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How to Boost Customer Satisfaction in Your Contact Center


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In this one hour webinar you’ll learn how to offer a better call center experience by replacing hold-time with a call-back. We’ll talk about --> how to eliminate hold time, an easy way to create happier customers, how to reduce cost-per-call, plus so much more!

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How to Boost Customer Satisfaction in Your Contact Center

  1. 1. How to BoostCustomer Satisfactionin Your Contact CenterSpeaker:Shai BergerCo-Founder & CEO, FonoloJune 20, 20132:00 PM EDT
  2. 2. Waiting on Hold is a Top ComplaintAverage Speed to Answer> 30 sec ?Customersatisfaction is indanger!
  3. 3. Call-backs caneliminate hold-timeand so much more…
  4. 4. Consumers who think theoption of a call-back is“highly appealing”.- Forrester#1: Happier Customers
  5. 5. Reduction in abandonedcalls after adding acall-back option.- ContactBabel#2: Less Abandonment
  6. 6. Amount saved byAllStream in 2012 afteradding call-backs#3: Lower Telco Costs
  7. 7. Reduction in handle timeseen by Optus afteradding call-backs in 2011.#4: Shorter Handle Time
  8. 8. A real-life phone interviewCall-Back Softwarefor the Call Center
  9. 9. Deployment in daysWorks with equipmentfrom any vendorCloud =Why Fonolo?Affordable (starts at $15k/yr)Cost scales with usage=SaaS
  10. 10. Replace hold-time with a call-backon all channels.In-Call Rescue Mobile Rescue Web RescueSolutions
  11. 11. In-Call RescueGive callers theoption to receive acall-back when holdtimes are too long.“Press 1 to get a call-back from the nextagent.”
  12. 12. Visual IVR Pre-callQuestionsVirtualQueuingReady-to-Use Component forYour Mobile App
  13. 13. No Need for ITAdd the widget to your site with just a fewlines of HTML.
  14. 14. Interested in seeing more?Register for this free webinar to jointhe live Q&A.June 20, 20132:00 PM EDT