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  • Note to Presenter: Present to customers, partners and prospects with an overview of Fuji Xerox Singapore and our solution and service offerings. (It is recommended that you include your name, job title, department and date on the cover slide. Please also work with other product/solution marketing teams to include the respective solution / service / case study slides in your presentation)
  • Fuji Xerox is a joint venture between FujiFilm and Xerox Corporation 50 years ago. Today, Fuji Xerox and Xerox Corp jointly drive a world-wide annual revenue of $36billion. We operate in 160 countries; in Asia Pacific region, we have over 40 thousand staff that deliver a revenue of USD$14billion annually. Innovation is in our corporate DNA. 10% of our revenue goes into R&D annually. Our strong R&D culture has resulted in over 69,000 valid patents to-date in the areas of printing, service and digital imaging, paper, toners, and much more.
  • Fuji Xerox Singapore was set up in Singapore the same year as our country sought to go it alone and seek independence. Today, we have more than 800 staff, of which each and every one of the staff member support our focus - which is one of continuous innovation in document technologies and providing sustainable practices and solutions for our customers. Our drive and focus on quality and developing a sustainable business started more than 10 years ago. We achieved the Singapore Quality Class certification 1 year after it was launched by Spring in Singapore; and achieved our ISO 14001 certification for effective environmental management in 2004.
  • At Fuji Xerox Singapore, we recognise that our employees want to achieve greater harmony and integration between their work as well as family and personal commitments.  We believe in providing a flexible and supportive work environment so that our employees will be able to better manage and integrate their personal, professional and social responsibilities.  This helps improve company performance through improved employee morale, commitment and engagement . Motivated employees are more productive and committed to delivering exceptional customer experience which leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention. We weave our core values of “ Fighting Spirit”, “ Collaborate to Compete”, “ Innovation & Learning” and “ Care & Concern” into our work-life excellence programmes such that work-life excellence becomes our way of life in Fuji Xerox Singapore. Our strong corporate culture in promoting a great work place experience was recognised when we were awarded the Work Life Achiever’s Award in 2012. To further enhance our customer service experience, we embarked on the Customer Experience Program since 2011 to fine-tune our customer engagement processes so as to deliver outstanding customer experience for our customers. In July 2011, we were given the Asia Best Employer Brand Award. We are truly honoured to receive this award as it is a true testament of our company’s focus in its best assets – the people
  • As the market evolves and customers’ requirements changed, our business has also transformed to meet their needs and to lead the way in innovation, system integration and document outsourcing. Our business has evolved from a product-led business to one that is focused on solutions and services. More than 70% of Fuji Xerox Singapore revenue to-date comes from our color, document management and business process outsourcing services areas. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on developing more sustainable, portable and high-value solutions and services for our customers. <Spend more time on solutions and services in the ’10> We continue to innovate in our digital print technologies, introducing to the market smart energy management multi-function devices, the first of its kind in the industry, as well as our cloud-based and mobile document management solution, mobile printing solution and more. Today, Xerox and Fuji Xerox combined are the world’s largest document outsourcing and business process outsourcing company. We offer a combined integrated global operations network of document imaging and hosting facilities in more than 160 countries. We have over 1,400 service professionals in Asia Pacific and 89,000 worldwide, working collaboratively and committed towards providing best practices in document management and outsourcing services for our clients globally.
  • Achieving leadership in the document solutions market did not happen overnight. The accolades, awards and certification shown here reflects our focus and emphasis on developing the market and industry benchmark in the space we play in. Computerworld Singapore  Readers Choice Awards (RCA) go to vendors, products, services or solution families that score the highest with their customers who voted in the areas of price, performance, feature sets, reliability and ease of use. Fuji Xerox Singapore is voted as the winner of the Managed Print Services category We continue to be positioned in the leaders quadrant of the 2011 Gartner Managed Print Services report and IDC MarketScape report. Our efforts and results can be seen in the survey rankings conducted by established analysts firms. We are the leader in the 2012 A3 MFD market in Singapore; and based on the research done by IDC, Fuji Xerox Singapore has been leading the way in color for 17 consecutive quarters since 2008. We believe in investing heavily in the training and certification of our people. As of November 2011, 30 of our staff in the Asia Pacific region have been certified as the FograCert Digital Print experts, providing our customers with unparalleled expertise in workflow and color to help them in their business. Fuji Xerox Singapore is also the first company in Southeast Asia to obtain all 3 Fogra accreditations (DPE, CPC, PSD)*. In May 2011, we achieved the SCP certification for our service and support operation. SCP, otherwise known as Service Capability and Performance Standard, is a worldwide recognized standards certification program that establishes the service and support quality benchmark for Technical Service Support Centers/Help Desks. SCP standards measure the effectiveness of our customer support operation against worldwide best practice within the technical support industry. I will share with you in the later slides the benefits we’ve been able to provide our customers through our service and support team. We achieved a significant milestone in 2008 when we became the sole provider of Managed Print Services for the Singapore Government under the Standard ICT Operating Environment (SoE). The next 8 years will see us rolling out the standard printing environment and solution for the government agencies in Singapore. We have also, since 2007, been awarded the bulk tender to provide unified storage, server, virtualization and backup and archival solutions to the Singapore government agencies.
  • Our customer support framework is focused on providing fast resolution (minimising downtime) and proactive services.   Here at Fuji Xerox, the eSupport strategy we’ve developed have enabled us to harness the technology to engage our customers and provide them with online and web applications to resolve issues fast, and at times, even before they arise. We have the most comprehensive portfolio of knowledge bases, online applications and remote diagnostics in the industry. Our online support center (available 24x7) and technical support centers (in South Korea, Malaysia and Australia) have achieved SCP certification.   Our Remote Technical support combines start-of-the-art technology and systems (including prognostic software which allows us to manage the performance of devices online BEFORE they encounter problems), this combined with industry certified professionals ensures we have a proactive service second to none that adds value to our clients business. We also have a team of well-equipped and highly qualified customer service engineers who will promptly carry out on-site servicing and maintenance of equipment when required. If the technical issues are unable to be resolved either online, via our call center or technical helpdesk, our service engineers will be briefed with all relevant background information about the customers’ issues (even ordering parts ahead) to enable the trip to be one that is focused on resolution and highly productive. A key tool used in our Technical Support Centers that enables the Support Engineers to provide true remote support in resolving customers issues is the LogMeIn or LMI rescue.   We employ this real time remote access tool (using the same security levels as internet banking) with each session digitally recorded for the client to allow for online problem resolution. The investment that our company has put into the customer support infrastructure has allowed us to continue improving the level of service we provide for our customers, increasing not only our customers’ but our productivity and reducing carbon emissions. A true win/win/win outcome.
  • Many of our customers in the region have benefited greatly from our customer support services. This is apparent from the steep increase in uptake for our online support  5 years ago, 100,000 customers accessed online support, this year over 3 million customers will use the facility. A thirty fold increase in less than 5 years. This is exceeding our customer expectations, achieving 97% Total Customer Satisfaction with remote support (feedback from over 4,500 Singapore customers)
  • Fuji Xerox 360º of Sustainability TM is trademarked in Singapore. Please use this correctly. (Note to presenters: Above statistics are FY12 figures-updated as of June 2013) Show the environmental initiatives & select not more than 3 that you think the audience will be interested. Give a brief description on the initiatives. You Print, We Plant Zero Landfill Policy ( We have a policy “ used products are not waste, but precious resources. ” So we established recycling system in Japan, for the machines used in Japan. But that was not enough. We need to be responsible for all our direct market territory. So we built one in Thai, and collect old machines from Asia Pacific region, except from China. We made another on in China in 2008, collecting machines from all China. ) Sustainable Paper Supplies Eco-friendly Certified Products GO Green Workshops Green Practices (e.g. Think Before U Print, etc) Highlight the environmental benefits as shown in the slide. Point audience to the more relevant ones. The logos included are: ISO 14001 ( Fuji Xerox has been certified to have met the ISO 14001 family of standards relating to environmental management) Singapore Green Label (SGL) Awards (certified that our products are eco-friendly) FSC papers (FSC certification offers recognition to Fuji Xerox for adhering to environmental guidelines on managing the usage of forest based products) More info about FX 360 of Sustainability: Fuji Xerox has a longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible product design, industry-leading print management services and solutions and an end of life resource recovery program that is second to none. Having committed decades of research, innovation and resources in this area Fuji Xerox has led the industry by embracing a holistic life cycle view across every aspect of how we manage our environmental performance. While our customers are focused on reducing energy, print and electronic waste inside their organisations, we have found that stage in the product life cycle is only part of the story. Since 2007 Fuji Xerox has been working with approximately 300 suppliers to address sustainability in the supply chain. This involved developing a robust set of standards based on the United Nations Global Compact and the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct. Complementing this is a detailed checklist which includes over 260 items across environmental, human rights, labour and business ethics areas. These results are fed into a plan-do-check-act framework to ensure improvements are implemented. We have recently extended this program from our manufacturing supply chain to our logistics providers. In 2009, we interviewed our primary distribution partners and asked them to perform self-evaluations. With the escalation of labour problems being reported in South China, Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen’s ethical procurement program is going all out to help our business partners improve their management. Ties between Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen and local suppliers have strengthened as they work together to achieve mutual growth. The Managing Director of a supplier company who has been manufacturing in Shenzhen for more than 20 years says “Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen’s Chinese staff, who are specialists in human resources and the environment, gave precise answers as to what the problems were and how we could resolve them.” Fuji Xerox is unique in addressing sustainability at every step in the value chain. From parts procurement through an extensive supply chain, to our manufacturing operations, to customer use and disposal of our products at end of life – Fuji Xerox has proven its commitment to sustainability at every step in the value chain. Fuji Xerox has embraced fundamental standards for quality, environment and safety at its manufacturing sites in Japan, China, Korea and Thailand. They have been ISO certified for 9001, 14001 and OHSAS since 2003 and all share a goal of zero waste to landfill. One particular highlight is the work that has been done in the Fuji Xerox manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. China is now the hub of the global manufacturing industry, however, many of China’s companies have little awareness of their responsibility to support their employees and the environment. Strikes surrounding these issues have caused problems for many manufacturers, who employ a new generation of workers, more aware of their rights and the value of their work. Fuji Xerox sensed the changing needs of their workers before their neighbouring factories, working to research and improve working conditions for their labour force since 2006. After an initial survey indicated low morale and little capability to communicate workplace issues, Fuji Xerox immediately set up their first Employee assistance program (EAP). This initiative opened up lines of communication between Management and the workers. As well as improving the working mindset and productivity, the program has set an example for other Chinese manufacturing plants. Fuji Xerox is well positioned to help our customers become more sustainable. Our technology and services are designed and managed to improve sustainability performance for customers. Fuji Xerox equipment features environmentally responsible design and energy efficient enhancements. Our document software and digital technologies reduce paper wastage. Our services enable clients to improve the efficiency of document intensive processes and optimise their equipment infrastructure to save costs and cut carbon emissions. As early as 1997 Fuji Xerox made a commitment to halve the energy consumption of its equipment. By 08/09 we achieved a 45 percent reduction on the average energy consumption of our equipment based on 1997 levels. In 09/10 Fuji Xerox released our most energy efficient devices to date. Our customers can benefit from energy reductions of up to 71 per cent when replacing old equipment with new. Fuji Xerox takes responsibility for all end-of-life products and remanufacture, reuse or recycle them to achieve over 99% resource recovery. By incorporating policies for end-of-life resource recovery into our product design process, we have avoided almost 28,130 tonnes of carbon emissions and 4,460 tonnes of new raw material requirement across all Fuji Xerox companies in 2009/10 alone. Across Asia Pacific, Fuji Xerox Company Limited has four state of the art remanufacturing, reuse and recycling facilities in Japan, China, Thailand and Australia, purpose-built to responsibly dispose of our products at end-of-life.
  • More CSR programs can be found from corporate brochure
  • We provide the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of document solutions and services, ranging from document technologies, services, software, supplies to document-centric outsourcing services. Supported by an unrivalled team of industry leading professionals in Singapore (we have close to 200 sales, marketing and consultants in FXS), as well as customer support professionals (we have close to 500 in the region), we are committed to help our customers achieve increased productivity and process efficiency gains through our innovative document solutions, while meeting their sustainability objectives and reducing costs.
  • Fuji Xerox Singapore - Executive Overview

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