Family camping ideas while in florida


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Camping has always been fun and it would be great if you could camp in a fabulous place like Florida. Camp with your family in the sunshine state to enjoy your holiday.

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Family camping ideas while in florida

  1. 1. Family camping ideas while in FloridaFamily camping vacations – more so, in an exciting place like Florida - providetremendous opportunities to bond with your family members and spend quality timeoutdoors. Most of Florida camping parks are open throughout the year except a few thatmay be closed during the summer months.The North part of Florida usually experiences large family tourists during the summerseason while Central and Southern Florida sees more holidaymakers during the winterand early spring months.People planning family camping in Florida must bear in mind that nearly 50% of thecampgrounds in Florida prohibit erection of tents. When camping with your family inFlorida, you must make it a point to visit as many of Floridas state parks as possible as
  2. 2. there are 141 picturesque state parks with diverse attractions. Though difficult to believe,the top ten beaches of U.S are all located in Florida.While camping with your family, it is best to forget all about the civilized modern worldand try to live close to nature. Visit St. Joseph Peninsula State Park acclaimed as aparadise for bird-watchers and OLeno State Park where the gorgeous Santa Fe Riverflows underground for more than three miles.
  3. 3. Miss not the Hontoon Island State Park to obtain a different perspective on life from theeight-foot observation tower, or Caladesi Island State Park – reported to be one of the fewremaining undeveloped barrier islands on Floridas Gulf Coast.You can opt for coastal camping by considering Anastasia State Recreation Area with itslong stretches of white, pristine beaches and a variety of birds flying across. Alternatelycheck out Johathan Dickinson State Park, known to be Floridas only designated nationalwild location.If you are more particular about inland camping, then you can choose to camp undertowering oaks. Highlands Hammock State Park - home to abundant wildlife – can be aperfect choice. If you want a refreshingly different experience, you can certainlyconsider Gold Head Branch State Park and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park withwaterfront cabins or Blue Spring State Park that has plenty of family vacation cabins.Even before planning family camping at Florida, please know that camping fees may notbe uniform throughout the State and will vary according to the season, site, extra persons,use of electricity, and additional vehicles. Of course, reservations are open throughout theyear in most of Floridas state parks and you can do the booking either by phone or inperson.The family camping trips in Florida can be unique and provide a whole lot of differentexperience that your family will enjoy. Though there are plenty of campgrounds outthere, the way to select the right place is to refer to the ‘Trailer Life CampgroundDirectory’. This directory provides updated information, and details of nearly 12,000public and private campgrounds.Resource: Florida Villas