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Final Results: Which Brands are Winning Football Tailgaters?


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The college football season is practically finished! Every Saturday over the regular college football season, Field Agent went on-location with a handful of tailgating parties. Our purpose was, and will be throughout the season, to determine the brands and products fans purchase for tailgating parties. Here’s a glance at the halftime scoreboard, and be sure to watch the video highlights.

The halftime results below were obtained from an in-the-moment survey of 54 different tailgating parties at 54 different game day venues across the country (see map). Percentages in the graphic represent the proportion of tailgating parties serving the specified brands/products.

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Final Results: Which Brands are Winning Football Tailgaters?

  1. 1. winning brands During Football Tailgating FINAL TOP BEER brands Bud Light 46% BUDWEISER 26% – Of those (86%) serving beer at their tailgating party – 52 popular beer brands presented TOP liquor brands jack daniels whiskey bacardi rum absolut vodka 25% 18% 14% – Of those (54%) serving liquor at their tailgating party – 27 popular liquor brands presented Coca-Cola 64% Dr. Pepper 25% sprite 21% TOP Soft drink brands – Of those (90%) serving soft drinks at their tailgating party – 28 popular soft drink brands presented tostitos 46% doritos 42% lay’s 37% TOP salty snack brands – Of those (94%) serving chips/salty snacks at their tailgating party – 15 popular chip/salty snack brands presented Chicken 49% hamburger 38% HOT DOGS 28% TOP MEAT / MAIN DISHES – Of those (91%) serving meat/meat-based foods at their tailgating party – 16 meats/meat-based foods presented KETCHUP 63% MUSTARD 56% 49% TOP CONDIMENTS – Of those (89%) serving condiments/sauces at their tailgating party – 7 condiments/sauces presented barbecue sauce WALMART 38% KROGER 22% 18% TOP RETAILERS – Of those (98%) who purchased tailgating supplies from a store – 27 stores presented SAM’S CLUB The Final results above were obtained by surveying attendees of 82 different tailgating parties at 82 different game day venues across the country. Percentages demonstrate the proportion of tailgating parties serving the specified brand/product. Check the Field Agent blog throughout the college football season as we update results and, ultimately, determine which brands and products are winning tailgaters. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG @FieldAgentInc | COORS LIGHT 39%