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  1. 1. For a while many Americans were relying on a payday loan to help them pay the bills and get through until payday. However, many of these services have become illegal because of the high interest rates and fees associated with them. Ofcourse, online and in some states you can still apply for a payday loan. Here are some truths of the payday loan you might not be aware of.
  2. 2. Payday Loan Truth #1 The fees associated with the payday loan areastronomical compared to other types of credit It might not seem like alot of money if you are asked to pay a $15 fee for borrowing $100, whichis an average fee among the payday loan services
  3. 3. However, after two weeks if you need to extend your loan it will cost you another $15, so now you are beingcharged $30 to borrow $100 If you canÂ’t get the money together quicklyyou will find yourself paying more for the credit than you received in theloan
  4. 4. Payday Loan Truth #2 Payday loan companies are required by law todisclose any fees associated with your payday loan, including financecharges and the APR
  5. 5. You must receive this information in writing from the payday loan centerwhere you are borrowing money
  6. 6. Payday Loan Truth #3 You are getting in worse debt, rather than out ofdebt, when you use payday loan services
  7. 7. The finance fees and APR are ridiculously high and you will be spendingeven more money you do not have to borrow a small amount of money topay a bill
  8. 8. The better option is to talk to your bill collectors and find out if there isany way to extend a payment, or what the late fee might be
  9. 9. Frequently you will find your creditors can help you
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