Oies Big Data Industry Solution Services in Spain


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Oies value proposition for Big Data Industry Solution Vendors and Local SI in Spain

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Oies Big Data Industry Solution Services in Spain

  1. 1. Consulting Big Data Industry Solutions and Services in SPAIN February 2014 1 © Copyright OIES Consulting All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Who´s generating Big Data Mobile devices (tracking all objects all the time) Social media and networks (all of us are generating data) Scientific instruments (collecting all sorts of data) What’s driving Big Data The progress and innovation is no longer hindered by the ability to collect data, but, by the ability to manage, analyze, summarize, visualize, and discover knowledge from the collected data in a timely manner and in a scalable fashion 2 Sensor technology and networks (measuring all kinds of data) - Optimizations and predictive analytics - Complex statistical analysis - All types of data, and many sources - Very large datasets - More of a real-time - Ad-hoc querying and reporting - Data mining techniques - Structured data, typical sources - Small to mid-size datasets © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Why Big Data Industry Solutions ? Industry Needs Challenges Big Data must create value. Lack of software / Technology Big Data must help to conduct controlled experiments to make better management decisions. Lack of analytics skills Big Data should allow evernarrower segmentation of customers and therefore much more precisely tailored products or services. Already using but poor Value for business Big Data Analytics should substantially improve decisionmaking. Big Data must be used to improve the development of the next generation of products and services. Insufficient Budget ISVs build industry specific solutions on top of Big Data platforms to Accelerate Time to Value Big Data for customers. Know the data characteristics in each industry Get familiar with industryspecific business problems Opportunities Big data industry solution will enable organization to tackle complex problems that previously could not be solved. Understand where the spending is happening Match market needs with own and partner solutions and capabilities Availability of industry specific platform based solutions will be able to leverage Big Data and Analytics without making heavy upfront investments Business user need utilize familiar and easy to use tools that leverage customer’s existing investments 3 © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. What Big Data Industry Solutions ? Big Data Use Cases 1 • • • • Optimize offers and cross sell Contact center efficiency and problem resolution Payment fraud detection and investigation Counterparty credit risk management 2 • • • Advanced condition monitoring Drilling surveillance & optimization Production surveillance & optimization 3 • • • • Distribution load forecasting and scheduling Create targeted customer offerings Condition-based maintenance - Smart meter analytics Enable customer energy management 4 • • • Price Optimization Models Synchronize prices hourly with demands, inventory and competence Personalize real time offers (location, segment by behavior, channel) 5 • • • • Pro-active call center Smarter campaigns Network analytics Location-based services 6 • • • Sample Customers Customer analytics and loyalty marketing Capacity & pricing optimization Predictive maintenance optimization 4 1 Finance 2 Oil & Gas 3 Utilities 4 Retail 5 Telco 6 Transportation © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. How to find the right Industry solution vendor ? 5 © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Which Big Data Industry Solution Vendor ? Big Data Industry Solutions Massively Parallel Processing Cloud NO SQL Business Intelligence/ Data Visualization ETL DataBases 6 © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. DELIVERY MODEL FOR BIG DATA INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS SI PARTNER • TRANFORMATION THROUGH INDUSTRY BIG DATA INNOVATION • • • Big Data Innovation Revolution Big Data Innovation Management Big Data Innovation Factory Big Data Innovation People IMPROVING EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE WITH INDUSTRY BIG DATA INDUSTRY BIG DATA SOLUTION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO) • • • • PMO Models Project Management Support customer PMOs Business Transformation Program Management INDUSTRY BIG DATA IT TRANSFORMATION 7 • • • • • IT Strategy and Performance Customer Management Service Management Resource Management • • Business Process Management (BPM) Cost Analytics Reporting / Scorecards • Strategy and Business Innovation through Industry Solution Analytics. • Strategy & Business Model Innovation with Analytics • Business Process improvements through Industry Solution Analytics. • Scalable Analytics Solutions for Growth & Efficiency • Interim Project Manager for Industry Solution Analytics projects. • Designing the New Data & Analytics Infrastructure & Organisation . • Industry Analytics Strategy Services. © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Go To Market Strategy Demand Creation Process Market Sizing – Defining the addressable and served local Spanish market. Solution - Define the customized solution and the compelling messaging going to local Spanish market. Right Sales Tools – Customized for local Spanish market, industry and customer Demand Management – Lead Management (lead scoring, lead nurturing) Offer: Create compelling offers that are relevant for buyers. Integrated Marketing Plan - Align all marketing resources to support the initiative in a sustained manner Who are we selling • • Deal size between 100K-500K € • 8 Large companies in Industries (Telco, Finance, Oil&Gas,Utilities,Transportation,Retail) that are best suited for our Industry Big Data Solution offering with average sales cycle 3-6 months We focus on existing customers that we already have contact either an approver, champion decision maker, recommender or influencer © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Value Proposition – A Win-Win ecosystem • Increase number of Qualified Leads • Better ratio of Win opportunities • Increase Sales Revenue • Reduce sales cost and control operating expenses Big Data Industry Solutions Vendors • OIES identifies innovative Big Data industry solutions interested in reaching local market and vets them with target customers through qualified local System Integrator channel. • OIES provides expert Industry Analytics Solution Sales team to capture local market share and seasoned and solution trained BI consultants in to guarantee project delivery success. • Largest Deals • New BI practice. Growth your business • Best Value to Customers System Integrator • Big Data/BI Analytics Industry consultants expert to support you make insightful decisions about significant changes in your business. Becomes the preferred choice for Business Development and Advisory Services for Big Data Industry Solution vendors Help companies streamline their data infrastructure in the Big Data world and build an analytics driven organization while creating a hybrid analytics service with a model that combines Strategic in-house COE capability with Outsourced analytics in global delivery model. Customers • More data driven, measurable and transparent organization with industry and Big Data strategy, • Industry analytics to enable faster decisions, concrete actions, better business operations, and growth. 9 © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Summary OIES Big Data Industry Solution Services in Spain Charter Establish OIES as the “Go To” organization for Big Data Industry solutions engagement delivery in SPAIN Scale through local or Global SI, ISV resources and offshore resources TRANFORMATION THROUGH INDUSTRY BIG DATA INDUSTRY INNOVATION Offerings IMPROVING EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE WITH INDUSTRY BIG DATA INDUSTRY BIG DATA SOLUTION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO) INDUSTRY BIG DATA SOLUTIONS AS PART OF IT TRANSFORMATION Strategy & Business Model Innovation aligned with Industry BI/Big Data Analytics solutions Capabilities Scalable Industry Big Data/BI Analytics Solutions for Growth & Business Process Efficiency Big Data/BI industry solution infrastructure and organization design and deployment Contacts 10 OIES: Francisco Maroto francisco.maroto@oies.es © Copyright OIES Consulting. All rights reserved.