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valet parking presentation


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We pride in our Valet Parking services. We have been in business for over 4 years and we aim to provide our services to all the hotels available in Dubai, and rest of the Emirates.

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valet parking presentation

  1. 1. We pride in our Valet Parking services. We have been in business for over 4 years and we aim to provide our services to all the hotels available in Dubai, and rest of the Emirates. We have been providing service in all the different sectors. We also offer personal drivers. We provide high quality of service in terms of finding car parking. The reason why we started Oscar valet parking services is because of the fact finding parking these days take more time than finding yourself in a nice hotel to dine in. If you are looking for a perfect Valet parking service, then we are the solution to your problems. We aim to be providing services all over United Arab Emirates.
  2. 2. One of our strengths and clear distinction from the competition resides in the exceptionally high quality and consistent service we provide. We have full time staffs who are specialized in training others and whose sole job is to train and maintain our quality standards. We continually train each member of our organization in classrooms and on site, on the following: • Hospitality, meeting and greeting, hygiene, grooming, attitude, clients’ expectations, politeness, terminology, courtesy, cars specifications, cultural differences, and the Oscar Valet Parking service standards. • On-locations training in each Hotel/Property including brand values, location specifics, logistics, venues, expectations, clients and regular customers' familiarity, as well as the specific chain of command. • Induction training by the facility management as needed or requested. • Company Quality Control spot visits by a specialized team
  3. 3. "Mystery" visits by third party professionals, unknown to the drivers and at dates unknown to the company. In a measure intended to provide comfort to our staff as well as assist us in quality control and quality monitoring, our accommodation facility is totally owned and managed by our company. In addition to the high quality amenities such as the kitchens, canteen, training Centre, etc... we ensure:  All drivers are provided with accommodations in the Company's first class accommodation facility. All drivers are transported to and from work location, by company buses. All drivers are only dispatched to work location after meeting the Oscar quality control standards that are checked by our dispatching team before the drivers board our buses. This is imperative for quality checks of grooming, cleanliness, etc. Maintenance and cleanliness of our accommodations are provided by the company's full time maintenance and cleaning team All of our staff uniforms are laundered and pressed daily in our company laundry facilities by our dedicated laundry team.
  4. 4. Our customers have continued to give patronage to Oscar Valet Parking amidst fierce competition. No competitor has been able to match our standards, strength of core competency, supplementary value-added services or sheer scale of contingency resources. Our client satisfaction has been a testament to our high standards of professionalism and distinction. Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Al Badia Golf
  5. 5. Intercontinental Dubai festival city Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City Al Garhoud Hospital Jebel Ali Golf Resort Pullman Deira City Center Novotet Al Barsha
  6. 6. Ajman Plaaze Sofitel – Jbr Ramada Hotel Jumerah Med Care Hospital AlSafa Emirates Reit General Eletronic
  7. 7. Al Bustan Dubai Airport Movenpick Jbr warwicks sheikh zahid Prime Hospital Airport Now Café Al Safa Zurna Restaurant AlSafa
  8. 8. Zurna Restaurant AlSafa Grand Millennium Tecom Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai
  9. 9. Oscar Valet Parking provides clients with a unique, private label, professional and complete front-door operation. In order to better understand the logistics of the specified location or operation. We optimize the most feasible front door positioning and valet parking methods taking into account the uniqueness of each location in order to customize the service for each site. • Sponsored, trained and RTA certified attendants. • EXCLUSIVE services offered to luxury hotels/resorts and upper scale properties. • On location continuous training and quality Control Support. • Third party liability insurance. • Full time site manager. • Focus on providing “added value” comprehensive services . • Long term commitment to our clients. • Extended flexibility in terms of requested/needed manpower to help our clients reduce their costs and adapt to their dynamic environment without compromising the quality of service delivery
  10. 10. Oscar Valet Parking’s attendants are the most highly trained professional valet attendants in the region with driver’s license and has passed a rigorous driving and parking test under extreme pressure. They have undergone extensive classroom training as a requisite to servicing our clients. The training covers all aspects of the service delivery: grooming, cleanliness, meeting and greeting, politeness, courtesy, composure at work, knowledge of car specifics & culture. We strive for excellence and thus spend a great deal of time with our attendants on a daily basis, ensuring that they are motivated, doing the best job possible, and that they constantly aim for and achieve beyond ordinary standards. We also put great effort into delivering location specific training to our team of attendants, always stressing the importance of each individual location and its uniqueness, so that they are perfectly familiar with that location at all times, thus optimizing their performance there.
  11. 11. Our attendants are the first and last impressions of the establishments and clients that they represent. We take this impression seriously and aim for all of our personnel to be good natured, friendly, presentable, cooperative, helpful, English speaking, pro-active, and most importantly, safe at all times. Courtesy is indivisible and our service is seamless in all locations. Grooming is of high priority and importance to us especially in the scorching heats of the Arabian Gulf. We provide them all the basic needs to ensure they constantly maintain a presentable appearance and uphold the first class image of the establishment they are servicing. Furthermore, we do monthly appraisal for each attendant’s performance in all services we deliver.