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Hohenadel House Renovation Project *Update*

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East Falls Community Council Meeting 11/6 at 7pm.

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Hohenadel House Renovation Project *Update*

  1. 1. THE HOHENADEL HOUSE By The Hawley Family
  2. 2. FELICITE MOORMAN, ESQ. Attorney, Entrepreneur, & Mom CEO of BuLogics, Inc. In the Mason Building at Ridge & Midvale Multiple Properties Renovated A One Year Search for Home: Long-term Strategic Plan is East Falls Both Business & Personal
  3. 3. SEAN HAWLEY Consultant at Comcast Entrepreneur Father of Three Contractor (recovering) Neighbor (hopefully) Looking for a home rather than a house.
  4. 4. THE HAWLEY CHILDREN Soleil Hawley Age 12 Started college at age 11. Current participant in Bel Canto Children’s Chorus Concert Choir touring Europe next summer. Aspiring attorney and artist. Finn Hawley Age 9 Has participated in competitive soccer and gymnastics. Is a current participant in the Bel Canto Children’s Chorus Intermediate Choir and hopes to join the touring chorus next year as their youngest member. Lives to fish and kayak. Aspires to be a Professional Angler. Lilia Hawley Age 5 Aspiring Disney Princess and Electrical Engineer.
  5. 5. CURRENT COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Dedicated to our community, personally and professionally: - Participated in Midvale Pedestrian Island cleanup - Placed benches in at Midvale & Ridge Ave. - Installed window treatments at Midvale & Ridge Ave. - Participating in East Falls façade architecture project - Host visiting companies at local eateries for lunch - Encourage employees to buy local to East Falls - Purchase local ourselves when possible - Employees volunteered at bike race
  11. 11. SCOPE OF WORK HOME AND CARRIAGE HOUSE Exterior Interior • • • • • • • • • • • • • Repair all rotting/missing cornice work Repair all existing Stucco Repair or replace all windows and doors Paint entire exterior of house and trim Repave drive and walkways Add new entry door to Carriage House Replace all electrical wiring to meet Code Repair/replace all plumbing for bathrooms Repair all interior walls and paint home Install new HVAC in home Re-tile and refurbish existing bathrooms Refinish existing flooring Frame and finish Carriage house apartment Estimated Project Cost: $500,000 - $600,000
  12. 12. FUNDING We are not independently wealthy… But we do have experience, a bit of vision, and knowledge of some helpful loan programs. Special Loan Program – FHA – 203k Loan Amount dependent on appraisal, location, and number of units Requirements of the loan: 1. Must occupy the property (principle residence) 2. FHA consultant assists in determining required projects 3. All monies for work are escrowed at closing 4. 6 month time limit to complete all work 5. Money is only released after work is completed The loan limit for a 1 family property is $417,000 – NOT ENOUGH The loan limit for a 2 family property is $537,000 – just enough to complete code required renovations.
  13. 13. TIMELINE I Unfortunately, we have a very tight schedule to make this project happen. If we miss the Contract Term, we lose the opportunity to make this a reality. As such we ask for your consideration this evening. Contract Term Date: November 20, 2013 Zoning/Use Permit Application rejection: East Falls Community Council Meeting: Accelerated Zoning Appeal: ~4-5 weeks Closing Date: Our first Christmas in East Falls Oct 15 Oct 16 Nov 13 Nov 14 - Nov 20 Dec 25 Missing any of the above dates will cause us to default on the contract and probably eliminate our ability to restore this property.
  14. 14. THE HOHENADEL HOUSE AT 3617 INDIAN QUEEN LANE *** BY FELICITE MOORMAN, ESQ. CEO OF BULOGICS AT RIDGE AND MIDVALE Felicite Moorman and Family are seeking community support for the renovation and restoration of one of East Falls’ Premier Historic Properties. Already present and dedicated to East Falls via BuLogics’ establishment in the Mason Building at Ridge and Midvale, Felicite is excited to move her family of five to the area as well. Garnering funds for the renovation of the property requires a zoning variance allowing the current carriage house loft apartment to be zoned to code. There is ample parking on site, six spaces, and the zoning variance will only allow specifications from a one family to a two family residence. Please call Felicite w/questions. 405.509.0035 Please Join Us East Falls CC Zoning Meeting 11/6 at 7:00pm Downs Hall Philadelphia U. Before & After
  15. 15. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are aware of the possibilities. No risk is ever guaranteed success. We could fail. But every effort we put forth is an improvement for the next hopeful romantic. The Hohenadel House could be used as a twofamily home if we fail. will again be a Home. Please. Help.
  17. 17. THANK YOU We are perpetually obliged for the hard work and guidance of the following: Ryan Buchert, Founder and CTO of BuLogics, Inc. Gina Snyder, Director of East Falls Development Corporation. The East Falls Community Council. Realtors Jim Comley and Michael Garden. 203K Lending Specialist Frank Hanna of Gateway Funding. Kelly Ennis and Val Nehez of Ennis|Nehez. Our soon-to-be neighbors of East Falls! It’s been great to meet you!