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FreeFlow® Print Server for the Color J75 and C75 Presses

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Color J75 server

  1. 1. FreeFlow® Print Server for the Color J75 and C75 Presses The most sophisticated blend of enterprise and production workflows comes together with the FreeFlow Print Server for the Color J75 and C75 Presses. The FreeFlow Print Server delivers production level capabilities such as robust queue management and Adobe® PDF Print Engine support while honouring all of the enterprise capabilities the machine has to offer. Productivity—get more done. Documents and workflows are becoming more complex while turnaround times are shrinking. The ability to deliver outstanding output in a timely manner has never been more important. With the FreeFlow Print Server, you get full production capabilities and performance. Make late stage edits, like imposition and colour corrections, to your jobs without having to spend time going back to the customer. Robust queue and management functionality help prepare for print quickly. And when it’s time to print, our latest advances in caching and distributed computing deliver benchmark RIP performance. Confident Colour Technology—delivers great results every time. The Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS)* of tools lets you leverage automated calibration so you can quickly achieve consistent, stable colour through high-speed Inline Spectrophotometer technology. Automated destination profiling provides further value, enabling accurate colour quickly and easily so your high-value applications reflect the highest quality in the fastest turnaround time. The new time based calibration feature provides even greater process consistency, reliability and flexibility—schedule calibration based on time or volume. Simplicity—to help you get the work done. Whether you are printing with Adobe PostScript® or through the new Adobe PDF Print Engine, the FreeFlow Print Server makes it easy to get great results, every time. For the operator or walk‑up user, the user interface (UI) is intuitive and can be customised to support the activities that you do the most. And for those last minute changes, you can make them effortlessly at the UI on a page, job or queue level. *Available on the Color J75 Press
  2. 2. FreeFlow® Print Server for the Color J75 and C75 Presses Hardware/Platform • Processor: 3.0 GHz Core 2 Duo E8400 Intel® • Processor Type: 1 x Intel Xeon® Processor • Hard drive: 2 x 250 GB • Memory: 8 GB • Operating System: Solaris® 10 • Software/Vendor: FreeFlow Print Server Version 9.0 SP3, dedicated graphics card • Ports: 6 x USB 2.0, 1 serial • 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Ports • Calibration: X-Rite® i1 Spectrophotometer (optional) • Display: 19" screen • Keyboard and mouse • DVD-ROM/DVD-RW Confident Colour Technology • Easy-to-expert colour management tools • Automated calibration and destination profiling with ACQS and Inline Spectrophotometer technology* • Automated calibration scheduling* • ICC and DeviceLink workflow support • Xerox® Consistent Colour mode provides built in colour matching • Optimised RGB and Spot Colour Emulation • PANTONE® licensed and spot colour matching • PANTONE Goe™ support • Key colour emulations such as GRACoL® , SWOP® , Euroscale, Fogra, Japan Colour • Easy colour correction tools integrated with Tone Reproduction Curve (TRC) Editor • In-RIP trapping, anti-aliasing, overprinting and selectable halftones • Intuitive spot colour editor for spot colour matching Productivity and Workflow • Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.6 support –– RGB to Black for text/graphics –– Supports Live Transparency with spot colours –– Single rendering engine with the Adobe Common Rendering Engine • Xerox® print drivers deliver consistent experience from office through production • Supports new PDF/VT standard • Simultaneous receiving, selecting, processing and printing of jobs • Extensive job management capabilities at page, job and queue levels • Preflight, preview and soft proof for job accuracy • Layout/Imposition standard (booklet, 4-up) • Hot folder drag-and-drop support for Windows® , Macintosh® , Linux® and UNIX® • JDF job ticket support • FreeFlow Remote Print Server for remote fleet management • Page exception programming allows for last minute job changes at the server • Adjustable creep for signature booklet layouts • Right-side and bottom-side bind edge support • Edge enhancement refines text Client and Remote Support • Choice of print drivers –– Support for Xerox® Global Print Driver® –– Xerox® fully featured print drivers –– Windows 2003/2008/XP/Vista/7 full-featured drivers –– Macintosh OS 10.6 or higher for drivers • Adobe PostScript® Printer Descriptions (PPD) • HTTP and HTTPS browser submission support • IPP for job submission and system status • Support of IPv4 and IPv6 (dual mode supported) Variable Data Printing (VDP) • Xerox® VIPP® , Line Mode, Database Mode, Native PPML v2.1 Graphic Arts • Optimised PostScript and PDF • Subset application support—user defined or data driven • PDF/VT support • Colour background form support • Indefinite job size support • Dynamic cache architecture File Format Support • Adobe PostScript Level 1, 2, 3 • Adobe Acrobat® 9.0, PDF 1.8, PDF/X • TIFF, PCL5c, PCL6XL, EPS, JPEG, PDF/VT Network Environments/Protocols • TCP/IP, AppleTalk® (limited regions), IPP • DHCP • SNMP MIB II support for third-party administration tools Security Features • Solaris 10 OS utilising ZFS • Four security profile modes and levels • Fully customisable profiles • Encrypted job submission modes • Secure print mode (restricts page reprints) • Address access filtering • Strong password support • Data overwrite (standard) Dimensions/Weight • Print Server –– Height: 107 mm –– Width: 397 mm –– Depth: 350 mm –– Weight: 10 kg Options • Stand –– Height: 973 mm –– Width: 720 mm –– Depth: 720 mm • FreeFlow Photo Automation Tool • IPDS • X-Rite i1 Spectrophotometer • Removable hard drive Power • 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz *Available on the Color J75 Press ©2013 Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. XEROX®, XEROX and Design® and FreeFlow® and VIPP® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. For more information or detailed product specification, please call or visit us at Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd 80 Anson Road #01-01 Fuji Xerox Towers Singapore 079907 Tel. +65-6766-8888
  3. 3. Achieve outstanding colour on every job. The Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS) of tools enables you to achieve accurate, consistent colour using automated calibration and the high-speed Inline Spectrophotometer technology. Automated destination profiling assures achieving the correct colour quickly and easily so your high-value applications reflect the highest colour quality in the fastest turnaround time. The unique Fiery ability to print true 1200 x 1200 dpi delivers high quality text and graphics to differentiate your business. The exceptional colour and text quality enables you to keep more jobs in-house or to migrate jobs from offset to digital. Deliver finished jobs fast every time. Fiery Command WorkStation® centralises job management and provides an intuitive user interface to shorten setup times and automate common tasks to reduce errors and waste. Reduce the labour required for intensive document composition and imposition tasks by using Fiery Impose and Compose. Automate with seamless integration. By supporting the Adobe® PDF Print Engine v 2.5, Fiery servers offer a native end-to-end PDF workflow, allowing you to improve the consistency and flexibility of your printed output from design to print. Using Fiery servers and Command Workstation enables a new level of integration for process and profit improvement, including seamless connectivity to Fuji Xerox FreeFlow® for workflow automation. EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery® , for the Color J75 Press Achieve unparalleled image and colour quality, outstanding productivity and seamless integration with an innovative, scalable, integrated solution. This market-leading combination enables you to print high- margin jobs that will ensure your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Boost your productivity and profits. Boost your profit by keeping the engine running at rated speed with the Fiery® server’s ability to spool, RIP and print simultaneously. The powerful Fiery digital platform enables you to handle heavy workloads and provide faster turnaround times through built-in automation and workflow tools essential to driving efficiency. Do more in less time with the EX Print Server’s fast and adaptable variable data printing (VDP) capabilities. Expand business with profitable new services. Build your business with high-demand and high-profit applications such as photo books, packaging and personalised communications. Fiery technology and software options produce image quality to satisfy the most demanding customer and faithfully reproduce brand colours. Powered by
  4. 4. EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery® , for the Color J75 Press Hardware/Platform • Fiery® FS100 Pro • Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor • Speed: up to 3.4 GHz Quad Core • Hard drive: 1 TB • RAM: 4 GB DDR memory • CD DVD-RW • USB ports: 4 rear, 2 front • Windows® 7 Professional FES/x64 Fiery Colour Technology • Automated calibration and destination profiling with ACQS and Inline Spectrophotometer technology • Job-based calibration integration • Ability to print true 1200 x 1200 dpi text and graphics • Fiery Spot-On™ finds the best match of PANTONE® Libraries, RGB, CMYK, L*a*b* and spot colours • PANTONE Calibrated • Composite overprint of spot and CMYK colours for accurate representation of the designer’s intent • Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor • Colour modes for professional proofing and enhanced production colour requirements • Maximum print density of the printer to optimise its colour gamut and obtain more vivid and vibrant colours • Image Smoothing includes smooth shading of 12-bit colour data; Fiery Colour Profiler Suite creates, visualises, tests and edits colour profiles with a single profiling solution Productivity and Workflow • Spool-RIP-Print simultaneously • Integration with Xerox® FreeFlow® Workflow • Support of Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5 • Native Fiery JDF integrates creative, production and management information solutions, making digital production faster and more efficient • Fiery Command WorkStation® 5 • Advanced Job Management includes production features such as Schedule Print, Suspend on Mismatch, Job Reorder and Quick Doc Merge • Sequential Print • Set Page Device mapping • Rush Print • Fiery Hot Folders for PC and Mac® includes Microsoft® Office Filters; automatic merge of JPG files to produce photo booklets and contact sheets • Virtual Printers automates job preparation • Support of PDF XObjects on a per-job basis to maximise job processing speeds • Support for Xerox® Standard Accounting Document Preparation • Booklet Maker allows flawless booklet imposition from the Fiery Driver • Fiery Impose-Compose offers visual document preparation and imposition • User Defined Finish Size for increased control over imposition settings Variable Data Printing (VDP) • VDP Record-Level Finishing allows you to apply finishing to a VDP job at a record level • Visual VDP Imposition capabilities include raster preview, sample proof printing and Control Strip • Define Record Length allows PS and PDF files to be processed as a VDP job of fixed record length • VDP Resource Manager with thumbnail view • Supports the following formats: –– VI Compose 11 –– PPML 2.2 –– Fiery FreeForm™ –– Creo™ VPS • PDF/VT and PDF/VT-2 • Proof Print • Mixed Subset Finishing File Format Support • Adobe PostScript® Level 1, 2, 3 • PDF/X-1a, 3 and 4* • EPS • Adobe Acrobat 9.1; Adobe Acrobat X • CT/LW* • TIFF, TIFF/IT-P1, DCS*, JPEG* Network Environments/Protocols • TCP/IP, IPP • LPR/LPD • Port 9100 • IPP support • Support for 10/100/1000 Ethernet • SMB print sharing (over TCP/IP) • FTP printing • Print via email • Apple® EtherTalk™ Phase II • SNMP v3 • JMF (JDF job messaging format) • UEFS 3.0 Client Environments • Fiery Driver 4.4 (Bi-Directional) support for: –– Windows 7 32- and 64-bit –– Windows 8 all versions –– Windows Server 2008 32- and 64-bit and R2 64-bit –– Windows Server® 2012 all versions –– Windows Vista® 32- and 64-bit –– Windows XP 32- and 64-bit –– Windows Server 2003 32- and 64-bit –– Windows Server 2003 SP1 32- and 64-bit –– Macintosh® OS X® 10.5 or higher Security Features • IP Filtering for IPv4/IPv6 • Secure Erase security feature • Backup and Restore • Fiery Restore recovers the Fiery in minutes • User Authentication via LDAP • IP Sec Support • SSL/TLS support • Certificate Management • Encryption of critical information • IPv6 support Dimensions/Weights • Print Server –– Height: 488 mm –– Width: 212 mm –– Depth: 483 mm –– Weight: 19.6 kg • Furniture Stand –– Height: 1,537 mm –– Width: 815 mm –– Depth: 1,016 mm –– Weight: 28.1 kg Power • 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Standard Configuration • Fiery Impose-Compose • Colour Profiler Suite 4 including ES-2000 Spectrophotometer • Fiery Graphics Arts Package Options • Fiery Integrated Workstation: Furniture stand, GUI Kit (19 in. display, keyboard and mouse) • Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition • Hard Drive Security Option *Only available with Graphic Arts Premium Package For more information or detailed product specification, please call or visit us at Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd 80 Anson Road #01-01 Fuji Xerox Towers Singapore 079907 Tel. +65-6766-8888 ©2013 Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. XEROX®, XEROX and Design® and FreeFlow® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.