12:00 Networking Luncheon 2:15 Break and Refreshments 2:30 Building an effective whistle-blower 1:15 Protect and Grow shareholder value Program - “Best mechanism to with Best Practices and effective Adopt A surface fraud and wrongdoing” tools A whistle-blower function provides In many organizations, risk an important element in a more management and strategy robust enterprise risk management management are often treated framework: as unrelated processes. . this disconnected approach often fails to take into account the impacts • Helps set “tone at the top” of the organization Unified that risk might have on strategic • Effective “detective” control initiatives. Strategy management is ultimately about creating new and sustainable value. Without an • Supplements normal information & communications systems • Mechanism for risk monitoring Strategy To understanding of the inherent risks The objectives of these programs are to: Improve associated with value creation, it is difficult to get a clear picture of • encourage ethical and legal violations the strategy, or worse, no effective to be brought forward for prompt path to execute the strategy. Using resolution best practices and pursuing an • minimize the organization’s exposure integrated approach to strategy and risk management, executives ensure that they are focusing on the to damage • let employees know the organization is serious about adherence to codes Governance, right initiatives to drive execution of of conduct strategy and manage risk. Avoid Letting New Strategies and 3:30 Bringing it all together: evaluating the Results of Your GRC Program Assess Risk Initiatives Fail Your company has implemented a Learn why so many new strategies and initiatives often fail. Management often lacks the robust GRC program, but how do you really know if it’s designed adequately and operating effectively? Traditional And Ensure ability to track strategy execution, audit techniques may not provide you and the associated risks are not comprehensively monitored and managed. with the full answer to that question. In this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of the following: Compliance • Determining the scope of a Risk-intelligent strategic planning comprehensive gRC audit provides for the ability to understand and manage business • Designing a maturity-based audit performance. SAP offers a solution approach that integrates risk management and • Gathering information on the soft strategy management processes to aspects of a gRC program effectively and proactively execute • Reporting the results to get action with a complete understanding of underlying risks. 4:30 Conference adjourns 11 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  12. 12. sponsors and media parTners: sponsors: Cura enables over 200 business, government eMC works with organizations around the aP is the world’s leading provider of business and other entities worldwide to achieve world, in every industry, in the public and software(*), offering applications and the bottom line benefits of enterprise- private sectors, and of every size, from services that enable companies of all sizes wide governance, risk management startups to the fortune Global 500. our and in more than 25 industries to become and compliance (GRC) and enhanced customers include banks and other financial best-run businesses. with more than performance management, through fast services firms, manufacturers, healthcare and 86,000 customers in over 120 countries, implementation, easier configurability life sciences organizations, internet service the company is listed on several exchanges, and true enterprise architecture. Cura and telecommunications providers, airlines including the frankfurt stock exchange and has offices in new York, london, sydney, and transportation companies, educational nYse, under the symbol “saP.” Melbourne and Johannesburg, and partners institutions, and public-sector agencies. eMC in 10 countries also provides technology, products, and services to consumers in more than 100 countries. media parTners: associaTion sponsor: interested in sponsorship Or exhibiting opportunities? Contact: Byron Mignanelli or 888.409.4418 12 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the 2009 governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit
  13. 13. RegistRation: the 2009 Governance, Risk Management and Compliance summit september 29, 30 and october 1, 2009 John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center • Boston, MA ReGistRation fee: by 7/10 by 8/14 after 8/15 Please fill in the following information and fax back to: (619) 923-3542 Commercial summit only q $1595 q $1795 q $1995 name silver Pass: summit + 1 workshop q $2090 q $2290 q $2490 Gold Pass: summit + 2 workshops q $ 2390 q $2590 q $2790 title Government non Profit department forum only q $1295 q $1495 q $1695 silver Pass: summit + 1 workshop q $1790 q $1990 q $2190 Company Gold Pass: summit + 2 workshops q $2090 q $ 2290 q $2490 Mailing address GRouP disCounts of 5 oR MoRe: For information about group discounts of 6 or more people and Team City state Learning opportunities for 2009 GRC Conference, please contact Luke Vinci at 888.409.4418 or email him at Zip code Country (if applicable) adMinistRative note: A 10% cancellation fee on registration will be charged for cancellations received less than three weeks from the date of telephone fax the conference. As speakers are confirmed six months before the event, some speaker changes or topic changes may occur in the program. GSMI is not responsible for speaker changes, but will work to ensure a comparable email speaker is located to participate in the program. CanCellation & QualitY assuRanCe: Payment Method: The Global Strategic Management Institute strives to provide you with Credit Card: q amex q visa q MasterCard q Check the most productive and effective educational experience possible. If after completing the course you feel there is some way we can improve, please Credit Card number provide us in writing with your comments on the evaluation for provided up on arrival. Should you feel dissatisfied with your learning experience name on Card and wish to request a credit or refund, please submit it in writing no later than 10 business days after the end of the training to: VP of Educational Services, GSMI, 1804 Garnet Ave #492, San Diego, CA 92109. We will expiration date evaluate individual complaints in a context of collective comments from the event. do you have any dietary restrictions (e.g. kosher, vegetarian)? q Yes q no A $300 service fee will be charged on cancellations received less than four weeks from the date of the event. A credit memo will be sent reflective of if so, please specify: your tuition rate minus the $300 cancellation service fee. The remaining tu- ition funds will only be valid for a future conference and must be used within one year of the credit memo. If you do not cancel your registration before the day of the event, you will be charged for the full conference amount. As speakers are confirmed months before the event, some speaker changes do you require any accommodations that require special attention? or topic changes may occur in the program. Global Strategic Management q Yes q no Institute is not responsible for speaker changes, but will work to ensure a if so, please specify: comparable speaker is located to participate in the program. (e.g. wheel-chair access) venue: aCCoMModations: exhiBitinG and sPonsoRshiP The 2009 Governance, Risk Management and A limited number of rooms have been reserved infoRMation: Compliance Summit Conference will be held at: at the John Hancock Hotel (located at the John To learn more about exhibiting at 2009 GRC John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center Hancock Conference Center) at a discount rate of Conference, please contact Luke Vinci at 40 Trinity Pl, Boston, MA 02116 $189 per night (contact the hotel by September 888.409.4418 or email him at 10, 2009 to receive the discounted rate). also, (617) 933-7700 please make sure to ask for the gsMi conference rate when you call for reservations. to make reservations, call, (617) 933 7700