Secure, real time collaboration with SecurePass and Etherpad


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The guide was created by GARL in partnership with and provides a clear, step-by-step documentation for companies considering starting up their on collaboration editor across the firewall.
Secure cooperation with employees and partners is now possible in the cloud with the protection of SecurePass. By combining an open source editor like Etherpad, a standard hosting space and SecurePass, companies can now think on replacing expensive intranet and untrusted platforms. Moreover, the “pad” is easy and fun to use.
An appropriate level of privacy enables new projects and collaboration on the Internet like never before: imagine how you can boost your business with the contribution of your staff and partners worldwide.
That’s why we created this ebook: our goal is to help improving business collaboration with the proper security level. No matter if you would like to improve communication with your team worldwide, start a collaboration with external consultants or if you want to engage with your customers. Every “pad” is a protected environment where you could share information without risk of data leaking.

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Secure, real time collaboration with SecurePass and Etherpad

  1. 1. Secure real-timecollaboration withSecurePass andEtherpadGiuseppe Paterno, IT Security Architect and CTO, GARLLuca Oldano, Senior Network and Security Engineer,
  2. 2. What is a "Pad"A "Pad" is an on-line web-based collaborativereal-time editor, allowing authors tosimultaneously edit a text document, and see allof  the participants edits in real-time, with theability to display each  authors text in their owncolor.Anyone can create a new collaborativedocument, known as a "pad". Each pad has itsown URL and anyone who knows this URL canedit the pad and participate in the  associatedchats. Password-protected pads are alsopossible. Each participant is identified by a colorand a name.The software auto-saves the document at regular,short intervals, but  participants can permanentlysave specific versions (checkpoints) at  anytime. A "time machine" feature allows anyone toexplore the history of the pad, going back in thepast release. The major "milestones" can also betagged (or "stared"). A great feature of some pads is that documentcan be imported and exported in plain text,HTML, Open Document, Microsoft Word, or PDFformat.Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  3. 3. Working with "Pads" Working with pads is business going social:  social networks get us used to be always updated and connected to our community anytime and anywhere.  A pad follow that mindset and enables you with a simple tool to collaborate with your colleagues and partners while ensuring the right level of privacy online. Consider a pad like a clear whiteboard, open a new one and simply start writing an idea or a challenge. Invite your team, your partners, your external collaborators -no matter where they are- to share your ideas at the same time. Let  the pad grow with the contribution and the experience of trusted  people, every projects has the right team that are ready to contribute.  Review and compare the text with preview versions, until youll find the answer and achieve your goal. Then export it, in your favourite format and share it. For example, write project documentations with your team through a pad and deliver it in a professional way using your favorite tool such as Microsoft Word.Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  4. 4. Secure real-timecollaborationInnovate, experiment, engage your customers in an easy andsecure way. With a shared pad in a protected enviroment, its easy focuson core facts and forget about your information being accessed fromunauthorized users. All you have to do is following the speed of business. Secure cooperation with employees and partners is now possible on thecloud with the protection of SecurePass.Access to a pad is as easy as sharing the web adress of your pad, SecurePasswill ensure that access to information is allowed only to authorized users. By integrating a pad with SecurePass you will be able to:‣identify your employees and partners in a proper way‣limit access to your company and/or your partners (with Apache module)‣cooperate from anywhere, also through tablets and smartphones, withoutfear of loosing precious company information Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  5. 5. ArchitectureSecure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  6. 6. Etherpad Etherpad is probably the most famous pad server implementation: it was born in 2008 by some Google employees. Etherpad itself is implemented in JavaScript, through the Node,js application environment. Etherpad was the first web application of its kind to achieve true real-time performance,  The home page is on: http://etherpad.orgSecure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  7. 7. Apache HTTPdApache will be handling all data comunication from the external world, playing an important role for securingcommunication. In particular, the Apache web server will be performing the following roles: SSL termination Reverse proxy to the Etherpad web server on Node.js Authenticating the user using the SecurePass Web Single Sing-On feature Limitation of the SecurePass domains/realm for using the pad only within your company or allowing external partners Translating the user identity into something that Etherpad is able to understand We will not go in details on how to create a virtual server with the SSL feature. The configuration has been tested with CentOS 6. Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  8. 8. Apache configurationfor SecurePassFollow the instructions on this website: ensure you have these values set: CASCookiePath /var/cache/mod_auth_cas/ CASValidateServer Off CASLoginURL CASValidateURL CASAllowWildcardCert OnIn CentOS you have to create the path /var/cache/mod_auth_cas/ Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  9. 9. Apache Reverse ProxyThe following statement has to be copiedin the Apache virtual host and will reverseproxy all the requests to the Etherpadservice, with the exception of theadministrative interface of Etherpad. ProxyVia On ProxyRequests Off ProxyPass /admin ! ProxyPass / retry=0 ProxyPassReverse / ProxyPreserveHost on <Proxy *> Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny allow from all </Proxy> Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  10. 10. Install SecurePassApache moduleThis module will introduce the feature of limiting the accessto the Etherpad to your company or the partners/companiesyou wish to cooperate with.Please download from the following site: follow the instructions in the INSTALL file Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  11. 11. Configure authenticationin ApacheThe following statement has to be copied in the <Location />Apache virtual host and will enable: AuthType CAS Require sprealm partner.net1. Authentication with SecurePass RewriteEngine On2. Limit the access to the realms listed in "Require RewriteCond %{REMOTE_USER} (.+) sprealm" directive (modify as appropriate) RewriteRule . - [E=RU:%1] RequestHeader add X-Forwarded-User %{RU}e3. Pass the REMOTE_USER variable as the X-Forwarded-User header Header Set Cache-Control "max-age=0, no-store" </Location> Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  12. 12. Install and IntegrationEtherpadTo install Etherpad in your system, please Install the plugin sotauth to be able tofollow the instructions in the web site: identify the user via the X-Forwarded- user HTTP header: that in the website there is also anupstart configuration file that will work In the Etherpad configuration filealso on CentOS 6. "settings.json" enable "requireAuthentication" andIn our installation we also used MySQL to "requireAuthorization"have a more production-ready database. Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  13. 13. ConclusionsA lot of organisations are nowadopting a collaboration toolto improve efficiency: the easymodel of Etherpad with thetrusted protection ofSecurePass let the cloud be theright tool to save your time andmoney. Once the secure pad tool hasbeen implemented and become apart of everyday business,your business could rely on a newfast way to engage with partners,customers and your team. Secure real-time collaboration with and Etherpad
  14. 14. Your daily secure business onlineSponsored