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ImpactGames Get'em Grocery Mobile Game

  1. 1. Get’em GroceryA location based mystery recipescavenger hunt! © 2012 ImpactGames
  2. 2. Get’em Grocery Overview Player Objectives of the Game: • Solve the Clues to find and unlock the Ingredients • Unlock all the Ingredients to reveal the Mystery Recipe • Earn a Reward of players choice for completing the Game Business Objectives of the Game: • Unique Marketing/Advertising Opportunity • Increase time and familiarity with the store • Increase impulse buying through extended shopping time © 2012 ImpactGames
  3. 3. Get’em Grocery Motivation Use Incentives to Broaden Adoption and Completion: • Offering a food bank donation promotes community and will appeal to certain demographics – could be offered by store to local food bank or by broader sponsor who delivers in bulk • Offering a shopping discount on completion will appeal to other demographics – Could be specific coupon or in store coupon • Allowing player to choose at the beginning of the experience will increase the likelihood of completion © 2012 ImpactGames
  4. 4. Get’em Grocery Diets Easily create branched versions of recipes to engage all dietary concerns! In our Prototype we allow for: •Omnivorous option •Vegetarian option * Depending on Recipe it could be expanded to Vegan, Gluten Free © 2012 ImpactGames
  5. 5. Get’em GroceryGameplay Simple Game Play Mechanics: 1. Select an ingredient from the clue list 2. Find the food in the Grocery Store 3. Depending on the product, choose to input the produce code or scan the barcode 4. Once you have the correct answer it will fill in the answer 5. Solve all the clues to redeem reward and reveal the recipe directions © 2012 ImpactGames
  6. 6. Get’em Grocery Recipe The Recipe Screen is the main game navigation screen. Designed as a Recipe the ingredients you must find are listed with amounts already included as an added clue. Any ingredients that are dependent on the dietary restrictions you chose will already be filled in. In this case the player chose meat so the first ingredient is already populated with ground beef. Step 1 – Select an unanswered clue from the list © 2012 ImpactGames
  7. 7. Get’em Grocery Clues Step 2 - Solve the Puzzles There are currently 3 types of clues that are intended to be fairly simple and accessible to all level of players. 1. Pictograms (pictured) – Simple pictogram clues can be deciphered to reveal the food objects by substituting words for the pictures and deciphering the equation. EX Scale – e + lion = Scallion. 2. Word Jumbles – Simple word jumbles where the letters of the food object have been scrambled and you need to reorder them to find the answer. EX COTA AUSCE = Taco Sauce 3. Riddles – Simple riddles that need to be solved in order to find the answer. EX A Spicy Dance = Salsa © 2012 ImpactGames
  8. 8. Get’em Grocery Solving Step 3 - find the answer to the puzzle and input To see if your answer is correct you need to input the food you think solves the clue. There are two different ways to input your answer: 1. Barcode Scanner – Most food products will have a barcode that the player can choose to scan. 2. Enter Produce # - For most fruits and vegetables there is no barcode but there are produce codes on stickers that the player can manually input. © 2012 ImpactGames
  9. 9. Get’em Grocery Barcodes Choosing to scan a barcode brings up a screen that access the camera of your smartphone. The screen directs you to orient the phone to insure the scanner captures the product. Once scanned the program searches the database to see if the product you selected has been entered as a correct answer or not and you proceed accordingly. © 2012 ImpactGames
  10. 10. Get’em Grocery Produce # Choosing to enter a produce code will bring up a simple numeric keypad that will allow you to manually input the number. Once scanned the program searches the database to see if the product you selected has been entered as a correct answer or not and you proceed accordingly. The question mark will give you guidance on where and how to find a produce number. © 2012 ImpactGames
  11. 11. Get’em Grocery Produce # A simple help screen will guide people to finding the Produce # © 2012 ImpactGames
  12. 12. Get’em Grocery Hints Step 4 - Try Again Each type of puzzle has 3 different states allowing the player to get help. Pictograms (Pictured) – will replace a part of the pictogram with the answer each time you fail until it displays the answer. Word Jumbles – will put a couple letters in the correct place on each failure until the answer is displayed. Riddles – will display a new clue each time until it finally displays the answer. © 2012 ImpactGames
  13. 13. Get’em Grocery Solved Once you have successfully solved the puzzle by scanning or inputting the right product we return a themed congratulations. This could be an opportunity to advertise a certain brand of product where applicable. When you return to the Recipe page the item will be filled in on the ingredients list. © 2012 ImpactGames
  14. 14. Get’em Grocery Completed After completing the final ingredient the name of the recipe will be revealed to you and you can now access the full recipe or choose to redeem your reward. © 2012 ImpactGames
  15. 15. Get’em Grocery Recipe Viewing the full recipe will now show you: -The name of the recipe -The full ingredients list -The full directions And will allow you to email the recipe to yourself or others and redeem your prize. © 2012 ImpactGames
  16. 16. Get’em Grocery E-Mail The email functionality will send an email with all of the information allowing you to easily access your recipe in a more usable format and/or print. © 2012 ImpactGames
  17. 17. Get’em Grocery Redeem The redeem option will allow you to present this screen to the cashier at a participating store for an in store coupon on your purchase or for a food bank donation. The cashier will press the redeem button when used allowing each user only one redemption per recipe. There are several options for engineering this depending on the desired interaction. Once redeemed the player will not be able to access the redeem screen again for this recipe but will still be able to access the full directions and email functionality. © 2012 ImpactGames
  18. 18. Get’em Grocery Partners Game Requirement: If there is to be ongoing content the game will require a steady stream of new recipes. Recipe Provider Value: Unique Marketing and Branding Opportunity. Recipe Provider Requirement: Weekly or Monthly Recipe © 2012 ImpactGames
  19. 19. Get’em Grocery Partners Game Requirement: - Stores willing to honor the coupons or donation reward component Participating Stores Value - Use it in marketing - New customers through find a participating store - Increased sales from shoppers Participating Store Requirement - Offer some in store coupon in association with the application - Honor some food bank donation in association with the application (unless through other sponsorship) © 2012 ImpactGames
  20. 20. Get’em Partner Value Game play increases time in store and likelihood of impulse purchasing If player purchases items for recipe store gains value of receipt. © 2012 ImpactGames
  21. 21. Get’em Grocery PartnersBranded Sponsor Benefit •Unique marketing and advertising opportunityBranded Sponsor Requirement •Cover hosting expense •Cover game development per recipeMonetization Options •Advertising Overlays – Mobile Ads • Integrated Product Advertising – On Clue Success • App Sales – Potential freemium model w/one free recipe a month w/purchase gain access to weekly recipe or broader library of recipes or simply advertising free (layover ads not coupons and donations) • Fee for being listed as participating store © 2012 ImpactGames