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Citynomadi Luovimo story


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Scaling up creativity. Finpro Luovimo company internationalization story. More info at http://www.finpro.fi/luovimo/scaling-up-creativity

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Citynomadi Luovimo story

  1. 1. 1 (3) 08 June 2012Citynomadi Oy - mobile guides for travellers1. Company overview Citynomadi is a Tampere based software development company specialised in web and mobile solutions and services. Citynomadi’s current business solutions are designed for travelers, who can enjoy the pre-designed and often thematic routes on their smart phones. The routes can also be created, edited and shared on www.citynomadi.fi, and Facebook also features dedicated community for the nomads. The company was selected to Luovimo program thanks to its emphasis on cultural and thematic routes; the offering goes beyond standard mobile technology in raising awareness for art, culture and creativity. The mobile application is available on Symbian, Android and iPhone platforms.2. Scope and content of the Luovimo project In Luovimo project the goal was to define the offering, identify the most potential customer segments and to carry out business opportunity analysis in selected countries. Phase one of the project focused of workshops and development of the offering, whereas the later stages the emphasis was on market surveys and operations. It was seen early in the project that the the success of the concept requires good preparation: - focus on selected technologies (Symbian, Android and iPhone; touch screen UI’s; QT) - careful productization to avoid 24/7 support requirements in various countries - addressing the masses (tourism to large cities, high volume attractions and cultural sites) - availability and accessibility; easy to access and to use for the end user, easy to deliver and support for the distributor - convenience at low costs for the user; data roaming charges minimized with e.g. pre- loaded maps and site information The ongoing customer projects in Finland benchmarked the ways to operate abroad, where the need to strict focus and productization grow significantly.3. Interviews The following operators in known tourist attractions were approached and interviewed, at which the Citynomadi service was presented: In Spain: - Mi Nube: social media with focus on tourism - Tourist Board Valencia - Hoteles Catalonia: Catalan hotel chain - Geoplaneta/Grupo Planeta: major madia publisher in tourism (Lonely Planet group)
  2. 2. 2 (3) 08 June 2012 In the UK: - Dance Umbrella: annual dance festival in London - Edinburgh Fringe: annual art festival in Scotland - London Design Festival: annual international Design event - Visit London: London Tourist Board These actors well represented the industry in terms of trends, technology and service innovations for tourists in large scale. The key contacts were eager to meet Finpro representatives after hearing what the purpose of the meeting, and were helpful in evaluating the concept, competition and challenges in distribution, visibility, communication and earning models.4. Key findings - The acceptance towards mobile applications and guides was positive and enthusiastic; the competition in mass tourism is fierce and new ways to produce & offer innovative services to tourists are studied constantly - There are already a number of solutions for iPhone and Android platforms, so a succesful market entry requires a thorough understanding of consumer needs and the corresponding solution (e.g. brand intergration to the event: visuals, themes and interactive functions) - Most of the internet services and many of the mobile services are free for the end user, which sets high requirements for a servive with a user fee: it has to be fine-tailored for the need and bring added value for the service provider, so that they are motivated to offer it for the end users - In promising niche segments the challenges relate to the limited volumes, although the environment may be less price sensitive; also the need for constant content updates may become laborious for the vendor - The service (both mobile and web) must speak the local language (text, audio & video) The service was found intreresting and the acceptance was good. There are, however, a number of similar or similarly perceived solutions, whose offering, features and value proposition should be explored closely, so that Citynoadi’s competitive positioning could be established. The challenges related to distribution are often case sensitive; finding such a service in the web without linking it to mass tourism one way or the other is a game of chance.5. Conclusions & recommendations The success of Citynomadi service in Finland is based on active personal sales, good management key accounts and well customised projects (e.g. Espoo “rantaraitti” and Turku Culture Capitol events). This operational model will not allow fast growth abroad, except in carefully selected sites with large cash flow potential and slow pace in content updates. In
  3. 3. 3 (3) 08 June 2012larger scale fast international growth will require carefully designed business model, whichutilises integrated partner network in the target segment. Building an earning model for thepartners is essential in this.Citynomadi’s SWOT-analysis repeats the strengths and weaknesses of a Finnish SME: goodtechnical competence and focus, but limited resources. The company has good opportunitiesto expand the business in Finland and neighboring countries, which will enable new businessdevelopment in selected target markets. Every new customer reference is a valuable one, andshould be utilised fully in marketing. And finally, a strict focus is to be maintained to enablereplicability. Read the 7 findings in internationalizing creativity from Luovimo companies at http://www.finpro.fi/luovimo/scaling-up-creativity