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Securedata - Build a virtualization service on standard hardware


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SecureData combines the power of Ganeti, Google's Open Source virtualization platform, with an intuitive web interface to provide an easy to use private cloud infrastructure.
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Securedata - Build a virtualization service on standard hardware

  1. 1. SERVICE PRESENTATION Your cloud, secured
  2. 2. Private IaaS Today
  3. 3. Actually there are 3 kind of private Iaas users
  4. 4. Large company or ISP with several physical machines Hundreds of VMs and networks destroyed and created daily
  5. 5. Certificated workload required, with budget Point and click features included as lot of complementary features
  6. 6. Medium ISP or company with budget restrictions Start small but ready to scale, no certifications required
  7. 7. Medium ISP or company with budget restrictions If you belong to this kind of users, we have something for you
  8. 8. Virtualization & Cloud platform based on Google’s GANETI
  9. 9. About Google’s Ganeti Ganeti is a virtual machine cluster management tool created by Google for Google: it’s used internally to serve the whole of Google's corporate infrastructure globally. Ganeti is a wrapper for existing well-proven rock-solid Linux technologies, inline with Google’s philosophy of using commodity hardware and conceived to use cheap local storage Ganeti is Open Source since 2007
  10. 10. Cluster Node Mirrored Instance Instance Instance Mirrored Instance Enterprise deploy of Ganeti Cluster Node (Master, APIs responder) Cluster Node (Candidate Master) Ganeti Network VLANs Trunk or Open vswitch (beta) Standard virtual engine management
  11. 11. Ganeti Web Manager Simple HTML GUI for handling virtual machines, easy to integrate into custom internal workflows and processes. Any web UI? Ganeti per-se doesn’t provide a GUI, just command line and APIs. Google has its own internal GUI that is not OSS, but there are two GUIs available: Synnefo Full cloud infrastructure compatible with OpenStack made by the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET)
  12. 12. Is SecureData so difficult to use? NO It can be as easy as just filling a form and a virtual machine can be deployed in 120 seconds. This is typical SecureData UI, can be customized on request
  13. 13. COMPARE YOURSELF Certificate workload tool Large ISP cloud platform SecureData Costs License + maintenance fee Open Source. Some might charge for a maintenance fee for enterprise support Open Source with custom UI, deployment fee with training on the job included Industries Virtualization for enterprises Cloud management platform for large providers, carriers and large outsourcers Virtualization for enterprises, small/medium cloud providers, private cloud and outsourcers Skills Basic system administration High-end skills required, including system and network Linux command line knowledge Migration Converter for P2V and other virtualization formats Any to any through built-in qemu tools Any to any through built-in qemu tools Workloads Traditional workloads, great for certified platforms (Oracle, SAP, ...) Typical Web 2.0 workloads Typical web 2.0 workloads, it works with traditional workloads (although might not be certified)
  15. 15. B S IN CU ST ST AL OM L, IZ CO E N SE FI CUGU RE RE DA AN TA D DO CU M EN TA TI ON JO E TH ON G IN N AI TR E IZ M TI OP DE SI GN AR RE CH SO UR CE IT EC TU R E No business is similar. SecureData is a Swiss made platform developed by GARL and customized for every environment and workload
  16. 16. GARL is an independent bank of digital data since 2008. With branches in London and Lugano, GARL is committed to deliver IT security products and services like vulnerability accessments, with focus on identity protection in the cloud. Our network of partners is available to assist businesses in Europe and Middle-East. For more information, visit Cloud identity management Your cloud. Secured Password manager for every emergency
  17. 17. Where could you start? A test & development cluster on an old cluster that you already have We can help with an advise just in case you’re in doubt
  18. 18. START NOW ESSENTIAL FEATURES INCLUDED VIRTUALIZE IN 120 SECONDS With your commodity hardware and a Linux sys admin you can do it (we can help with an advice, just in case you need it) Pay for what you ask for, not for useless features dedicated to other businesses. Quick workflow even for basic skilled IT people
  19. 19. Swiss made security The identity management and two factor authentication of SecurePass are built in to ensure maximum security
  20. 20. For further information and live demo please visit