Fingal Open Data      Taoiseach’s Public Service Excellence Awards 2012                        21st June, 2012http://data....
What is Open Data?   • Public Data   • Open Formats   • Machine Readable   • Accessible
Why Open Data?   • Transparency   • Participation   • Collaboration   • Economic Opportunities
Fingal            3 largest             rd            Youngest         Fast Growing
Rapid Population Growth
Inter-Agency Data Sharing
Fingal Open Data website                 
Over 120 datasets in 12 categories
apps4fingal     COMPETITION          9th November, 2011 – 9th January, 2012                    €11,500 in prizesCommunity,...
apps4fingal  23 Apps created  36 Ideas entered
Apps4Fingal Awards
National Data (public transport nodes)©
eGovernment Plan   •   Public Sector to publish Open Data   •   Inter Agency Data Sharing   •   Integration of Administrat...
EC Open Data Strategy•   Open Data vision and policy•   Revise PSI Directive•   Portal for EC data•   Portal for member st...
Release Public Sector Data
Improve Inter-Agency Data Sharing                                  Licensed under a    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCom...
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Taoiseachs Public Service Excellence Awards 2012


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Presentation on Fingal Open Data given at the Taoiseach's Public Service Excellence Awards in Dublin Castle on 21st June 2012 on the occasion of Fingal Open Data receiving a Public Service Excellence Award

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  • Today, I am going to explain what we mean by Open Data and why we would consider it share our experience with Fingal Open Data talk about the Dublinked innovation network review the Apps4Fingal competition talk about Irish & European Open Data Policy look at the opportunities and next steps for Open Data in Ireland
  • What is Open Data? Public data Which is not subject to data protection or other limitations Open Formats Available in non-proprietary formats e.g. CSV, XML, KML, RDF, open APIs Machine Readable In a format that computers can process Accessible Available to the widest range of people for the widest range of uses
  • Why would we publish Open Data? Transparency To Open up Government and enable the Public to see the underlying information. What is the actual evidence-based reality as opposed to the perceived reality Participation To increase citizen engagement with Government. If Government and Citizens are to cooperate, then Government can’t be the only ones with the information Collaboration In addition to Citizen-Government collaboration outlined earlier, also - To enable the combination of data from different public sector agencies To enable other sectors to collaborate with Government. Economic Opportunities Public sector data can be used as the basis for online services, mobile applications, analytics, etc.
  • Fingal is located to the north of Dublin City Dublin Airport is located in Fingal 273,051 citizens 3 rd largest Local Authority Fastest growing & Youngest county Population is concentrated in the South and East of the County 3 main population centres of Blanchardstown, Swords and Balbriggan North-West is rural farmland
  • To cope with our phenomenal growth we relied heavily on data for service planning. We built up considerable experience of data sharing.
  • The Fingal Data Hub was created by the Fingal Development Board in 2009. It was a collaboration between 9 partner agencies. It was designed for sharing of anonymised data between partner agencies, to enable interagency cooperation and service planning. In 2010 the data was made publicly available.
  • Fingal County Council launched the first Open Data website in the country in November 2010 Fingal Open Data evolved from the principles of the Fingal Data Hub and the Open Data movement. In Summer 2010 we were preparing a report with data about all Local Authorities which was difficult to find and only available in PDF We discovered the Open Data movement and felt that this was a better way We decided to take the initiative with the backing of the County Manager and Fingal Open Data was born It is available at The website, which you can see on screen, provides public access to source data from Council systems.
  • There are currently over 120 datasets organised into 12 categories Detailed information is provided about each dataset, including description, date published and available formats. The site also includes a section where you can Request the Release of Datasets There is an Apps section which showcases uses to which the data has been put – creators of Apps can submit details of their App for inclusion on the site There is a blog where we provide updates on Open Data in Ireland and worldwide The data on the site is covered by the Irish Government’s PSI Licence
  • In order to encourage the reuse of data published on Fingal Open Data and Dublinked, Fingal County Council organised the Apps4Fingal competition The competition ran from 9 th November 2011 to 9 th January 2012 There was a prize fund of €11,500 thanks to the generosity of our sponsors
  • 23 Apps were submitted 36 Ideas were entered
  • All winners and runners up of the Apps4Fingal competition Winner of the Ideas Category was Fingal Deals The Fingal Deals App idea is intended to encourage people to shop locally in Fingal and give local businesses a boost. The app would showcase current special offers and discounts offered by a wide variety of businesses, and could be refined into business type categories to facilitate searches. Winner of the Student Apps Category was Fingal Day Tripper Fingal Day Tripper is a Web App that allows day trippers to select the type of activities they prefer, as well as if they would like to stop for a coffee. They can also specify whether they are travelling with children or disabled passengers. The app will then suggest a day trip in the local area, showing locations of interest on the map. It also provides the option of getting the route and driving directions for the trip and details of each attraction. Winner of the Community Apps Category was Fingal Traffic View Fingal Traffic View is an Android Mobile App which provides information about traffic cameras, parking zones, disabled parking, train stations and Garda safety zones. These are displayed on a map and users can also view images from the traffic cameras. The App also incorporates a live feed of twitter accounts related to Dublin Traffic. Winner of the Enterprise Apps Category was is a Web App which uses Planning Application data from all 4 Dublin local authorities. These are displayed on a map allowing users to easily check planning applications in an area. Features include a notification service, a 3D interactive house showing what works need planning permission, a professional directory and planning-related news feed. Planning applications are colour coded by status and more info can be displayed. Winner of the Overall & Tourism Apps Categories was Discover Fingal Discover Fingal is a Mobile Web App in which users are encouraged to discover historical and cultural sites in Fingal through a Find and Reward Facebook App and Mobile Website. Detailed information is provided about each site. If a user checks into three cultural sites they are rewarded with a voucher for a free cup of tea or coffee which can be redeemed at Skerries Mills. Details can be found on the Apps4Fingal section of the website –
  • The Dublinked initiative was announced on 27 th June 2011 and launched on 18 th October 2011 A collaboration between Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown, Fingal & South Dublin County Councils and NUI Maynooth Platform provided by IBM A Network for Sharing Data to facilitate innovation in the urban environment through collaboration between private, public and research partners with the Dublin city region as a proving ground The aim is to enable innovators to collaborate on tackling challenges facing the Dublin city region using public sector data as the basis. Regular events are organised by Dublinked to facilitate networking and collaboration around various themes Events to date have included Planning, Technology, Spatial, Data Visualisation, Open Innovation There are over 250 datasets on Dublinked
  • Through Fingal Open Data and Dublinked we have been encouraging other public agencies to release their data The National Transport Authority released a dataset of all Public Transport nodes in the country These were then mapped by a member of the public
  • The eGovernment Plan was published in April 2012 The Plan includes Requirement for Public Sector agencies to publish Open Data Data contained in Published Reports must also be published in Open data formats Agencies must carry out audits of data holdings Inter-Agency Data Sharing Integration of Administrative Data Data Sharing Clearing House Review of Data Sharing Legislation The Public Service Reform Plan also includes Centralised Open Data Portal
  • In December 2011, EC Vice-President Neelie Kroes launched an Open Data Strategy for Europe The Strategy includes communication on Open Data outlining a vision and policy proposal to revise the 2003 Directive on Re-use of Public Sector Information creation of a portal for the publishing of European Commission data creation of a pan-European data portal for data from member states provision of €100 million in research funding in respect of data-handling technologies In conjunction with the launch the EC published 5 studies relating to Open Data
  • We need to have more Irish Open Data We want to encourage Local Authorities, Government Departments and Agencies to start releasing Open Data Government policy is a welcome advance We need to recognise that Open Data is a major challenge for the public sector who are protective of data holdings (for good reason) Support from Senior Management within releasing organisations is essential Should align with Organisational Objectives – Fingal : Tourism, Age Friendly County UK Government policy to release data; however, Local Government is finding it difficult – additional work with reducing resources Use it as an opportunity to create an Internal Data Catalogue for Information Management Align with INSPIRE directive requirements – single data catalogue/store for both
  • As well as the economic opportunities, there are opportunities for the public sector The different departments and agencies of the Public Sector have a need to access the data holdings of other agencies In most cases it is a laborious and time-consuming task to obtain data from other arms of the public sector Even within Public Sector agencies and departments it can be difficult to obtain data from other sections Adopting a data-sharing approach with catalogues and data stores within the public sector could bring great efficiencies in this area Then it is simply a matter of categorising the access permissions and releasing relevant data publicly
  • In line with the theme, this presentation is licenced for sharing under a Creative Commons licence It is available for viewing and downloading on slideshare Thank you.
  • Taoiseachs Public Service Excellence Awards 2012

    1. 1. Fingal Open Data Taoiseach’s Public Service Excellence Awards 2012 21st June, 2012 @fingalopendata
    2. 2. What is Open Data? • Public Data • Open Formats • Machine Readable • Accessible
    3. 3. Why Open Data? • Transparency • Participation • Collaboration • Economic Opportunities
    4. 4. Fingal 3 largest rd Youngest Fast Growing
    5. 5. Rapid Population Growth
    6. 6. Inter-Agency Data Sharing
    7. 7. Fingal Open Data website
    8. 8. Over 120 datasets in 12 categories
    9. 9. apps4fingal COMPETITION 9th November, 2011 – 9th January, 2012 €11,500 in prizesCommunity, Enterprise, Tourism, Student & Ideas Categories
    10. 10. apps4fingal 23 Apps created 36 Ideas entered
    11. 11. Apps4Fingal Awards
    12. 12. Dublinked
    13. 13. National Data (public transport nodes)©
    14. 14. eGovernment Plan • Public Sector to publish Open Data • Inter Agency Data Sharing • Integration of Administrative Data • Data Sharing Clearing House • Review Data Sharing Legislation • Implementation Plans • Centralised Portal (Public Service Reform Plan)
    15. 15. EC Open Data Strategy• Open Data vision and policy• Revise PSI Directive• Portal for EC data• Portal for member states’ data• €100 million research funding• 5 studies relating to Open Data
    16. 16. Release Public Sector Data
    17. 17. Improve Inter-Agency Data Sharing
    18. 18. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Use of any Fingal County Council, Fingal Development Board and Dublinked logos and brands are not covered by this license. Pictures as marked used under Creative Commons license.If you believe any content is infringing copyright, please contact us via