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Auto it - AnhPC


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Published in: Technology
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Auto it - AnhPC

  1. 1. Pham Cam Anh Framgia Vietnam, 7/2013 AUTOIT
  2. 2. DEFINITION • AutoIt v3 is a freeware automation language for Microsoft Windows. • It is the combination of the emulation of key press, mouse movement and window manipulation to perform automatic tasks (GUIs and common operations) in a way that other languages ​​can not do or do not accurately.
  3. 3. DEMO • Hello Framgia • Calculator • Auto install CCleaner • Auto reply YM!
  4. 4. FEATURES • Scripting language with BASIC-like structure for Windows Desktop Environment (simple). • Add-on libraries and modules for specific applications. • On-line support forum for AutoIt users and developers. • Supports TCP and UDP protocols. • Supports COM (component object modelling) objects. • Can call Win32 DLLs and API functions. • Run console applications and access the standard streams.
  5. 5. FEATURES • Create GUI interfaces, including message and input boxes. • Play sounds, pause, resume, stop, seek, get the current position of the sound and get the length of the sound. • Simulate mouse movements. • Manipulate windows and processes. • Automate sending user input and keystrokes to applications, as well as to individual controls within an application. • Scripts can be compiled into standalone executable ones.
  6. 6. FEATURES • Unicode support from version • 64-bit code support from version • Supports regular expressions. • Works with Windows Vista's User Account Control. • Object oriented design through a library • Be distributed with an IDE based on the free SciTE editor.
  7. 7. LIMITATIONS • Include files in the compiled file to be extracted when run -> Decompile easily • Use a classical data model, using a variant data type that can store several types of data, including arrays • -> Debug difficultly • Single threaded which makes asynchronous programming, concurrency and parallelism (e.g. communications applications) extremely difficult. • AutoIt applications sometimes get a false positive report from virus scanners using heuristics, because the application is a self extracting executable.
  8. 8. USAGES • Produce utility software for Microsoft Windows • Automate common tasks, such as software installation, website monitoring, network monitoring, disk defragging and backup. • Simulate application users, whereby an application is driven by an AutoIt script in place of manual application control during software testing. • Develop computer game bots, for automating in-game tasks • ….Develop virus ;(
  9. 9. REFERENCES • • •
  10. 10. Thank you for your listening!