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Presentation to ePSI Conference 2013 in Warsaw University, Poland on Friday 22nd February, 2013

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  • Introduction In this presentation I will cover – A brief overview of Open Data in Ireland to date Fingal Open Data Dublinked Irish Government Policy Challenges progressing Open Data in Ireland Opportunities presented by Open Data Apps4Fingal Irish Startups using Open Data
  • Fingal is located on the east coast of Ireland situated on the north of Dublin City Dublin Airport is located in Fingal
  • Fingal is the 3 rd largest local authority area in Ireland by population Fingal has the youngest population in the country Fingal is one of the fastest growing areas in the country
  • From 1996 – 2011 the population grew from 167,413 to 273,051 To cope with our phenomenal growth we made extensive use of data & visualisation for service planning.
  • In November 2010, we launched Fingal Open Data Building on our experience with Data Sharing To enable collaboration, transparency and economic opportunities
  • There are currently 170 datasets organised into 12 categories Datasets in CSV, XML and KML formats Metadata for each dataset Ability for citizens to request datasets
  • Web – Email – Twitter - @fingalopendata
  • The Dublin Region encompasses Dublin City and the surrounding counties
  • There are 4 Local Authorities in the Dublin Region including Fingal The Dublin Region is home to 28% of the Irish population 1.27 million people live in the Dublin region
  • Dublinked was launched in October 2011 Aim – to support data-driven innovation in the Dublin Region Web – Email – Twitter - @dublinked
  • Over 250 datasets in Dublinked from 4 local authorities in 12 categories Standard approach to Categories and Metadata with Fingal open Data
  • Dublinked facilitates Open Data release by other agencies
  • Since the launch fo Fingal Open Data and Dublinked the Irish Government has adopted an Open Data Policy
  • Open Data Policy encompassed in Irish eGovernment Plan - published in April 2012 The Plan includes Requirement for Public Sector agencies to publish Open Data Data contained in Published Reports must also be published in Open data formats Agencies must carry out audits of data holdings Inter-Agency Data Sharing Integration of Administrative Data Data Sharing Clearing House Review of Data Sharing Legislation The Public Service Reform Plan also includes Centralised Open Data Portal
  • The eGovernment Action plan contains 3 specific actions relating to Open Data All public bodies will publish Open Data Data published in reports should also be published in parallel in open formats Public bodies will identify data holdings and release by default
  • In the 2012 Budget the Irish Government announced it’s intention to apply to join the Open Government Partnership
  • The Irish Open Data Community has existed online since October 2010 In October 2012 it organised its first real-world meetup 3 meetups to date Hackathon planned for International Open Data Day
  • Open Data implementation in Ireland faces a number of challenges It has developed as the country has been dealing with the economic crisis Progress has been slow
  • There is a cost in releasing Open Data – at a minimum the cost of staff resources Public sector numbers reducing – less people to do existing tasks Possibility of recouping costs by charging To date, this has not been policy in Ireland Principle of zero or marginal cost has been adhered to – avoid creating barriers to entry for SME sector
  • Data ownership has been a challenge in some instances where public services are provided by a third party Who owns the data? Dublin region developing standard clauses for inclusion in tender proposals that public sector would retain ownership of data
  • Fears among public sector workers that data will be misused, misinterpreted, or quality not good enough Education required Need to Let Go …
  • There are also opportunities in Open Data and this is the reason why Open Data initiatives are progressing in Ireland
  • Open Data is often seen as an additional work for the public sector However, adopting a wider approach to Open Data has the potential to bring increased efficiencies The Public Sector spends a lot of time and effort obtaining data from different agencies of the state Adopting a data-sharing approach within the public Sector has the potential to greatly reduce this time and effort Open Data can then be a simple by-product of Public Sector data-sharing
  • Economic Opportunities Public sector data can be used as the basis for online services, mobile applications, analytics, etc.
  • In order to encourage the reuse of data published on Fingal Open Data and Dublinked, Fingal County Council organised the Apps4Fingal competition The competition ran from 9 th November 2011 to 9 th January 2012 There was a prize fund of €11,500 thanks to the generosity of our sponsors
  • Discover Fingal was the competition winner This is an App created by a startup company based on its Learning Hunt platform
  • is another startup using Open Data as the basis for an integrated all-Ireland Planning app won the Enterprise category
  • Hit The Road is a startup using Public Transport data as the basis for its journey planner app
  • Parkya is a startup which has created an app to help people with parking
  • Dublinked is first and foremost an Innovation Network Dublinked organises regular themed events to facilitate networking and re-use of data
  • Dublinked seeks to enable new approaches to collaboration
  • Contact details for Fingal Open Data and Dublinked
  • I have covered - An overview of Open Data in Ireland including Fingal Open Data Dublinked Irish Government Policy I looked at challenges and opportunities for Open Data in Ireland We see Open Data as presenting great opportunities – not just economic opportunities, but also opportunities for the public sector
  • In line with the theme, this presentation is licenced for sharing under a Creative Commons licence It is available for viewing and downloading on slideshare Thank you.
  • Open Data in Ireland

    1. 1. Open Data in Irelandchallenge or opportunity? Dominic Byrne, Fingal County Council @fingalopendata
    2. 2. FINGAL
    3. 3. Fingal 3 largest rd Youngest Fast Growing Corballis, Donabate, Fingal
    4. 4. Rapid Population Growth
    5. 5. Fingal Open Data
    6. 6. 170 datasets in 12 categories
    7. 7. Fingal Open Data w: e: t: @fingalopendata Malahide Castle, Fingal
    9. 9. Dublin Region 4 Local Authorities 28% of Irish Population 1.27 million people
    10. 10. supporting data-driven innovationw: in the Dublin regione: dublinked@nuim.iet: @dublinked
    11. 11. Over 250 datasets in Datastore
    12. 12. Data release Organisation No of Datasets245 Datasets 13 Organisations Dublin City 91 6 dynamic data sets Fingal 54 Dun Laoghaire 49 South Dublin 16 Ordnance Survey 10 Ireland Government 5 Departments National Transport 3 Authority PRSA 1 Others 15
    13. 13. Bailey Lighthouse, Howth Head, Fingal
    14. 14. eGovernment 2012-2015 • Public Sector to publish Open Data • Inter Agency Data Sharing • Integration of Administrative Data • Data Sharing Clearing House • Review Data Sharing Legislation • Implementation Plans • Centralised Portal (Public Service Reform Plan)
    15. 15. eGovernment 2012-2015
    16. 16. Expression of Intent
    17. 17. Irish Open Data Community#OpenDataIRL
    18. 18. CHALLENGES
    19. 19. Cost of Open Data
    20. 20. Ownership
    21. 21. Let go …
    23. 23. Data Sharing
    24. 24. Economic Opportunities
    25. 25. apps4fingal COMPETITION 9th November, 2011 – 9th January, 2012 €11,500 in prizesCommunity, Enterprise, Tourism, Student & Ideas Categories
    26. 26. Discover Fingal
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Hit The Road
    29. 29. ParkYa
    30. 30. Innovation NetworkEvents Planned… • Planning • Tourism • Technical Workshop • Health • Spatial Data • Community • Visualisation • … & more • Open Innovation • Public Data • Public Transport 60-120 attending – high % entrepreneurs
    31. 31. New collaborations
    32. 32. Fingal Open Data @fingalopendata Dublinked @dublinked dublinked@nuim.ie
    33. 33. Open Data in Irelandchallenge or opportunity? Dominic Byrne, Fingal County Council @fingalopendata
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