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Q1&3.2 nd


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Q1&3.2 nd

  1. 1. With the QS Health Fingertip Pulse OximeterDigital Line you will have the freedom you needto be healthy and happy wherever you go.Visit: www.qs-health.comMEDICAL DEVICES • QS HEALTHINNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGYOXIMETER FINGER TYPE Q1Monitor your health without any assistanceOXIMETER FINGER TYPE Q3Child Finger Pulse Oximeter• Suitable for both clinic and family use• Easy operation of fingertipmeasurement with one-key control• Measurement of oxygen saturation(Sp02) and pulse rate (PR), perfusionindex (PI) display available• MIDI Alarm for abnormal resultand low voltage condition• Automatic start measuring byfinger detection and automaticpower-off after finger out• Lightweight and portable• LCD Display• Able to work for up to 100hours with two AAA batteries• Sp02 value and Pulse Rate display• Automatic power off without inputsignal for 8 seconds• Low Voltage IndicatorTemArt®Toll Free: 1-888-677-6350